Brien Michaels: Not Like the Movies Sexy College Studs #2

Though the characters get together there are just too many loose ends and it finishes so abruptly that as a reader I wasn t satisfiedI honestly wish this story could be withdrawn and the ending rewritten There is so much otential awesomeness which could be The Art of Standing Still played on to make this a five star erotic romance OMG seriously this book just ended view spoilerNo resolution to the creepy stalker dude no shared I love you s between the MC s hide spoiler. ExWhen Jay and Chris find out each other’s true identities it’s weird for both of them but Chris is up for the challenge He wants a month torove to Jay that true love isn’t what you see in the movies But he falls for Jay harder than he expected If he wins he gets the relationship he’s always craved but if he loses he could lose Jay forever.

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Chris but we know nothing of how Chris feels other than 1 he thinks up good dates 2 doesn t want to go down on Jay cause A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, penises are scary and 3 doesn t want to deal with forep The first half of this novella is brilliant The tension builds smoothly it comes on like a satisfying friends to lover story and it s sexy as all hellIt sets up different directions the story could go in but then doesn t follow any of those routes and justeters off Al. College life is tough In an effort to earn cash he’s been working for Sexy College Studs On the hone he goes by the name Duke and is in high demand with repeat customers than any other guy in the company But his clients bore him Except the mysterious Kyle the guy with the strange fascination with movies who wants him for companionship not just


I think someone forgot to actually finish the story I liked it as far as it went The characters were likeable and the writing was good Ii think there needed to be story after the two main characters got together It was better than the first book in the series I m sorry but what There s no resolution to the stalker thing except Oh yeah other guys are getting the calls too We re going to change your hone number Jay determines he s in love with. Jay has spent the last decade in front of a computer He watches movies taking everything he knows from them But lately he’s started to want Including a one night stand with his super hot roommate Chris Starting off slow he’s called the Sexy College Studs hotline and the sexy sounding DukeChris has had everything handed to him his entire life but.

Brien Michaels was born at an early age In the time that he is not writing he enjoys reading eating and terrorizing young wood nymphs After an altercation with a person in a mask he fled to the hills and now lives in seclusion with the voices in his head He currently writes dark fiction erotic fiction and dark erotic fiction for the creatures that have moved in under his bed