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Man and his Cuban girlfriend by tilling her that he has a wife and children back in England and he loves them a lot Moreover she told her he likes to have relationships with young girls and he might live her soon She wrote him a latter tilling hem their relationship is over I kind of like this novel because I can feel how girls feel if their artners lift them for no reason or for other girl Spicily if girl thought her A Star Is Born partner loves her This is why it is like a murder feeling murder In addition girls how gust broke up their relationship with theirartners are doing things in order to make them forget by drinking or sleep with other guys that they do not knowI just finished reading this novel and i would love to answer uestion number 12 and 9uestion number12it was an interesting book i fell a little confused How could she kill all these men without getting caught How come she can kill without thinking in the conseuencesShe never thought about CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition police or she might end up in the jell for many years uestion number 9I just want to ask her one uestion Is this what all girls fell like when theirartner leave them I am sure they do but not killing though They might get revenge in another way. Graded readers offers exciting reading for every student's capabilities Paperback only version Also available with Audio CDs including complete text recordings from the book Contains adult material that may not be suitable for younger reader.

It s an excellent thriller that any adult will enjoy reading It s easy English and fast The Ornament (Ornament, paced Loved it I ll also look for other books of the sameroduction like He Knows Too Much by Alan Maley and others This was a book I had to listen on audio for my ronunciation class And being a book for school I didn t expect to enjoy it as much as I did Though I thought it was kind of redictable I still found it very enjoyable Carla was so annoying and her actions made no sense at times her last love interest I especially didn t like how she never talked to her daughters It was very weird to me But still this book shows how women are capable of gruesome murders just like man are But honestly the ending wasn t very goodWe are supposed to do Rant presentations with some general topics that this book has and I decided to do Female serial killers through historyand I found out loads of interesting stuff andretty disturbing facts tooSo all in all it was an okay book and the woman who did the audiobook was amazing She did accents and changed voices based on gender and age which I uite enjoyed This is a book for English learners so I thought it wouldn t be as entertaining as it was Some of the Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM parts. After being jilted by her lover Carla is devastated and intends to seek revenge She joins a self help group foreople in similar situations and there she meets three women who have been betrayed or abandoned by their husbands Carla decides

Of the novel are uite detailed but the end was just crazy and explained in just three Challenged to Win pages A story about revenge The story is about woman who got abandoned from her boyfriend She meet three women with the sameroblem they wanted to get revenge from them I liked the story but I got confused at first but then I knew everything I recommend the book for those who like stories about revenge Murder Makerby Margaret Johnson The novel was about a girl how loved her boyfriend and he loved her as she thought One day they ere enjoying the beautiful her boyfriend told her that he found another girl After he told her that she felt really bad She started to do many things that she would never do it before she started to get drunk and sleep with eople that she does not even know One day she met three women their husbands lift them for some other women At that moment she decided to get revenge for her self and the other women She went to Cuba to relax and get revenge for one of the three women When she arrived to Cuba she met some handsome guy in a bar that was good for her because he knew the guy that she wanted to get revenge from After several days she try to end the relationship between the. O rehearse her revenge on these men and starts by buying a ticket to Cuba Cambridge English Readers Level 6 Award winning original fiction for learners of English At seven levels from Starter to Advanced this impressive selection of carefully.

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