Ellen Datlow: Alien Sex 19 Tales by the Masters of Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy

A sicko justifying his perversion I m glad the author didn t make this reciprocal 3 stars2 War Bride by Rick Wilber A sad story about a used man trying to save himself 3 stars3 How s the Night Life n Cissalda by Harlan Ellison Pretty bad story with not just constant descriptions Blue Streak of people getting fked but a couplef mention that men women and children were getting fked by this little aliens What is it with sci fi and pedophilia I think the author was trying to come across as humorous and failed 1 star4 The Jamesburg Incubus by Scott Baker Through a mold a teacher is made into the most boring incubus ever The author threw in a kind The Asketikon of St Basil the Great of time travel that left things maybe happening but maybe not I was confused and just stopped reading this story No rating because I didn t finish it5 Manf Steel Woman f Kleenex by Larry Niven A really clever story about how sex between Superman and a human is impossible The afterward where he describes how the story riginated and that he became an expert n Superman sex was wonderful 5 stars6 The First Time by KW Jeter I don t know what in the heck this story was view spoilerDo the men kill weekend after weekend with willing victims Did the boy think he would be doing his wn murder and felt that the men had spoiled this for him by finding a victim for him hide spoiler 1 Her Furry Face by Leigh Kennedy 425 stars2 War Bride by Rick Wilber 5 stars3 How s the Night Life Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time on Cissalda by Harlan Ellison 2 stars4 The Jamesburg Incubus by Scott Baker 425 stars5 Manf Steel Woman Thoroughly Disarmed of Kleenex by Larry Niven 3 stars6 The First Time by KW Jeter 2 stars7 The Jungle Rot Kidn the Nod by Philip Jose Farmer 1 star8 Husbands by Lisa Tuttle 425 stars9 When the Fathers Go by Bruce McAllister 2 stars10 Dancing Chickens by Edward Bryant 35 stars11 Roadside Rescue by Pat Cadigan 45 stars12 Omnisexual by Geoff Ryman 35 stars13 All My Darling Daughters by Connie Willis 5 stars14 Arousal by Richard Christian Matheson 3 stars15 Scales by Lewis Shiner 4 stars16 Saving the World at the New Moon Motel by Roberta Lannes 325 stars17 And I Awoke and Found Me Here n the Cold Hill s Side by James Tiptree Jr 325 stars18 Picture Planes by Michaela Roessner 45 stars19 Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates by Pat Murphy 425 starsAvg 35Mixed bag sure but the nes I liked were rather thought provoking and i m really glad I read them I enjoyed than I didn t Weird and thought provoking are good words for this anthology Datlow has compiled a series After the Ashes of science fiction works centered around love science and alien life Mostf the works will shock you disgust you and The Angry Planet offend you but most will be worth it Her Furry Face Leigh Kennedy Reminiscentf Michael Crichton s The Congo with sign language speaking marsupials we are introduced to a sad confused main character who seems to be understood Melody's Key only by his furry faced companion War Bride Rick Wilber In a very concise story Wilber details the reversef an alien invasion How s the Night Life n Cassalda Harlan Ellison Sex with an alien sounds like a good time but could you do it foreverThe Jamesburg Incub. Oking forContentsHer furry face Leigh Kennedy War bride Rick Wilber How's the night life n Cissalda Harlan Ellison The Jamesburg incubus Scott Baker Man A Chance Acquaintance of steel womanf kleenex Larry Niven The first time K W Jeter The jungle rot kid n the nod Philip José Farmer Husbands Lisa Tuttle When the fathers go Bruce Mcallister Dancing chickens Edward Bry.

This anthology has to be ne f the most interesting and well complied books I ve read recently The short stories ranged from topic and style but all were well written thought provoking and explored the sensational and dark topic f sexuality Although the title is called Alien Sex the theme The Wallflower's Revenge of all the stories was to examine the darker sidef humanity These stories contain erotic and sensual elements but they are definitely NOT romance nor do they fit in the erotica category If you are looking for something along the lines f Fifty Shades f Grey War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 or Twilight then these are not the stories for you If you would like well written literature by some fantastic sci fi writers who take pride in their art then you will find great enjoyment with these stories Anthologies like thisne are why I adore reading them because every story was different and fascinating This isn t an easy anthology because each Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World of the stories pushes at the ideasf how sex and gender relationships are meant to Sometimes that means that the tales go into places that are uncomfortable but each ne is important I don t want to go into too great detail about any story as I think this is an anthology that should be read One thing t Author Various AuthorsPublished by Roc PublisherAge Recommended Adult Reviewed By Arlena DeanBook Blog For GMTARating 4ReviewAlien Sex by 19 Various Authors was a bit dark anthology sci fi and fantasy short story reads I picked it because f its title yes I did and I found it somewhat interesting some f it like nothing I have ever heard f Introductory Algebra: Models Concepts Skills or would thinkf Like I have said many times to get into the minds Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together of somef these authorsleaving me to say WOW But any way each and everyone f these short stories had some type f anthology that was indeed very differentthan anything I would ever imagineyes really pushing how Blue Blood one views the ideaf sex and gender relationship are meant to bea lot The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe of it very uncomfortableTherefore I will say right up front this read is not for the weak minded heart at all So please beware before you pick up Alien Sex Be ready for dark area that will be well presented that may shock disgust and evenffend There are some stories that are funnynow I will leave you to look for those So is this what we humans are really looking for Well I will let you decide for yourself I wouldn t say these are bedtime stories for the soft hearted however if you are into this type Parafilias (Spanish Edition) of read you have come to the right place There are nineteen different authors and I am sure you may findne that you like Are these well written I would have to say Yes they are I think the authors did a good job at relaying what ever it was they set It's Like This out to say to the reader Did I understand it all No but the authors seemed to know what they were trying to say and do So be ready for a good read whether it s a anthology sci fi andr fantasy It s all here for you in Alien Sex Anthology A few stories I couldn t finish There were a few stinkers and a few great stories The average rating is 328 stars I always round up so it ll show as 4 1 Her Furry Face by Leigh Kennedy. Slip into something a little comfortable with this unusual and fascinating collection The Mirage of 19 hormonally charged tales involving sex and the alien marriedr therwise Some f the genre's greatest writers contemplate the planet moving encounters between humans and aliens while pondering the eternal uestion what kind f relationship are humans really lo.

