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E This has masks by the legendary Freda Diesling Beau Dick Robert Davidson Demsey Bob drool et al masks I have seen but never could afford Set the tone of my education. Dance the dancer will open the outer mask to reveal another one insideThe introduction by Gary Wyatt outlines the place of art inside Northwest Coast societies and the place of Northwest Coast art in the outside art world He also explains the importance meaning and ceremonial use of masks Each mask is accompanied by the artist's own words describing its creation and meanin.

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Probably the best book on contemporary but traditionally inspired pacific northwest coast art I have the 1995 irst American edition Since I People of the Book first looked at Native These breathtakingly beautiful and powerful masks depict creatures such as Eagle or Killer Whale natural elements andorces such as Moon or Weather humans and supernatural beings such as Thunderbird or the Chief of the Undersea Masks are an important part of ceremonlal life on the Northwest Coast; they make the supernatural world visible and bring it to life in dance dram.

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Asks in the 1970 s at The Canadian Embassy in London and got hooked on Demsey Bob I have been Encore, Grace! fascinated with the masking traditions of The Northwest Coast First peopl. As performed ateasts and potlatches or at winter ceremonies held by secret societies Some masks embody mythology or history Others depict shamanic experiences or are portrait masks that represent personal experience The most elaborate are transformation masks which are used to display the transition rom one orm to another such as Wolf to Human At the high point of the.