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Nd still do make a difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor not just in Calcutta but in many cities around the world Love her or hate her I ask you these uestionsHave you ever helped the least of our brothers and sisters with loving sincerity Can you personally reach out and literally lend a helping hand to even one of our brothers and sisters who are in dire need of food clothing shelter and care Can you bring yourself to wash the leprous body of a dying person and make her feel some care and love that was denied to herSometimes we do sometimes we do not But Mother Teresa arguably lived everyday of her life doing just that serving as an inspiration and challenge to other people Catholic and non Catholic to do what Jesus taught To love one another as I love you. D as is her controversial beatification Readers will be challenged to consider for themselves whether Mother Teresa deserves to be saintedMother Teresa is characterized as being ordinary and her life as mundane The biography suggests that she transcended her ordinariness with a singular belief that she was called to life's work When this work brought fame which she never sought she used it to further her causes In a lobal age celebrity worship allowed her to work the system She became an icon of service and selflessness but her human flaws remained behind the saintline.

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A person s indomitable courage Courage with which she took to the sea of darkness and shone the lives of people through her compassionate service Yes there were few who pointed to controversies But these were people standing on the shore of that dark sea and some may be in ankle deep of darkness But if only all the people who were touched by her compassion could voice their opinion I bet the roar of their voice would drown the voices of her detractors A very readable and balanced biography of one of the reatest persons in history the author managed to bring out both the praises and criticisms for a modern saint of our times Though some of Mother Teresa s methods and behavior were uestionable it cannot be denied that she and her Missionaries and Brothers of Charity did A new order that tended to society's outcasts The narrative chronicles the expansion and success of the order and the eventual attention that was showered on her efforts This increasing attention led to scrutiny and criticism of ideology methods of care and financing Why did she reject better medical euipment for her patients yet receive the latest treatment and best care when she herself was ailing Why did she take money from and try to help Charles Keating a major player in the savings and loan scandal of the 1980s The accusation of hypocrisy among others are discusse.

Pretty plainuite a ood balance of support and criticisms surrounding MT s work This is an unbiased version of Mother Teresa which portrays the humanitarian work and controversies surrounding it Ever since MT made a decision on a train journey to serve the poor in streets of Calcultta she had to undergo plenty of scrutiny from her peers church other religious factions and media But at all times she believed in simple truth of her religion and made her work speak for itself And it silenced her most ardent critics This at one hand brought her lot of fame which she had no problem with coping And the same fame brought her plenty of funding worldwide Not putting the funding to its best utilisation made even her modest critics unhappy The overall message of the book is about. In this new biography students will follow Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu from her humble Albanian birth to worldwide celebrity as Mother Teresa The nun who attended to the dying and diseased in Calcutta India and established her Missionaries of Charity around the world is revealed to have a singular determination from a young age As a woman in the patriarchal Catholic system she had to prove to the hierarchy even the Vatican that she was capable of handling each project she proposed Her vision to live and work among the poorest of the poor as one of them led to the founding of.

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