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Lso lose his position that she faints The other reason I was completely baffled by the characters actions is that they just don t act in the way real people do When there is a Big Tragedy the affected characters all have very weird and unrealistic reactions James is the only one who actually shows any sense but even this doesn t last long as he proceeds to take Thea s virginity at a totally inappropriate time As much as I disliked the Thea I also didn t appreciate the way James viewed her as payment for services rendered He never really gives up seeing her as an object when he realises he cares for her the reasons that are given are basically her body and her suitability as a colonial wife Then there is the book s lack of regard for the realities of the Regency Era I mean I m no Georgian scholar but I m pretty sure random ex convicts can t get vouchers to Almack s And then there s Thea The book opens with her asking her father if she can have a position on the board of their bank because she wants to have a career Dowling justifies this by referencing the fact that the famous Regency character Lady Jersey was the primary shareholder in her grandfather s bank but I d argue that it s one thing for a married Countess and social arbiter to be involved in banking and another for the young unmarried daughter of an Earl The idea of Thea having a career is odd It is surely anachronistic for a young woman to aspire to such a thing especially in something like banking instead of say writing Supposedly Thea s desire to be a career girl comes from Mary Wollstonecraft whom her father included in her education That in of itself is a stretch but I was willing to let it slide But Thea s refusal to marry was based on a erroneous belief that Wollstonecraft never married and I couldn t believe that she would not have nown this Even though Wollstonecraft had been dead for roughly 20 years she still lived on in the Ton s imagination because of the exploits of her daughter Mary Godwin later Mary Shelley whose affair with the married Percy Bysshe Shelley was grist for the gossip mill for yearsI m happy for the people who liked this book but personally I have never been so glad that something was a novella Rating 2 out of 5The convict s bounty bride by Lena DowlingThis book had good prospects A convict an. O take the bride he was promisedLady Thea Willers nows nothing of the bargain her father made to save her brother nor does she have any interest in marriage It might be a radical idea but what Thea wants is a caree.

D his lady wife A beautiful possibility My only thought before I started the book was that I wished it were longer than a novella But within the first three pages I couldn t reach the ending fast enoughThe heroine Thea is supposed to be a strong headed woman with modern notions of feminism The first page in you realise that it s all thought and no action She initially starts of scared as a itten asking her father whether she can work in a bank in front of her mother whom she nows is going to say no I can t credit her for cleverness when it came to that setting What was she thinking Anyway she obviously gets shot down by her mother who only has to say no twice before the strong headed heroine settles down and accepts it Thea by my standards had no backbone Then she puts down side riding and feel smug for having disagreed with her mother twice in such a short amount of time Then she sits and dreams of ways to disgrace herself in the ton so that she is to never marry Something that she doesn t follow through in the bookThen comes the hero James who is a hypocritical insert few choice words asks after Thea s virginity as though he is valuing a prize horse While he himself relishes in the thought of going back to his skilful courtesans Although that there was a notion during the historical period that men would be allowed pleasures that women won t it still didn t mean that I had to accept and like James repugnant principles He is obsessed with her virginity Not only does he hire someone to be his spy whom he asks but he also asks her whether she is Like she would be something vile if she wasn t So this James Hunter also likes to wear breaches so tight that there is no point in wearing themAlthough there were several annoying moments throughout this novella the worst was when a few hours if even that after Thea s brother dies Thea looks to James to teach her the pleasures of flesh just so she can forget This whole scene was utterly repugnant to me In this situation and context I can t accept that no matter how devastated a person would be that it would be acceptable to seek out sex I mean your brother just died can you not grab on to his privates pleaseThe romance was utterly unbelievable The characters had shallow personalitiesARC courtesy of NetGalley and Harleuin Enterprises Australi. RThe revelation that her brother’s liberty depends on her marrying James Hunter is devastating But nothing it seems has the power to shake Thea’s world upside down like James himself or the way he makes her feel.

The Convict s Bounty Bride is the debut novella by New Zealand author Lena Dowling At 59 pages it s like a short story that is set in England s regency period At first glance of the blurb the hero is said to be an ex convict and I made the assumption that the story would be set in early Australia Instead Marrying the enemy s daughterInteresting story I had read the convict wife which lead me to the other books in the series A bit short for me I would have liked a epilogue with there arrival and final home settingAlso she only takes one trunk but in book two has many gowns so maybe than one trunk would be better Or could you please release a second book where she describes life in Australia her arrival and problems as a lady farmer having children sending for her clothing Including swimming riding encounters with wild animalsOtherwise I did enjoy your story just think there should be a part two Altered from review posted on Romancing the Social SciencesYou could be forgiven for thinking a book entitled The Convict s Bounty Bride would be set in the colony but you d be wrong If you read between the lines of the synopsis you can see it s set in London but somehow I still expected that it would end up back in Australia at some point It never did but my annoyance at that was uickly overwhelmed by my annoyance at just about everything else The combination of the writing style and novella length made the story feel very abrupt There was little attempt made to orientate the reader or set up the plot and characters and the results are jarring The whole thing gallops along and to continue the terrible euine metaphor the reader can barely eep her seat for being whacked by passing plot twists Literally every development in this book came out of nowhere and made its appearance too soon Because the characters are uite one dimensional the reader is unable to anticipate their actions which was probably a blessing in disguise I probably would have given up altogether if I d nown the heroine would be so horrible She was by turns immature cruel and criminally stupid There s a scene where determined ruin herself so as not to be forced into marriage she basically assaults the stable boy in full view of the stable master And then she s so surprised her father is going to whip the poor boy who might Life as a convict in an Australian penal colony was brutal but James Hunter had the advantages of raw physical strength and courage on his side He survived and now he is back; a self‐made man of means determined

In her previous lives Lena Dowling has been a lawyer policy analyst and an administration manager While Lena was born and raised in New Zealand it was during a stint working ‘across the ditch’ in Australia that she took up writing in earnest Having found her inspiration in The Lucky Country Lena writes Australasian themed romances about gutsy intelligent heroines and the men who dare to l