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I did not like this book AT ALL She was so hurt when Joshua cheated on her but she turned around and cheated on Zaire WTF And she cheated on Zaire with Joshuabecause Zaire had his priorities right If she as his Girlfriend can t respect that he needs to focus on school and work then she needs to dump him NOT cheat on him Then it ends all happy NOOOOO he cheated on you and cussed you o Page Im On 145 of Pages 244Lexile Level 955LThis book is very interesting and even though it has a lot of cheesy slang in it I overall like itThe book True Story by Ni Ni Simone is not uite what I am used to It pertains a lot of high school drama even though they were located on a college campus called Stiles University In addition to this I thought this book would have very distinctive vocabulary usage but I was wrong With this being said I would highly recommend the people interested in this book to read the first 10 pages to see if this is the right book for them Please don t make the mistake I did in which I checked out a book because of the cover You must certainly never judge a book by its cover Overall I would et my little siblings in middle school to read this because I feel this isn t a high school leveled or college leveled book It doesn t have a wide variety of vocabulary that s appropriate for high school students My favorite passage was when the author stated The afternoon sun was sweltering as I sat in the crowded courtyard beneath the sweeping branches of a weeping willow tree There were people everywhere and this was the only place I could sit solo The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, get my sexy fly cute on and watch my man step on to the scene I chose this passage because it reminds me of how desperate females are in high school It makes me laugh because there are females who claim dudes who don t even claim them which is hilarious My favorite part of the book was when Josiah was trying to talk to Seven and she already had a boyfriend She was caught up in temptation because Josiah was putting the full court pressure on her My least favorite part was when she was trying to make conversation with Josiah and her nosey best friend Khya kept interrupting their vibe I feel like those type ofirls are the ones who are somewhat envious and never want their so called best friend to be happy With this being apart of the story I feel like the drama could ve been detailed to Night And Day get the reader s undivided attention I wouldn t recommend this book for the simple fact that the author didn t include any interesting events in the book My personal connection to this book is the hardship of lettingo of unnecessary baggage that doesn t benefit you in any type of way For example Seven s ex boyfriend tried to Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow get back with her and she wanted toet back with him However people take the door out of our lives for reasons It s mainly for The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid growth and to also move to the next milestone in your life Everything happens for a reason My big cousin always says this I live by this statement Back Cover Information What s airl to do when love has her caught up That s the plight of eighteen year old Seven McKnight Her freshman year at Stiles University turned out to be a tug of war for her heart and her sopho year promised of the same Just when she d sworn off her ex boyfriend Josiah Whitaker and thought she d never love him again he boldly stepped back into her life with no regard that she d moved on with Zair. What's a irl to do when love has her caught upThat's the plight of eighteen year old Seven McKnight Her freshman year at Stiles University turned out to be a tug of war for her heart and her sopho year promised of the same Just when she'd sworn off her ex boyfriend Josiah Whitaker and thought she'd.

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Up in her seat and broke out into a snake Simone 159 You can tell that this is something a teenager would say Khya s personality however made the whole situation even funnier Simone did a reat job of connecting with the audience I think this is what keeps me coming back to reading her booksThe Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, greatest strength of the book was being up to date The way the characters spoke dressed and acted was pretty accurate to how people are today For example Seven once said I dressed in a pair of black Love Pink sweats a matching Stiles U hoody and Nike Air Max shoes Simone 177 People wear things like this on a daily basis Another way that Simone made the book modern was by using up to date music An example would be when Seven said Trinidad James s All Gold Everything blasted from an iPod that sat in an old skool esue dock Simone 49 Overall this book was very intriguing and I would recommend it to anyone who likes reading entertaining books I plan on reading books in Ni Ni Simone s seuel Her books have yet to disappoint me with their humor and drama True Story has to be one of my favorite books so far in the seuel I m looking forward to seeing how the other books turn out Page I m on 130 of pages 240Lexie level 955L Flavor flav Courtney screamed You don t threaten my face Was one of my favorite passages located on page 8 because it literally made me laugh if anybody knows who he is you would have visualized him saying that line from his famous show Flavor or Love Also in chapter 7 on page 57 where the mom responded back to her saying Did you just raise your voice at me was a favorite part of mine The readers of this book only would see the humor because we know she wasn t trying to come off as smartI liked parts of the book where there was talk about things teenagers actually do or talk