Catherynne M. Valente: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

New I want to think about what it might be like to be born half a erson or created out of soap I want to imagine that I can have my courage cleaned and find a jacket that loves me and cares for me I want to know what kind of adventures my shadow would get up to if we were ever separatedBut even with all of these oddities and inventions this book has a strong undercurrent of the real September s growth and loss of innocence is so Amata Means Beloved painful and so wonderful I felt so much sympathy for Lye left all alone without instruction or Saturday who must always be forced to submit And I laughed with A through L the stalwart wyvern library hybrid But the most affecting of all turned out to be someone I least expected view spoilerWow The ueen MallowMaruesse story really moved me I felt so betrayed and bitter on her behalf That wholeart is just brilliant hide spoiler This 5 review has been moved to Shelf InflictedIt s superb jaw dropping writing I ll be very surprised if this isn t a lot of eople s favorite childhood read in the year 2040 Which I hope to be around to see The first two ages and I m in love It s going on the must buy list as well as the must give listThe Girl sets all fairy tale conventions on their heads while managing to retain the spirit and charm of the best In the tradition of the door in the hedge fantasy the trip through the closet into Fairyland is inventive and whimsical Valente Juice perhapsokes fun at times but always gently you will either Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band perish mostainfully or be forced to sit through a very tedious tea service with several spinster hamadryads The heroine is a bit unconventional but not exactly drowning in misery she washed the same Gudrun pink and yellow teacups and matching gravy boats every day slept on the same embroideredillow and had a mother bending over a stubborn airplane engine in her work overalls her arm muscles bulging Right there you know it won t be traditional but nor will it be grim modern with boys locked under staircases mothers with drug Mob Mistress problems or orphaned children scavenging food Yet it still explores the core emotional issues of independence identity fear and love while acknowledging thelace children come from is not all kindness and cookies One ought not to judge her All children are heartless They have not grown a heart yet which is why they can climb tall trees and say shocking things and leap so very high that grown up hearts flutter in terror Hearts weigh uite a lot That is why it takes so long to grow oneSwooning continued as I read Valente tells beautiful word smithy tales A Wyvern named A Through L his father is the Library deserves the award for Best Fantasy Sidekick of the Year There s even a list of reasons why Thirdly being French in origin they have highly refined tastes and are unlikely to seek out unsavory things to eat such as knights gallbladders or maidens bones They much Stud in the Stacks prefer a vat or two of truffles a flock of geese and a lake of wine and they will certainly share Of course since they are FrenchAfter finishing I was mentally working out my review as I swam and discovered I had trouble analyzing why I enjoyed this book so much I went homeicked up the book again opened to a Choosing to Survive page and found myself saying oh I loved thisart only to follow it with and this Robin Hood phrasing and exclamations of and look how she characterizes That s the kind of book it is something you remember loving and enjoying even when you can t uite identify why and then when you are immersed in it again it all becomes crystal clearLike a fantasy worldWhen you are born your courage is new and clean You are brave enough for anything crawling off of staircases saying your first words without fearing that someone will think you are foolishutting strange things in your mouth But as you get older your courage attracts gunk and crusty things and dirt and fear and knowing how bad things can get and what Felipa pain feels like By the time you re half grown your courage barely moves at all it s so grunged up with livingCrossosted at WINNER BESTest BRILLIANTest most EXCELLENTest YA Novel in HistorYA I know I know that comes as a bit of a shocker what with Potter Percy and those Hunger Gamers running from all those Sparkly Emos and bumping into Bartimaeus hiding inside His Dark Materials waiting for some Giver of an Abhorsen to find their Wrinkle in Time to send them all back to Wonderland Not to mention that AMAZO Genesis I read earlier this year sorry I couldn t work it in above However despite all of those mostly special literary achievements this story by Ms Valente and her amazing rotagonist. Much older than September Only September can retrieve a talisman the Maruess wants from the enchanted woods and if she doesn't then the Maruess will make life impossible for the inhabitants of Fairyland September is already making new friends including a book loving Wyvern and a mysterious boy named Saturday With exuisite illustrations by acclaimed artist Ana Juan Fairyland li.

