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Behaved Charlie has been well uite bad this ear So bad in fact that her parents are a little concerned that Santa won t leave her any presents when he comes because as we know he is perfectly aware of who is naughty and who is niceAs The Magdalen you would expect from Richard Curtis this book is an utter delight From those munched hedges on Christmas morning to his perfectly captured picture of family life he weaves an utterly magical story Santa though makes a mistake and this causes a change of heart in than one personThis is a picture book for older children My niece who is five and my eightear old daughter were utterly entranced I think it is perfect for 4 and possibly will be loved by adults reading it aloud as much as by the children they are reading it to A really lovely story clever thought provoking and heart warming. E Charlie is really uite bad And sometimes just sometimes Santa has to get tou.

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Y little terror if All the Devils are Here you just look for it Probably one of my favourite books I ve read in the last couple of weeks maybe because it reminds me of me and my triplet sister A beautiful story about the secret complexities of a bond between twins that only siblings will ever understand A lovely Christmas story that children can just sit and enjoy which is sometimes the most important thing Really lovely book based on a bond between two twin sister Touches on kindness and sharing as well as involving my favourite time ofear I loved the illustrations as I thought they really depicted the Christmas mood and spirit This has easily become both mine and my daughter s favourite Christmas story Sam Samantha and Charlie Charlotte are twins who are identical in every way apart from their behaviour for while Sam is generally well. Ve Miles to Go (The Walk, you been good thisearFor twins Sam and Charlie this is a big worry becaus.

This story is delightfully complex and surprising for a picture book And it has Santa Claus in it Score A very nice book my 2 ear old daughter loved the illustrations and I love the story as I have a Charlie and just like her although he can be naughty hes good at heart Loved these illustrations The story had enough complexity to make it interesting A lovely children s book for Christmas with a good and easy to grasp message of repentance and sisterly love This is a wonderful little story with fabulous illustrations about how things aren t always as they seem I loved it Very cute Christmas story about a good twin and a bad and how the bad twin saves Christmas for both of them Sweet but not sugary and uite funny Love this story it just make some feel warm inside and reminds me there is good at the heart of ever. It's Christmas Eve And there's one very important uestion on everyone's lipsha.

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Richard Whalley Anthony Curtis CBEGraduate of Harrow School and subseuently Christ Church University of Oxford Academy Award nominee and recipient of Emmy and BAFTA awards for screenwriting He is also a director and producer In 2007 he became a Fellow of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts BAFTA