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I loved The Geneva Decision The main character Pia Sabel has taken on job where she may very well be in over her head But she s not willing to dmit defeat nd she is not going to give up This is refreshing change to the mysterythriller concepts where the protagonist can t do nything wrong Pia is new The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet at this She makes mistakes She learnss she goes The European Union's Common Foreign and Security Policy: Central Issues . . . Key Players Strategic Outreach Roundtable and Conference Report along She makes friendsnd enemies long the way nd people get hurt All of this Pilgrim in the Ruins: A Life of Walker Percy adds up to reading experience that is both fun nd engrossing The title indicates that this is only book one of series I m looking forward to book 2 The Geneva Decision is n ction packed never Past Lives Present Stories a dull moment thriller withn interesting protagonist Pia Sabel is professional soccer player who ends up running security company Her skills The Funniest Knock-Knock Book Ever! and background make her well suited to the task in some ways but she has steep learning curve nd it s entertaining to see how she grows into the role Although the story flowed well nd I was entertained throughout I found myself shaking my head Les cinq points parfaits de la Matrise, ou la rsurrection symbolique and yellingt Pia several times for her pig headedness Mantap Mengaji: Kaedah Al-Matien and seeming inability to listen to others with experience In lifend death situations there s really no room for such ntics nd I found it stretched credulity that experienced ex military pros would follow her Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis, and Opposition in Globalizing California, Second Edition after such behavior instead of walking off the job I expected lot resistance Queen of the Sacred Way: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Persephone and some outright defections from her team membersfter some of the stunts she pulled Yes she s the boss but I find it highly unbelievable that these people would Spartacus adddditional risk by having such loose cannon in charge view spoiler I lso could not believe that her people would Wole Soyinka agree to use the sleeper darts once they knew they were chasingn ssassin throughout Cameroon nd elsewhere I can understand the use of them in security situation where they re working in large crowds full of innocent bystanders but using them on mission where the enemy is well American Khichdi armednd deadly And I was especially surprised that Pia kept insisting on their use even The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a Different Order of Time after she got one team member killednd several others wounded Tales of Zestiria Official Collector's Edition Strategy Guide andor nearly killed I get that she s person of strong convictions but using the darts when the opponent is Jerome: His Life, Writings, and Controversies actively trying to kill you That s just nuts hide spoiler Actionnd Adventure on Every PageIf you re n drenalin junkie who enjoys breakneck pacing nd ction on every page then The Geneva Decision is the book for you Pia Sabel is young rich nd gifted Olympic Sharpe e a Campanha do Buçaco (Sharpe, athlete true ction heroine She reminds me of heroines in recent movies like Zoe Saldana in Colombiana or Angelina Jolie in Wanted Pia s billionaire father has given Pia the top spot in his international security firm And what is her first challenge The ssassination of one of her firm s clients Diogenes The Cynic: The War Against The World a Swiss banker who is murdered right before her eyes As bankersre similarly dispatched Pia is determined that Sabel Security find their killers despite the ttitudes nd interference of the local Dark Mountain: Issue 1 authorities Her uest takes us from the streets of Genevand Zurich Switzerland to the jungles of Africa Intrigue Cruel Comfort and gunplay challenge her crews Pia goes head to head with her firm s seasoned operators Pia doesn t have Greenwich Killing all thenswers The Year's Best Military Adventure SF Volume 4 and though she makes mistakes her dogged determination eventually gains the respect of her experienced subordinates In the end they discover plot involving money laundering Monte Carlo Methods and piracy that leads back to the banking community itselfAs the relentlessction. Pia Sabel plays to winUntil few weeks go she was Common Law Marriage an international soccer star But now she's taken the helm of her billionaire father's private security companynd she's playing USA TODAY Crossword 3 against whole new set of opponents the kind who shoot to

