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Ys were killed but one of the boys is still in the mine since this happened 150 years ago Mathew is surprised that they never found the boys body so he feels really bad for him One day he can t o to sleep at night so he looks out the window and he sees the visicks stone from his room and he hears the visick s stone talking This book does not have that much action in it but it has alot of drama with mathew seeing alot of strange things about the visicks This book is really interesting and it was hard for me to put it down I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy mysterious stories or The Accursed ghost stories but you should know that it is not that scary It may sound like it is scary but there isn t much scary moments If you everet a chance to you should check out this book. Outbuilding behind the Clemens home where Jeremy Visick had lived until Matthew began to sense that somehow his destiny and Jeremy Visick’s were inexorably intertwinedJeremy Visick is an irresistible and ripping adventure story about loyalty and one boy’s commitment to another across time.

Surroundings Many times the main action of the story is through the thoughts of the characters Part of what makes the story interesting is not knowing if something is being imagined by Matthew or if it is really happening The theme in the story is strength and how far one will o to help a friend Children most interested in this tale would be ten or eleven years old Gender roles are stereotypical in this story since it is historical Despite the stereotypes Mary is a very stro Jeremy Visicks by David Wiseman is about a boy named Mathew Clemens who was happy before but when he oes to a new school he ets an assignment to look at a Swing Sideways gravestone in theraveyard but when he The Secret of the Great Pyramid gets there heets interested in another ravestone about the visicks It says that the dad and three bo. But below the inscription were the words that echoed again and again in Matthew’s head “And to Jeremy Visick His Son Age 12 Whose Body Still Lies in Wheal Maid” The lines were as clear to Matthew as if he’d heard them spoken Night after night they drew him to the churchyard or to the.

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This book came up to my classroom from the sixth rade and I thought it looked interesting There were only ten copies so I brought this book up to the book club at the Jr High It has been a hit so far and I am Lesca glad this one came to my attention I will probably also use it with a reading circle in the coming yearThe book is most definitely a Britishhost story and has some Sharpes Trafalgar great turns in it I read this back in middle school or high school so I m not sure why I suddenly remembered the name Jeremy Visick but I know I really loved it at the time Matthew Clemens his best friend Mary and the dead boy who titles the book are the main characters in this chilling story set in England in the 1950s The author uses a descriptive style using the senses to describe the character When Matthew Clemens ventured into the churchyard toather information about the Cornish miners buried there one ravestone in particular seemed to call his attention The inscription was to Reuben Visick and his two eldest sons all three killed in a mining accident than a hundred years before.