to there friends about or how the boys in the book would try so hard toet the interest of certain Life Changing Smiles girls So basically I liked the relation in some parts I could have I didn t really like so much of the corny word usage or little kid type content the book had So if your on a mature level of reading this is not the book for you This just shows I should ve chose wiser but I m notoing to lie it is a interesting book at the same time In the book True Story by Ni Ni Simone is about a Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, girl who started her freshman year at Stiles University runs into a couple co LovedI loved Ni Ni Simone books I related to the book a lot I was in a relationship where my boyfriend was just like Zaire all we did was stay in the house never went out and he had a routine It was starting to bother me so I had to put on myrown woman panties and tell him how I was feeling He took note but then we just decided to end thing later on down the line I picked up this book as a bit of fluff reading and was pleasantly surprised that it drew me in Ni Ni Simone is a Only a Whisper good writer and I look forward to reading about Seven and hopefully sherows a bit emotionally in future booksI m lad the author addressed that the way Seven was treating Zaire was NOT OKAY very selfish and immature I hope it also puts her in a state of mind where she understands Josiah and realizes that anyone can make a mistakeI think Khya is like the devil on Seven s shoulder and Shae is the angel She should definitely listen to Shae I do like Khya though she was the source of most of my laugh out loud moments No comment about Courtney. Uined by lies and the fairy tale she once dreamed of may never become her true storyPraise for Ni Ni SimoneSmart and cutting full of clever comebacks Kirkus on No Boyz AllowedThis is creative innovative and important storytelling for today's urban teen readership Library Journal on Teenage Love Affai.

E St James her new boyfriend Caught off uard and thrust into a whirlwind of emotion Seven no longer knows if she should stay or Brooklyn's Song go All she knows is that old feelings won t die her new love is being ruined by lies and the fairy tale she once dreamed of may never become her true story Two and a half stars Not theenre for me but it wasn t written for me so The dialogue was so slangy that it was almost hard to read but also so cheesy that it made me laugh I have to think this reads as dated even now I rolled my eyes at the clothing descriptions too But it moved very uickly and the characters were amusing Sometimes laughable and sometimes frustrating but I Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide guess I could see the appeal for teens I am a fan of Ni Ni Simone books This is another follow up on main character Seven s life Seven in this novel makes irrational choices dealing with her ex Josiah and current boyfriend Zaire Seven as we know if you have read all the novels involving her loved Josiah since they were very young kids I think we can all agree she moved on way too fast If she loved him as much as she did those feelings didn to away She is not happy with her current boyfriends schedule Her feeling for her ex won t Plain Jane The Hotshot go away Seven is confused She does wrong doing I m team Josiah Great novel If you liked Seven in the last 2 you will enjoy this book Ni Ni Simone s purpose in writing True Story was to once again entertain younger audiences with an intensive love story that kept the readers on their toes The book was a perfect blend of drama romance heart break and I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a spontaneous and humorous book to read This is what makes me a big fan of Ni Ni Simone Her stories never disappoint when it comes to engaging readers like me who love reading books about drama This book was one of many which didn t fail to amuse me True Story was the true definition of a love story There was a moment when Seven described an encounter with Josiah by saying a smile ran all over my face and butterflies invaded my stomach All I could do was fall back onto my bed Clutch the pillow he d slept on to my chest Simone 165 Seven had the butterflies and thisave the readers a taste of it especially if they had never experienced something like it before Though Seven s love life was a bit rocky throughout the book she ended up pulling through and finally became happy at the end Seven also ended up learning life lessons about hurting people s feelings and doing what was best for her This could have a lasting value on the readers if they took Seven s experiences and used them as cautionary tales This book was very amusing and was hard to put down Simone made it far from boring and the drama was the icing on the cake Even though I could not personally relate to any of the characters I could sympathize with them when they were Family of Her Dreams going through something The book rarely had any serious moments because the characters were cracking jokes every step of the way There were moments where I would find myself re reading the text because I found it so hilarious I would also often bookmark my favorite pages ando back to read them again This book was well written and contained a lot of slang and modern dialect which made it fun to read For example a scene that made me laugh was when Khya was at a Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed game and said That s my man y all Bling Bling Bling Owwww Seven then said She popped. Never love him again he boldly stepped back into her life with no regard that she'd moved on with Zaire St James her new boyfriendCaught offuard and thrust into a whirlwind of emotion Seven no longer knows if she should stay or o All she knows is that old feelings won't die her new love is being