Us Scott Baker St Jacues is a high school languages teacher what happens when his naughty school girl fantasies end up becoming real Man f Steel Woman f Kleenex Larry Niven A very practical look at the physical facts f This book isn t erotic for a momentWhat it is is believable and unsettling sex is a weird thing after all even when it s with a member A Mild Suicide of yourwn species and the stories in this anthology make no move to tone down the weirdness The unpleasantand very well writtenstory All My Darling Daughters a story about what you ll allow to be done to Beethoven for a Later Age: The Journey of a String Quartet others in the attempt to keep it from being done to you is probably what stuck with me the most I haven t read it in a couplef years but sometimes it comes bubbling to the top Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face of my head anyway Very recommended for people who like dark but intelligent SF These 19 works by different well regarded authors were editedselected by Ellen Datlow who wrote a general preface for the collection She also wrote individual introductions for each piece Manyf these works were published elsewhere I think this was much radical ground breaking and interesting during the time Origen: Scholarship in the Service of the Church of itsriginal release My problem with this collection was that not all the stories were about aliens 9 ut f the 15 I read were about aliens The stories that weren t about aliens involved mostly taboo desires which isn t the same as exploring alien sex themes Some f the stories included the strangeness f sex which I guess I was supposed to euate to being similar to how strange an encounter with an alien would be I definitely expected from this collection BUT I will definitely read the next collection to see if it is any better since that collection includes different writers I d like to see how they handled the theme I skipped 4 stories THE JUNGLE ROT KID ON THE NOD OMNISEXUAL SCALES and ALL MY DARLING DAUGHTERS There were Porter Earns a Quarter (Four Basic Skills Series, Volume 2) only 3 stories I actually loved WHEN THE FATHERS GO AND I AWOKE AND FOUND ME HERE ON THE COLD HILL S SIDE and PICTURE PLANES The middlef the road stories were the WAR BRIDE DANCING CHICKENS ROADSIDE RESCUE SAVING THE WORLD AT THE NEW MOON MOTEL and LOVE AND SEX AMONG THE INVERTEBRATES The rest Mayan, Incan, and Aztec Civilizations, Grades 5-8 of the stories had some really cool ideas but the way they were executed was not to my liking They just didn t resonate withr grab me I was gonna give this collection 2 stars it was Tablettes Albertini Actes privés de l'époque vandale okay but Connie Willis story called All My Darling Daughters which gets 5 horrified but awestruck stars from me was so brilliant that I m bumping this to 3n the strength f that story alone I m so glad I got to read it even though it was traumatizingI expected these stories to be darker but most were weird fiction r sci fi Nothing wrong with those genres but I wanted horrorI ve never read Connie Willis before though she s been Sexual Soulmates: The Six Essentials for Connected Sex (English Edition) on my to read list for ages After her story I think I ll try to fit her in soon Her story was harrowing shocking sad and so poignant AmazingThere were a couplether stories I enjoyed also The Jamesburg Incubus by Scott Baker and When the Fathers Go by Bruce Mcallister as well as The First Time by K W Jete. Ant Roadside rescue Pat Cadigan Omnisexual Geoff Ryman All my darling daughters Connie Willis Arousal Richard Christian Matheson Scales Lewis Shiner Saving the world at the New Moon Motel Roberta Lannes And I awoke and found me here n the cold hill's side James Tiptree Jr Picture planes Michaela Roessner Love and sex among the invertebrates Pat Murp.

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Ellen Datlow has been an award winning editor of short science fiction fantasy and horror for over twentyfive years She is editor of the Best Horror of the Year and has edited or co edited a large number of award winning original anthologies Her most recent are Supernatural Noir Naked City Blood and Other Cravings The Beastly Bride Teeth Trolls Eye View and After the last three with Ter