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Very bland Dec and Cari have a one night stand 18 months prior and he leaves before she wakes She ends up pregnant and doesn t tell Dec because she figures he isn t the father type and their families have been business ivals for decades since their grandfathers had a falling out over their software coHe and his cousins succeed in a hostile takeover of Cari s business but there s no great vengeance angle on the H s part The H barely knew the grandfather who is now dead He didn t sleep with the h and leave her for vengeance or to steal corporate secrets or anything typical of a Harley He was just a horny playboy who didn t do morning aftersWhen they meet back up there is My friend challenged me to a Harleuin No Limits (Brutal Master read athon and she picked this series out I finished this book in less than a day but I didn t particularly care for the writing style What does this book contain Well there s the couple Dec and Cari one night of passion a feuding family and a secret baby Typical Harleuin fluff The thing I like about this book is that the business side of things is finally modern Instead of hotelsesorts and typical Harleuin heroes macho businesses the companies of the feuding families operate video games They talk about iOs and Android Very fresca hahaAs mentioned above the biggest thing I Liar, Liar really dislike about this book is the writing style Why I feeleally detached from the characters even though they have great potential to endear themselves to me The scenes lack so much emotional luster case in point in the disappointing announcement and Essays One reaction of the scene where Cari finally tells Dec they share a son The i love you scene was very meh too From a publisher known to publish teleserye like books this did not live up to that goal There s none of the intense emotional drama I m accustomed toeading in Harleuin novelsThis is my first Katherine Garbera novel and although I didn t In her Baby Business trilogy USA TODAY bestselling author Katherine Garbera starts with just one nightCari Chandler can't forget Declan Montrose Their baby is a living eminder The baby she hasn't told him about.

Njoy it it won t be my last I m gonna continue with the est of the series because I m interested to know what happens to Cari s sisters and of course I m not gonna back down from a The Kaya-Girl read athon haha Here s to hoping the next books would be better Cari Chandler s one night stand with Declan Montroseesulted in a pregnancy Just when she was finding out she was pregnant life get hectic then she found out Dec was a Montrose a family they have been involved in a bitter feud with for the last 4 decades But now the feud may end because the Montrose s have taken over Infinity Games owned by the Chandlers Dec is given the task to make the transition easier and to figure out where jobs needed to be cut Cari knew the time had come to tell Dec about his son Cari was surprised at Dec s eaction to find out he had a son His actions after their one night stand showed her commitment wasn t high on his list But there will be no easy outcome with the takeover His cousin wants to make sure no Chandler is left at Infinity Games but that would mean destroying part of his son s legacyCari was a strong heroine who seemed to make decisions with her heart She went into a elationship with Dec with an open mind and didn t let past actions influence her too much Dec was a complicated hero Since he was adopted he never felt as if he belonged in the Montrose family which made his decision about whether to destroy the Chandlers all that much harder I eally had a hard time with Jessi Cari s sister She seemed very distrustful Twice in the book she had people investigated The feud between the Montagues and the Capulets has been going on for two generations Or should I say the Montrose family and the Chandler family This dates back to some dodgy dealing between the grandfathers of the current generation This is the first of three books in the Baby Business trilogy dealing with three male cousins from th. The no commitment billionaire and her family's sworn enemy walked out of her life the morning after But now he's backwith a vengeanceTaking over her company is the last step to victory in their families' long

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E Montagues I mean Montroses and three Capulet I mean Chandler sistersEmma Chandler had a one nice stand with Declan Monyeahyou get the drift eighteen months ago and she woke up to an empty bed Pretty telling so when she finds herself pregnant and he s nowhere to be found she pulls up her socks and gets on with lifeUnfortunately the Montrose brothers have not forgotten the feud and when the Chandler company begins to struggle they are on it immediately Graeco-Egyptian Magick ready for a takeover so they can destroy the Chandler legacy inevenge for the injustice done to their grandfatherEnter Declan whose job is to dismantle the company He has a surprise coming when he learns about Declan Junior called DJ by Emma If you don t think naming your child after a one night stand is full of significance don t bother to ead onI enjoyed seeing the interactions between Dec and Emma and little DJ as they learn about each other and grow and develop Dec has the biggest learning curve as he s been avoiding commitment and caring for anyone other than his cousins since his childhoodA lovely story and I look forward to the next in the series So this eading just to pass the time thing doesn t always work out This had the makings to be something a bit interesting with the family feud and the secret baby but it felt short Dec the male lead goes back and forth between who he is who he wants to be and who his family expects him to be I didn t feel the change he supposedly went through I didn t feel his change of heart or when he fell in love with Cari Mainly I didn t see any growth in him He does change I think but it feels forced and not eal Cari is too sweet to me Too kind and too loving There s only so much tenderness I can take before I feel like I m choking with all the sugar Anyways this one is one those books I wish I wouldn t have started cause in the end it entertained me too little and bored me too muc. Eud But Cari's than collateral damage to Dec He wants needs to seduce her again and again Until he finds out she's hidden something precious than her company His son And Dec intends to claim himno matter the cos.

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