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Ven both of whom I expect we ll see of in later books He develops the geographical settings Geneva Cameroon Lyon Vienna with n ssurance Noa Noa and vividness that suggests that he sctually been to these places Occult Secrets of Vril: Goddess Energy and the Human Potential and there s none of thewkwardness here in handling language that s so often The Sparrow (The Sparrow, associated with first time self published novelists Helso knows soccer Fairy Tales from Shakespeare and he knowsbout guns high tech communication euipment etc Some of the terms like Bluetooth were new to me but that s not Minimalist: A Minimalist Guide To Do More With Less To Simplify Your Life a flaw most readers of this type of fictionre familiar with this sort of technology Matzoh Mouse and I could either get the meanings from context or muddle throughnyway IMO most of the plot developments A Motive for Mayhem and motivations stand up well to examination Asn Scourge and Fire: Savonarola and Renaissance Italy added plus there s no sexnd though some of the characters sometimes do use profanity Istanbul and obscenity the phrase swear like trooper has Changes in the Land a basis in factnd several Sabel Security people got their start in the military Tania who has the worst mouth lso grew up in inner city Brooklyn where we can surmise that clean language wasn t universally modeled I could tell that the uthor used some restraint in this rea Of course ction dventure is going to be bout violence but Pia s no homicidal maniac while she packs bullets s last resort her Glock like other Sabel security firearms is euipped to shoot uick Reshaping It All acting tranuilizer dartsnd one of her first Féerie pour les ténèbres, L'intégrale volume 2 actss head of the company is to reuire these to be used s first resort in Abolition Of White Democracy all cases That s feature which is uniue in my reading experience Extreme Consequences - Imogene's Past Lives (Imogene, and I think it s pretty coolIf I could give half stars this would be solid four Saltwater Leadership: A Primer on Leadership for the Junior Sea-Service Officer (Blue Gold Professional Library) and half I debated long Unbroken: Book Three of the Bitten Vampire Series (Bitten Vampire Series 3) and hard whether to round up or round down What flaws did I find in the book First the descriptions ofction scenes were often for me hard to follow visually that is from the language used I couldn t lways exactly picture the ction in my mind without it seeming wkward that may be because I haven t engaged in that sort of fighting nd don t have the experience to picture it with or because I couldn t get the physical layout of the setting The Locker Room as in the floor plan etc Second feature of Seeley s writing style here is that he suddenly drops bits of information that Pia or other characters have known before but we haven t into the mix Fred Kabotie: Hopi Indian Artist at moments when they can be useful in way that sometimes makes them come Osmosis Jones: A Blood And Guts Adventure Set Inside The Human Body!: A Graphic Novel acrosss confusing or s Deus ex machina or both It would have made the narrative smoother IMO to introduce these earlier The Great White Brotherhood: In the Culture, History and Religion of America and I don t think it would have reuired info dumps to do so There slso American Muscle Cars Mini 2018: 16 Month Calendar Includes September 2017 Through December 2018 a basic credibility problem under the circumstances I don t think Alan Sabel would realistically have sold her the control of his security firmnd I don t think it s realistic to imagine the top leadership of the firm being involved in field operations with nobody minding the store French Leave: An Irishwoman's Adventures in Normandy at headuarters Of course theuthor s purpose demands that Pia be in the field Product Strategy for High-Technology Companies: How to Achieve Growth, Competitive Advantage, and Increased Profits and the premises ofction heroine fiction not infreuently do strain believability bit But these weren t deal breakers nd in the end the strength of Pia s character made me round up She s Call of the White: Taking the World to the South Pole a stellarction heroine for the 21st century Taxes and Tardis and I mlready Fifty Shades of Lexi Maxxwell a committed fan who wants to read every book she ever stars in My recommendation doesn t carry the weight that genreuthor Zoe Sharp s does but nevertheless I m proud to Memoir Of A Thinking Radish: An Autobiography add my endorsement to hers If you ren Pieces of a Spiral: Volume 1 (Pieces of a Spiral) action fiction fan you need to make Pia scuaintance ASAP Prestidigitation - 3 tours de cartes rapides et surprenants 1 Bonus (Magik Mark t. 4) and I think you ll be glad you did. Om Swiss mansions to the jungles of CameroonHer battle hardened employees suspect she's just spoiled rich girl with mean corner kick But Pia's got some unexpected moves of her own Will they be enough to bring her team through its mission.

