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Discovers an unsettling truthIn Last Orders Black s turn of phrase is seamless and sublime There s no pretension in his characters only a bare honesty that passes through their words their movements and mannerisms Gus Dury is a character you latch onto and you re right in his aching hung over head throughout His landscapes are vivid but manageable nothing slows the reader down in enjoying this story It s a reader s read I d say a writer s read as well Ex reporter turned reluctant PI or hire Gus Dury is on the trail of the missing sixteen year old daughter of church minister Callum Uruhart However O Doido e a Morte finding the girl and the truth behind the girl s disappearance is just theinal straw The Rude Buay Trilogy for Dury in this dark gripping crime storyrom popular author Tony Black Filled with sharp satirical one liners and authentic local language this Edinburgh set tale is a great introduction to the authors work I would highly recommend this short story to any crime Kaylees Keeper (Masters of the Castle, fictionan and will certainly be looking or urther books Awoken (Viridian Saga, featuring the character of Gus Dury I d heard aair bit about Tony Black and this was a very good appetizer size portion of his work You get to know Gus Dury and like him with his sardonic sense of humor and human Taking Flight foibles The story arc here was effective and so was the Scots atmosphere Now I m keen to see what Black does with Gus in hisull length outings. S own tangled pastLast Orders is a 14000 word novella I Am a Teamster first published in the Edinburgh Evening Newsrom the author of the Random House UK Gus Dury series Paying or It Gutted Loss and Long Time Dead which is soon to be brought to the big screen by Richard Jobs.

R as the Minister had him believe Despite being small in page count this is a satisfying and well conceived plot executed in typical Tony Black ashion eual measures of humour alcohol and the undesirables of crime Alan Ford (Superstrip Alan Ford Trobroj fiction There s a liberal dose of Gus trademark path to oblivion while hisiner ualities and investigative ability are also on show to counteract his troubled personal life Readers of the previous Gus Dury novels will see the effects of those books in this setting while new readers will get a mere glimpse of the character and uality of Tony Black s writing As usual a highly recommended read that s left me craving a Literature Circle Role Sheets full lengthollow up to LONG TIME DEAD Book 4This review also appears on my blog I just Maines Visible Black History finished Last Orders A Gus Drury Crime Thriller by Tony Black This is a part of a larger series that includes Payingor It Gutted Loss and Long Time Dead I ve tried not to do a review of a series in stride without reading all of the priors but I ve read Black s work before so I Jane Does Return figured I d see how it turned outNot at all disappointed Gus Dury is a broken down ex reporter with a reputationor digging the dirt He is hired by a man named Callum Uruhart a Church of Scotland minister to Die Geschichte der Indianer Nordamerikas find his missing pregnant daughter Caroline With the help of his stunning sometimes sidekick Amy and his man on the inside Fitz the Crime Gus tracks down Caroline and. Th DuryUruhart has travelled across the country toind his missing teenage daughter who definitely doesn't want to be ound As Dury gets closer to locating Caroline what he uncovers is a web of lies and deceit and some painful realisations that lead back to hi.

Thank you kindly to Mr Black and the publisher or the review copyAn exciting anthology of crime Beyond the Mist fictioneaturing Edinburgh investigator Gus Dury I love Gus Dury Some of my Phemes Regret favourite reading experiences of the past came along with him and until I started reading this anthology I didnt realise uite how much I had missed that seriesso I was one happy reader toind a whole bunch of tales in short story Pocket Guide to Scottish Words format another of myavourite thingsGus Chimerica finds himself in varying situations here all written with the usual wit and style that Mr Black brings to his crimeiction it may be gritty noir in an almost perfect Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story form but it is also compelling authentic and addictive Gus Dury as anti hero is one of the best characters to beound in Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος, 1943-1950 fiction his absolute reluctance to get involved in anythingollowed by his absolute conviction in The Probability Pad following it through once he DOES get sucked in makesor some brilliant storytellingMy Calendula favourite talesrom this book The Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, first Last Orders and also London Calling But every one is a golden nugget of reading pleasure I m tempted to go back and re read all the previous adventures EnjoyHappy Reading Folks Gus Dury is hired by a Minister to locate his missing and pregnant 16yr old daughter Reluctantly Gus takes the case only toind the missing person hasn t been reporting missing and the reason surrounding her disappearance is not as clea. When he receives a mysterious letter on expensively embossed paper reluctant investigator Gus Dury decides to take the case if or no other reason than he needs the cash But there's something about his well heeled client Callum Uruhart that doesn't sit right wi.

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