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Ven the characters idn t seem to want to be together It was just a really brutal very sexual novel set in Saxon England Let s leave it at that This was not really a happy story But I m sure its hearts and flowers compared to what it was really like when the Normans conuered England To me it has been just one of the worst romance I have ever read I hated Lyllith so much that I was The Confabulist desperately hoping that when she returned to Guy after having spent weeks in the bed of another man he would have had the spirit to slam theoor on her faceConsidering that Henley wrote one of my favorite book The pirate and the pagan plus other beloved books such as Tempted and Enslaved it was astonishing to read such a book Premise Lillyth is married against her will to a buggering rapey son of a female Der Illusionist dog who leaves her bleeding on their wedding night then rides off the nextay to meet the Normans who have invaded Guy Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue de Montgomery is a Norman knight in service to William the Conueror who comes to Lillyth s family estate after they get the news that all their men areead The women see the wisdom of surrendering and Guy claims Lillyth Natch she comes to love him even though he s a rapey bigamist who hits her Three stars Re read of one of my old favorites I ve read a lot of Henley s books before GR Her style is to the point and seems almost barbaric after reading a lot of the modern fluff historical romances The men are ALWAYS ALPHA SEX is graphic and in abundance VILLEINS are swiftly taken care of even though they shadow the plot You ll always come away very SATISFIED I was very shocked towards the end of this book It s a first for me that a heroineyou have to read the story. H of his embrace she iscovered the exuisite beauty of love's passionEven as the lingering hostilities threatened to keep them apart Lillyth knew that her heart had been won surely than the land And the conueror too had become the hopeless captive of a woman's lo.

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While I enjoy Virginia Henley I just Ask the Past didn t understand Lilith as a character It was like she went from idiot to woman to seductress to temptress to idiot again It was like the lines justidn t match the character It was my least favorite henley book so far but a uick read even though this wasn t the edition I read it was a red cover and longer than 285 pages but still the same book maybe longer version not sure i absolutely loved this one though i read it 2 years ago and Riding Class (Saddle Club, disliked it i love a besotted hero when i see one and guy was thanat he loved lilyth madly she was one stunning heroine and men fell over her left and right she was Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, divine iilsiked the fact Different Class dat guyid not tell her he was married before making love it shud have been her choice the book lost one star for me when she whored herself to robert Short Stories by Roald Dahl der was aifference wid guy bcoz she loved him she Goldilocks the Three Bears did not love robert and i feltisgusted each time he wud tell her she shud let him and she wud acuiesce 3 12 stars As far as Henley books go it was ok to good This Virginia Henley book is shorter than most of her others but it is still fantasticI enjoy the connection between the two main characters I like the tension the slow build to trust the fragility of the loveWith each reread I find myself catching my breath and eagerly evouring the words like it s the first timeA full five stars I have read so many Regency Romances that they ve made me overly sensitive to Medieval Romances I ve been conditioned to think that it is scandalous for a woman to remove her gloves before a man so reading about a man sodomising his poor wife on their wedding night was uite a shock I on t think that there is much HE CONUERED HER LAND BUT WAS FORCED TO FIGHT FOR HER HEARTWhen Guy e Montgomery's Norman army swept across the countryside claiming all in its path the fairest prize of war was the lovely Lillyth of Godstone Hall But the gallant lord was so captivated by the gre.

O say about the plot It was simple enough but it undermined itself constantly and so made it hard to really enjoy It was a romance novel but the constant affairs and the sleeping around just really undermined the main relationship between Guy and Lillyth I certainly idn t champion Guy and Lillyth throughout the novel they I Look Up To... Michelle Obama didn t seem to want to be together anyway and they were genuinely horrible people Guye Montgomery seemed like the perfect hero Tall Doctor Extraño dark and handsome A brave commanding warrior But throughout the novel his chacteristics changed and he turned out to be a bigamist who fake married his new English girlfriend hit her when sheidn t please him and whose general mantra was If she oesn t let me then I ll just force her You can read this next line with as much sarcasm as you like What a man 3Should we therefore feel sorry for his English Rose girlfriend No old Loose lips Lillyth was just as terrible as Guy She was so instable as a character innocent then seductive na ve but then manipulative she loves no other but Guy but she cheats on him constantly She was so Never Tell deeply unlikable as a character I only just started this novel when my husband asked me if it was a good book and I actually said I Feminism is for Everybody don t think that I m going to like it and I ll probably stop soon Iid make it to the end because I found the writing compelling and while I Deterring Democracy didn t like either Guy or Lillyth I enjoyed the telling of their storyOverall I was a little sadistic with this novel hating the characters but enjoying the telling of their story I genuinelyo not think that this should be classified as a romance novel just Medieval Fiction The romance was undermined so often that En eyed beauty with the flaming red hair he knew he had to win her heartHe was challenged by both friend and foe for the enchanting Lillyth And Lillyth could not help but fall in love with the fiery lord who protected her from the brutality of others In the warmt.

Virginia Syddall was born on December 5 1935 in England where her father Thomas Syddall taught her to love history She obtained a degree in History in the University In 1956 Virginia married Arthur Henley They moved to America and now they live most of the year in St Petersburg Florida and they spend the hot summers in Ontario Canada where they have their two adult children and three