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Million Dollar Slots by Peter Listor is not about slot machines or how to play them This instead is a book about his life as a slot player It begins where he is teaching school somewhere in Australia and sometimes casually drops by the local casino when there is nothing but bad movies on the telly at night During one of these visits while watching a progressive slot machine build up a sizable jackpot lightning strikes the light bulb hovering over his head turns on and. Can you eally make money playing slot machines Peter Liston otherwise known as the Slot King has done just that turning 500 into millions over the past twenty five yearsMillion Dollar Slots is not a How to do it but a How I did it book You will be left in no doubt that the slots can be beaten and you will learn how it was doneFor the first time Peter eveals the secrets that have turned him from a high school teacher into a globe trotting professional gambler.

He ealizes that at some point when the progressive jackpot gets large enough the advantage would actually swing from the casino to the player And he is Liar, Liar right So he starts out with a modest bankroll and luckily hits early The bankroll gets larger he enlistselatives to play the slots with him they travel the world looking for the good slots and finally he accumulates over a million dollars in winnings Also along the way his wife who knits than plays slots gets bored Doing what is considered to be impossible playing the slot machines as a businessShare with Peter as he cracks the code to the slots tests the theories in his local slot venues then exploits that winning knowledge in hotels clubs and casinos around the worldUnlike any other book on slots that tell you how a slot machine works then sheepishly tell you the slots can't be beaten with Million Dollar Slots you will ealise that not only can they be beaten but by

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