Unfolds the uthor s familiarity with European locales is uite evident If he hasn t lived or visited Geneva Zurich nd Munich then his research of the locations is even impressive Can Pia s intelligence nd physical prowess overcome her inexperience You bet A great debut for A Casa do Escritor a new series Reviewed by William G Davishttpwwwmikegagethrillerscom The length of time it took me to read this fast pacedction novel is deceptive I started reading it s free e book having taken the Je retiens ce que je veux, quand je veux !: 35 jeux et exercices pour entraner et booster votre mmoire author up onn offer he made in one of my groups Sanctuary and I read in that format only intermittently it doesn t fit into my schedule well Some time later he generously offered me signed paperback copy with no reuest for review nd I was delighted to ccept since I lready knew I wanted hard copy From that point on it flew pretty uickly the narrative drive nd suspense kept me turning pages Google Generation Are Ict Innovations Changing Information Seeking Behaviour? as fasts I could It s easy to imagine many readers finishing it in The Manager's Guide to Employee Feedback a few days less time if they reble to read it nonstop The Duelist and Her Lover and most would want toBrave principledction oriented heroines The Higher Space aren enormous draw for me in fiction nd Pia Sabel is one of the most outstanding characters of this type that I ve ever encountered Seeley s skill in bringing her to life is unuestionably the key to the novel s success she s n intriguing fully round character with Investir en Bourse : Guide complet pour russir en Bourse et gagner de l'argent a complex past that shapes her Notll of this past is revealed here the Show Networks and Control Systems Kindle Edition: 2nd Edition author has stated elsewhere that he wanted to spread the revelations out over three booksnd what is revealed is exposed gradually sometimes in way that can create bit of confusion but stay with it Even s young child her life was impacted by violence her Rytierova česť adoptive father isn enormously wealthy business tycoon with La Tour Eiffel The Eiffel Tower : Edition bilingue franais-anglais a drivend determination that he s passed on to her she s rich in her own right from stocks he settled on her gifted with Finding Bigfoot: The Big Book of Everything a tall strong physiue developeds n thlete nd highly trained s Daily Life in the Medieval Islamic World a boxer She s not superwoman Imperfect and not without her inner demons she slso lacking in security Rogues of Merth and combat experience despite growing upround security operatives My Memoir of Motherhood and she can be dangerously brashnd impulsive but she has believable strengths that counterbalance these weaknesses One is native smarts which she s used to pplying in competitive situations nd n bility to read people though she doesn t Elles sont 300 000 chaque anne . Discours de l always realize when she needs to let these skills kick in Abovell she s caring highly ethical person who genuinely wants to help others whether it s with her money or with her fighting bilityAround her the Pluto, Volume I: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul (Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library) author has createdn edge of the seat plot which opens with Miriam a man s head being blown off on the second pagend keeps up the pace until the end As the Goodreads description notes piracy nd money laundering re the engines that drive the La rvolte des enfants des Vermiraux action though Seeley thankfully doesn t dwell on the intricacies of the latternd it includes life A Continuing Education Guide to Teaching General Semantics and death jeopardies for our heroinelong with plenty of gunfighting The Key of Alanar and hand to hand combat on landnd water I d characterize it primarily s ction dventure but it has elements of the mystery genre too with criminal mastermind whose identity is hidden through much of the book nd will take some twists nd turns to reveal I guessed one of Seeley s secrets early on but not ll of them Although Pia stands out other characters re well drawn De eindeloze nacht alsond Seeley gives us two other strong female characters in ction roles Sabel Security s Major Jonelle Jackson nd Agent Tania no last name gi. IllOn her first day on the job Pia's client is French Leave assassinated in front of her There's no time for training so Pia must trust her instinctsnd 天使のための処方箋。 [Tenshi no Tame no Shohousen] athletic skills to unravel the complicated maze of money launderingnd piracy that will take her fr.

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His near death experiences range from talking a jealous husband into putting the gun down to spinning out on an icy freeway in heavy traffic without touching anything His resume ranges from washing dishes to global technology management His personal life stretches from homeless at 17 adopting a 3 year old at 19 getting married at 37 fathering his last child at 43 hiking the Grand Canyon Rim