Wolfgang Diehr: Caveat Fuzzy Fuzzy Sapiens #9

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Diehr does a superb job of continuing on the story of H Beam Piper s Little Fuzzy I enjoyed this one On the leasant backwater Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers, planet of Zarathustra things had been relatively uiet since the famous duel between Jack Holloway and his recently discovered son Morgan Unless one considers theotential ramifications of the alien rocket ship discovered on the secondary landmass of Beta Continent The new owners of Bowlby Inter lanetary Network BIN attack.

Lightly less than his revious Fuzzy novel Fuzzy Ergo Sum as there were just a few too many re atomic. Ben Rainsford's governorship and the Yellowsand mining treaty with the Charterless Zarathustra Company using the recently discovered rocket and what appear to be the fossils of giant Fuzzies If Rainsford's government is legally challenged what will happen to the Fuzzies Eually disturbing is the unrest evident among the Northern Beta Fuzzies Things.

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References to be lausible Nevertheless this is a fun book that very much does honor to the Piperverse. Are brought to a head when a member of the colonial government is taken hostage by Fuzzie tempers flare and only Jack Holloway may be able to stop hostilities before they grow into a full out war The government the CZC and the Fuzzies are all in danger as events overtake them as Caveat Fuzzy brings to a conclusion the events related in Fuzzy Ergo Su.