Esteban Contreras: Social State Thoughts Stats and Stories about the State of Social Media in 2013

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I know it s overused but this is a must ead if you are interested in the phenomenon of social networks today Social State by Esteban Contreras is a must Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, read for anyone interested in the phenomenon of social media that we have this day and age This was a very interestingead for it talks specifically about the integration of technology and daily life Social media is familiar with just about everyone in my generation and is apart of our daily lives This book directly A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners relates to my senior capstone project and has aided me with myesearch and increasing knowledge base of this topic My large capstone is social media this book direc. Social State is your guide to the state of social mediaIn ecent years the web has gone from being a network of hyperlinked pages to a network of individuals There are now over 1 billion people sharing their lives on Facebook; and that's only one of many social networks enabling and dictating how we connect how we learn and how we act Instagram Twitter Google LinkedIn Pinterest Tumblr and a long tail of social media services are transforming how we interact with the world around us Everything we know is being e imagined In Social State Esteban Contreras writes about the Au bagne rapidly changing social media landscape Social State is a visual thoroughlyesearched and in depth exploration about the integration of life and technology; covering topics anging from the implications of openness virality influence and privacy to the uniue opportunities presented by social media marketing social business and social good Social State is an honest informative and entertaining book written from a uniue perspective Esteban Contreras is an avid user.

Tly elates and has eally made me interested in all of the esearch I am going to continue Contreras writes specifically about the fast pace that social media has came into our daily lives at as well as giving specific examples of social media sites and their purposes The first 8 chapters talk about many different social media sites one per chapter anging from the ever famous Instagram all the way to LinkedIn used for business profiles Often Contreras shares his personal opinion about different social media sites which I have eally enjoyed eading The content in this book is extremely factual yet at the same time very interesting. Former Social Media Manager for Samsung USA and current strategist serving Fortune 100s on behalf of enterprise SMMS tech startup Sprinklr Inc Born in Guatemala City Guatemala Esteban is also the founder of Social Nerdia Consulting based in New Westminster British Columbia Esteban Contreras paints a picture of what the world is going to look like as social technologies become part of everything around us Factual opinionated and current Social State was written and edited in the fourth uarter of 2012 Whether you are an enthusiast or a skeptic about all things social this book is a one stop shop packed with facts stats charts and eal life examples CHAPTER LISTIntroduction – Social Media Transforming Our Lives For Better or WorseChapter 1 – The Social Universe Life and Technology in Perpetual BetaChapter 2 – Facebook Now Connecting Over 1 Billion PeopleChapter 3 – Instagram The New American DreamChapter 4 – Twitter The MMS of the InternetChapter 5 – Google The Little Social Engine that CouldChapter 6 – LinkedIn A Networ.

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To ead it includes many statistical examples of Contreras points and opinions Contreras has put many thoughts in my head that I did not think of before elated to this topic Specifically with my capstone project these new opinions and views on things are necessary to keep an open mind while doing my esearch The visual examples that Contreras uses are one of the best things this book provides to its eaders Social state was a eally interesting ead about the social media that I interact with daily Esteban Contreras points about our changing technologically savvy society will definitely be stuck in my mind after eading this book. K Building the Economic GraphChapter 7 – Pinterest The World’s Visually Social PinboardChapter 8 – Tumblr Part Blogging Platform Part Meme MachineChapter 9 – The Social Long Tail Startup Hype and the Search for the Next BlankChapter 10 – Social Media Election How Obama Won the Presidency AgainChapter 11 – Virality YouTubers Hot Pockets and Klout ScoresChapter 12 – Trust No One Skepticism Privacy and Trauma in an Age of OpennessChapter 13 – Social Advertising How Social Media Gets PaidChapter 14 – The New Customer Journey Empowered Consumers and AdvocacyChapter 15 – Social Storyteller A New Kind of MarketerChapter 16 – The 3 C’s of Social Media Marketing Easier Said Than DoneChapter 17 – Social Business From Buzzword to RealityChapter 18 – Social Good Changing the World One Tweet at a TimeAfterword – Trends and Predictions Re Imagining Social Media AVAILABLE ON iBooks including Nook downloadable file TRAILER about the cover artist Diego Contreras at about the author Esteban Contreras at about the book

wwwsocialnerdiacom about the convergence of technology marketing and social media since 2009 Esteban speaks at conferences ranging from LeWeb SXSW Interactive and the Marketing 20 Conference to CES and the Americas IT Forum His work has been highlighted by media like Mashable The Next Web CNN The New York Times He lived in Dallas TX and Jersey City NJ before moving to Vancouver BC where he now resides with his wife and two daschunds