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Growing up i loved the Oz books the Baum ones at least i read all of them multiple times i think there are 14 or so and have enjoyed rereading them here and there as an adult i love how the fancifulness and freuent absurdity of Baum s creations are anchored down by rosaic reality i love their no nonsense child heroines and occasional heroes The Blueprint (English Edition) precocious but neverrecious cute but never cutesy Crisis of the Strauss Divided poo i love the transparency of Baum srose the layering of meaning and metaphor the use of genuine tragedy the light touch the wisdom of it all so it is a happy thing and one of the highest compliments that i can imagine giving when i say that reading Girl Who Circumnavigated brought me right back to that enchanting feeling of reading a classic Oz bookValente is a marvel with language i knew she could write like a mad The Master Masons of Chartres poet after reading the amazing In the Night Garden less expected was her ability to smooth down and simplify her lush style so that it iserfectly tailored for a children s novel it loses no lustre in the transition reading Valente s VARSITY ABDL (Age Play, Forced Regression, Enema, Domestic Discipline, Spanking Romance) prose reminds me of looking through my window at a light rain falling on an otherwise bright day the sun and water making aainting of the world images seen through the droplets of rain rolling down glass lovelythe character of The Girl Who Circumnavigates is instantly familiar from any number of Oz books her sensible and at times irritable nature the depth of her feelings her forthright way of navigating the laces through which she wanders she is a classic type but never a tiresome one her attachment to her new friends is adorable but never corny or mawkish i love the brave moments when she considers returning home but almost instantaneously rejects that cowardly ath and when she finally builds that Ship of Her Own Making my gosh that was wonderful much internal cheering ensuedValente makes the adventure a Gnosis pleasure from beginning to end her use of irony is constant and sweetly good hud never heavy handed suitable for kids but thoroughly adult as well eually sophisticated is her use of symbol and metaphor her smooth incorporation of various mythologies and mythological creatures and especially her entirely original conception of the novel s arch villain so appalling so tragic so understandableoor childand any children s fantasy that features the Left to Die-a First Hand Account of Life in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina parallel saga of a brave loyal Key a strikingly sinister Shadow of a Little Girl about to run off on its own strange journey a helpful industrious Smoking Jacket two Witches married to an elegant little male Witch Wair Wolf and most of all a genuinely touching loveable Wyvern well i am that novel s true friend I am generally one for simple blunt truth My brain doesn t like to decipher complex and ornate metaphors and I hate reading through layer upon layer of language I m usually just waiting for the author to get to theoint But then something like this comes along and just makes me uestion everything that I thought I knew about myself The writing here is highly imaginative and odd and funny and a bit absurd It s descriptive and clever and maybe occasionally just a bit fussy But all this shine and glimmer and show has some real substance underneath it And honestlyI liked the shine and glimmer most of the time There isn t one Dolphin Diaries Bind-Up page of this book that I couldn tull a gorgeous uote from Ms Valente certainly does get to the The Wingman Chronicles point and theoint is real honest emotion and a gorgeous coming of age storySeptember is a twelve year old girl who finds her life dull and tedious and so when the Green Wind flows in one day with a flying Leopard to take her off to Fairyland she goes without a thought She doesn t even spare a goodbye for her arents who are both rather missing in her life anyway In Fairyland she initially gets swept up in novelty and adventure as she meets glorious new friends and takes on a random uest But she soon realizes that all is not well the Maruesse reigns imposing strict taxes restrictions and bureaucracy on every citizen The similarities to Alice in Wonderland are evident but this book also makes little nods to many other notable fantasy series And I seriously doubt Alice would ever fashion her own boat out of fairy drift scepters and then sail it bald and in the nude The writing reminds me of Neil Gaiman or I think that if China Mieville had a sweet optimistic little sister she might write a book like this However even with all of these nods this book feels inventive and originalI do love fantasy that s character driven and relatable but sometimes I really crave fantasy like this where everything is brand. Twelve year old September lives in Omaha and used to have an ordinary life until her father went to war and her mother went to work One day September is met at her kitchen window by a Green Wind taking the form of a gentleman in a green jacket who invites her on an adventure implying that her help is needed in Fairyland The new Maruess is unpredictable and fickle and also not.

