Thea Feldman: Strangest Animals Level 2


Kids book or not I love animals so I had to read this Beautiful pictures and great descriptions This easy reader actually has some pretty challenging words mostl. Animals that glow that make nests from spit that change shape and color that ooze thick gooey slime How strang.

Ebook read Strangest Animals Level 2 by Thea Feldman –

Y the animal names so I wouldn t hand it to beginners However it would be a great choice for early elementary students who want short books on this subject or smal. E Meet some creatures that have uniue and unusual talents From the glass frog with a see through body to a fis.

L ids who want a good read aloud title The pictures are very high uality and the text does a good job of conveying the interesting facts without getting too wordy. H that happily hides inside a deadly plant every living thing shown proves that truth is stranger than fiction.