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Ahhhh The last story just had me I mean It was so beautifully written My rating for the book 8410The xtra6 for the last story to be honest Overall it s a beautiful book really Yes that s the one word I m repeating and that s the one can use for these anecdotes as well as the simple motion they create in you For someone who s lived in the North East I can only imagine how close to home the reader must ve felt while reading the book It s really a short one and the writing style is almost melodious with the words being sung by the winds of the hills with the rhythm of these simple human characters I would rate this 35 stars I m not a big fan of short stories but this was a pleasant collection of stories of Nepalese background What was interesting is the varied tones of the stories depicting Nepali people as a diverse people in their beliefs their social status their dreams and aspirations I was particularly struck by A Father s Journey. A disfigured servant girl plans to flee Nepal; a Kalimpong shopkeeper faces an impossible dilemma; a Hindu religious festival in Darjeeling brings with it a sacrifice; a Nepali Bhutanese refugee pins her hopes on the West; a Gurkha's daughte.

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Which broached the subject of caste and the choice of freedom from xpectations The Gurkha s Daughter xplores the theme of friendship and loyalty The Immigrants is a tale of how two Nepali people of v different status come together by chance in Manhattan and the unlikely bond that forms between them A really lovely collection of short stories about Nepalese people set in and around Northern India and Nepal Prajwal Parajuly has the capacity to create characters of great resilience and verve and he frames vivid little worlds in ach taleAmong my favourites were No Land is Her Land about a displaced and disjointed family attempting to create a picture perfect family for their US visas the title story The Gurkha s Daughter about two young friends who play act the conversations and attitudes of their fathers and The Immigrants the very moving story of a successful young Nepalese man living in New York who arranges for a young Nepalese wom. R tries to comprehend her father's complaints; two young Nepali speaking immigrants meet in Manhattan These are just some of the stories describing and dramatizing the xperiences of the Nepalese people and the Nepalese diaspora the people

An of a lower social status to come and cook for him in Divertimento exchange for English lessons not realising that she has something to teach him This is an anthology of Nepali stories set mainly in Nepal and India but also one set in Manhattan Injoyed all 8 stories but particularly the last 2 Overall a really good mix of happy sad sweet dark and wistfulThe Cleft Parvati a widow is collected by her overbearing sister in law to attend the funeral of her mother in law in Birtamod Parvati insists on taking Kaali her young Indian maid on the journey filling the maid s head with ideas of taking the opportunity to run away to become a famous actressLet Sleeping Dogs Lie In Kalimpong Munnu is a paanwalla who tries to find a delicate way to deal with a high caste habitual shoplifter In the meantime he also needs to find a way to keep his wife occupied during the day in case she carries through with her threat of taking a job in Dr Pradhan s paediatric. Hose culture and language is Nepalese but who are dispersed to India Bhutan and beyond From Love Is a Fairy Tale every perspective and onvery page Prajwal Parajuly blends rich colour and vernacular to paint an ye opening picture of a uniue world and its peopl.

Prajwal Parajuly né Sharma is a Nepali Indian author whose works focus on Nepali speaking people and their culture Parajuly's works include the short story collection The Gurkha's Daughter and novel Land Where I FleeParajuly grew up in the Gangtok Sikkim region of northeastern India His father is Indian Nepalis and his mother Nepalese He was educated at Truman State University in Kirksville