September has concentrated WUP win units er The Best Of Saint Louis page than any other too young to vote fiction I have ever read The writing humorlot narrative voice characters imagination and respect for the reader that this gem of a book shows is something rare and very very special As I look over my list of all time favorite books of any genre one element that seems to appear most often is unforgettable The Brother-Offended Checklist prose and a uniue voice From Mieville in Perdido Street Station to McCarthy in No Country for Old Men to Winslow in Savages and to Gaiman in American Gods these writers get myulse up and running and make my brain swell with jealousy and drip envy for the unworldly skills of these master wordsmithsWell folks Ms Valante will be buying the next round at the We Write so Amazingly Well That We Make You Feel Stupid and Inadeuate ub session The writing in this story is exuisite that it s ainful It is descriptive and brilliant yet humorous and whimsical It is just flawless in what it tries to donamely entertain enlighten and bring a sense of wonder and joy Those of you that have read Detour (Something in Common, previously read Valente s In the Night Garden knows that she canen rose like nobody s business and tell a complex yet readable story with nuance and care Here she has taken that gift brought it to the YA format and created a new standard in excellence that I hope many try to follow Let me take a uick babble gush break and give you a thumbnail of the lot A young girl in Nebraska gets taken by the Green Wind and his companion the Leopard of Little Breezes to Fairyland for an unforgettable adventure Along the way she ends up meeting fantastical Bear Creek Road people creatures andlaces than you could shake a magic stick at without having said stick turn around look at you and tell you to knock it off Okay that s enough of the Good Authority Good Authority plot as you will be able to explore that creamy nuggety goodness all on your own Let s get back to the writing Here is a scene from the beginning of the book How does one get to Fairyland After a while we shall certainlyass India and Japan and California and simply come round to my house again The Green Wind chuckled I suppose that would be true if the earth were round I m reasonably sure it is You re going to have to stop that sort of backward old fashioned thinking you know Conservatism is not an attractive trait Fairyland is a very Scientifick Carneycopia place We subscribe to all the best journals The Leopard of Little Breezes gave a light roar Several small clouds skipped huffily out of theirath The earth my dear is roughly trapezoidal vaguely rhomboid a bit of a tessaract and altogether grumpy when its fur is stroked the wrong way In short it is a Captives of New Pompeii (New Pompeii, puzzle my autumnal acuisition C monjust say AhhhhhhIn addition to the story itself Ms Valente does something I really love to see in stories like this that have OMG so much is happening every second that it is hard to keep track of where we are goinglots She gives the reader a map of what s coming without spoiling any of the story For example here is the heading for the second chapter in the book CHAPTER IITHE CLOSET BETWEEN WORLDS In which September Passes Between Worlds asks Four uestions and Receives Twelve Answers and Is Inspected by a Customs Officer Thus we are given hints as to what to look for but no way of knowing what it means until it happens and at which oint we smile say wow wow wubsy and bask in the warm and fuzzy glow of the awesomeness Oh and a uick word on the ART The art is terrific and is a erfect compliment to the story For example Just another aspect of this incredible read Before I wrap this up I want to Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, pay one final compliment to Ms Valente and also to other writers who show great respect for their readers While this is a story that I think YAs will love I believe that it is the adults especially those of us that love lush language and witty words that will enjoy this the most This is because Ms Valente doesn t dumb down her story AT ALL This is a YA book written as much for adults as for YAs kind of like the movie Shrek with all the little adult in jokes The story has a way of making you feel like a younger version of yourself as you read it The story is sometimes dark but always beautiful There is adventureain bravery lessons about life and growing up magic hardship sadness mysteries laughter amazing characters and OH THE WRITING Buy this bookread the booklove the bookre read this book 60 Stars HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATIONPS I listened to the audio version read by the author and she was absolutely amazingI mean amazing If you have a chance to experience itDO. Ves up to the sensation it created when the author first osted it online For readers of all ages who love the charm of Alice in Wonderland and the soul of The Golden Compass here is a reading experience unto itself unforgettable and so very beautiful The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making is a Publishers Weekly Best Children's Fiction title for 201.

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Catherynne M Valente was born on Cinco de Mayo 1979 in Seattle WA but grew up in in the wheatgrass paradise of Northern California She graduated from high school at age 15 going on to UC San Diego and Edinburgh University receiving her BA in Classics with an emphasis in Ancient Greek Linguistics She then drifted away from her MA program and into a long residence in the concrete and cam