Paul Ferris: The Ferris Conspiracy

To be weak cries of the guilty to make you think that they are otherwise The language is ok easy to read but does stray into self important cliche at times One thing that does really jump out the page is the treachery of thieves and how paranoid a life you d have to live to survive I believe the brutality of the book but the ethics the code of honour the romance I don t believe for a second A mind blowing storyline leading me too purchase the further publicationsExtremely riveting with plenty of twists and turns. He odds Ferris moved on determined to make an honest livingThey would not let himThe National Crime Suad MI5 the police and two of the country's most powerful gangsters saw to that A maximum security prisoner Ferris is nown as 'Lucky' because he is still aliveThis is one man's uniue insight into Britain's crime world and the inextricable web of corruption a revealing story of official corruption and unholy alliances.

Great insight to Paul Ferris Must read for all who are into their Glasgow gangs or gangster books Good book but very shortVery good boom uite short its follow up is a lot longer still a good book though very funny in parts Documents the author s life growing up in Glasgow Goes in to graphic details about his life as a henchman for Arthur The Godfather Thomson to his possible involvement in the latter s sonGood book though does highlight the issues facing growing up in the poorer areas of Glasgow Having grown up. On Glasgow's meanest streets life started well for the young Paul Ferris How did he become Glasgow's most feared gangster deemed a risk to national securityArthur Thompson Godfather of the crime world and senior partner of the Krays recruited young Ferris as a bagman debt collector and eualiser Feared for his capacity for extreme violence respected for his intelligence Ferris was the Godfather's heir apparent But whe.

There also it is easy to relate to a lot of what happens in young Paul s life I came to this book from reading Russell Findlay s Acid Attack so was fairly sceptical of the author s account here In terms of a window into the mind of a Scottish criminal this book serves a good purpose but as historical fact it seems somewhere between bias and fabrication No doubt the claims of violence perpetrated and underhanded police tactics are true that s the world Mr Ferris lived in But his pleas of conspiracy and fit ups seem. N gang warfare broke underworld leaders traded in flesh colluding with their partners the police Disgusted Ferris left the Godfather and stood aloneThey gave him weeks to liveWhile Ferris was caged in Barlinnie Prison's segregation unit accused of murdering Thompson's son Fatboy his two friends were shot dead the night before the funeral and grotesuely displayed in a car on the cortége's route Acuitted against all

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