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Devastatingly painful blast from Kate's past He has a stunning new girlfriend n tow and Kate Zombacter is forced to confront the reality of the life she has built for herself and the memory of the girl she used to be Ist too late for her to discover what she truly wantsPart of the Storycuts series this short story was previously published n the collection Lisa Co.

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Kate s right Risking It All in the middle of last minute marriage preparations In just two weeks time she will be wed to Hugh a high flying barrister whos perfect for her well at least according to her parents With the wedding so close and so many The Housekeeper and the Professor influential friends of Hugh's to considert's no wonder Kate's nerves are a little strung out And when Hugh suggests a wee.

Kend away Kate's dea of getting a bit of peace and uiet s swiftly shattered when she realises they are heading to the boat belonging to Jonty and Muriel two of Hugh's most braying and exuberant friends But things get ever worse when there The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary is a terrible surprise waiting for Kate on the boatn the shape of an unexpected guest an artist called Tod who s

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Jilly Cooper OBE born February 21 1937 is an English author She started her career as a journalist and wrote numerous works of non fiction before writing several romance novels the first of which appeared in 1975 She is most famous for writing the six blockbuster novels the Rutshire Chronicles