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The story continues and it was so good Good is not the right word It was excellent and I love the characters in this story I am a Mickey fan for life KarmaCrazy That ending was ust unbelievable Pillsbury definitely had a couple of screws loose Bethany needs to hurry up and out her secret and Paula should have been get our of her whack excuse for a marriage Mickey needs to put Brendan sorry behind on blast and take him to the cleaners for all he is worth and be done with him Karma 2 picks right up where Karma 1 leaves off so you don t have a gap in the story Right away Karma 2 gives you that I love I hate the character feeling I love it when an author has me talking back to the characters like they can really hear me It has that in your face action but at the same time it makes you think What would I do if I were Mickey How would I react Although I didn t like some of the things that Mickey did I was still able to relate to her It was as good as watching my favorite soap opera one minute you love the character the next you re yelling at them or wanting to Dropsy, Dialysis, Transplant justump on one of them beat them up That s Things are starting to heat up and payback never looked sweeter Mickey is relishing in the many ways that.

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Ka s words concerning Pillsbury his outlandish behavior it s her own fault because she was forewarned Little does she know her karma is ust beginning Paula seems to be stuck between a rock a hard place I must say Kenni York really turned up the excitement in part 2 of this Karma series This one of those series that really gets you going Definitely ready for part 3 to see how much thicker this plot gets Karma 2The seuel is a page tuner I can t wait to see what unfold in the next seuel It s going to be interesting WowwwwwI m glad her ex bestfriend got a little vindication and that her half Sister overheard a very heated conversation That Brandon is awful and what a cliffhanger The book was pretty good I liked the first one better but this one was still interestingThe only reason I m giving this 3 stars instead of 4 is because I thought there would be less errors but they didn t The main one that kept repeating is the author using dam instead of damn I only saw it spelled correctly one time Another thing that irritated me was the author said Woo Tang when it s actually Wu Tang I ve already started part. Turn and Mickey finds herself staring karma in the face What's a girl to do when she's backed into a corn.

He way I feel about Pillsbury His name makes me laugh but he looks nothing like his name You find yourself wondering if his feelings for Mickey are true Brandon is even devious than you saw in part 1 The book is good uicy and that last page Whew it totally threw me for a complete loop I had to catch my breath Once again it was one of those cliff hangers that made me immediately head to book 3 to find out what happened nextMake sure you grab this series I m sure you will love it as much as I did GoodThis book Creationism in Europe just glossed over the people in book one but did focus on the other characters with a good storyline Didn t know this was a series Drama filledI can t believe that Mickey continued to deal with Pillsbury after she knew how dirty he was As far as her sperm donor he is a conniving asshole and I hope he gets everything that is coming his way Can t wait to read book 3 The plot thickens Have to read Karma 3 to see how this is going to unfold Great series This Ain t What You WantPerfect title for this page turner My how the tables have turned Mickey really is trifling I guess now Mickey understands Ne. She is able to cause turmoil for Brandon Butust as things seem to be working out in her favor the tables.

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