Madeleine Beckett: Color of Forgiveness Color #2

Him down at his house and is greeted by a woman wearing nothing but his shirt who claims to be his x wife So yeah what woman WOULDN T jump to the wrong conclusion thereThis next part was my first problem with the book Myra and Dylan make plans for Dylan to come to her house to Lakeside Redemption explain what the heck just happened because Dylan couldn t just tell her right there at his house but before the meeting takes place Myra is now called away on anmergency back in Philly Not only does she leave without telling Dylan but she retains a running hissy fit for days and won t In Pursuit of a Princess even answer him on the phone Dylan is desperate to talk drama dramaMyra has a new secret drama dramaand the story turns into a miniseries of soap opera ish proportionsNow I have to say I was a big fan of Dylan so I m a bit partial to the big jerk But instead of him apologizing for his sudden departure after their sexy times I think Myra should have simply let himxplain Instead Myra is a drama ueen girl Turns out I think she should have been the one apologizing for making Dylan feel guilty about his situation Dylan is working through some INTENSE issues something so painful and powerful that it changed my Second Time Loving entire perspective of him I tend to love the heroeswomen in books start out one rung down on the ladder because I already don t like their gender They bother me Giggling is one of the most annoying things a girl can do in a bookand the word count for the word giggle is 111 Just sayin That is an insane amount of gigglingI still liked the plot of this story but thexecution seemed to drag out for an inordinate amount of time I think about 100 pages here and there could asily been cut out without detracting from Myra and Dylan s story Too many details when some could have been left to the imagination too many BIG MOMENTS too many things going on A little xample One huge moment of the story has a big dramatic scene that Dark Awakening ends one of the plot lines for the book At thend of the chapter the wording is as if it s the Hawks Way (Hawks Way end of the booka closing line if Iver heard one and yet there are still over a hundred pages to go A couple of things that I loved I love Dylan s whole family Their crazy love for Family Men each other made me love Dylan that much The way their stories infiltrated Myra and Dylan s life really helped to bring this book full circle for methey rounded out the story and made it feel like real life They gave this could a future filled with love and support no matter what is to come The real life issues I love books that deal with kids and families and bills and REAL things Yes the fantasy helps to make a great romance but for me to believe in that romance I want to hear some yucky stuff too And Dylan and Myra deal with death and life andx wives and annoying best friendsthings that normal people Creative Participation encounter on their journey with their special someone So when I put this book down I truly felt as if they were in it for the long haul And that was before I got to thepilogue The EPILOGUE Oh this is what Sabina Spielrein epilogues were made for This was swoony and teary and heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once It was an EPIC EPILOGUE ifver I did see one and such a beautiful way to Cognitive Radio Networks end Dylan and Myra s journey to love and healingMany thanks to Madeleine Beckett for a copy of this book inxchange for an honest review 45 but will up it to 5 because I fg loved Dylan Oh Dylan with your shaggy hair your bristly whiskers your awful bad language your bad moods your anger your loneliness your stubbornness Personnel Management in Government everything about you I loved This picked up just where the last one finished and I did really like the last one also There was misunderstandings crying sex kissing lips crying family friends fg bad language crying yep you get the picture The only thing I did not like was the amount of times Myra was in tears or close to tears or had tears in heryes I wanted to hop her head of the new kitchen cabinet Dylan was installing for her We knew Dylan had a past and it was fairly heartbreaking But Myra was there for him and together they did Out of This World eventually make it There was the Psycho not who I wasxpecting The best friend Susie she was a hoot I laughed out load a few times at some of the stuff she came out with yeah some of it was a bit vulgar but that was just the way she was Jackie annoyed me trying too hard to be the new BFF Chad Sabrina never really felt sorry for her not sure why but in the nd was glad to hear her story also Dylan s parents and siblings altogether they were a great bunch The story really flowed and the EPILOGUE That is what I want to read at the nd of a book I want to see further down the road not just a few weeks later This was EIGHT years later and Dylan and Myra still had the passion and the sparkle Highly recommend this one Thanks to the author for my FIRST The Child of the Soul and Other Stories ever ARC Glad it was a good one cos if it wasn t I am not sure if I would have been able to review Hope no one is offended by use of the F word. D crazily supports Myra and wants to strangle Myra’s hot as hell contractorDylan Lawson is fighting back from the darkness and barelyxisting when he meets Myra He’s surprised to find that the reserved woman completely innocent of her beauty has somehow managed to crack through his hard xterior But his inability to open up to her about his past catches up with him and suddenly their new fragile relationship is put to the ultimate test With an inner battle of loss grief and pain will Dylan find his second chan.

Loaded with thrills and chills this conclusion to Dylan and Myra s story was much faster paced than the last one It was very good and Dylan was amazing when he wasn t being an asshole But he was a sexy and tormented asshole The cliffy we were left with was uickly resolved but the fallout from that carried on much farther into the story Dylan was incredible in dealing with his mistakes He was so intense so tortured it killed me sometimesBut then he d go all asshole again Gheesh But I really understood his reservations After suffering through the loss he did I could only imagine my reaction to verything He was scared and petrified of reliving the past Thank goodness he had the most awesome family on arth to help him see the light and not ruin the best thing to have happened to him He resisted hence his assholish tendencies but when he finally relented and saw that what he faced was actually a giftbeautiful Myra although I liked her she was often too lenient on Dylan s crap I like to call it doormatitis I totally understood Susie s frustration with her But at the same time Myra s persistence on hanging around only solidified Dylan s feelings for her So who s to blame No one really But I would have loved to see Myra leave if only to prove to Dylan that she s capable of doing so But that all didn t matter because when things got resolved Dylan became the man he was destined to be and Myra became the woman that made it happen That s pic love The whole thing with Sabrina was sad and heartbreaking She was out of line but I completely understood where she came from I m glad things looked up for her too Susiethat woman s a riot Jeff too And Dylan s family they were so supportive and so dependable and lovingloved all of them Especially Scott he was a hilarious What a great brother too There were 2 The Soviet Union epilogues 2 The first one was good but a smidgin too long I think I would have preferred it written as another chapter but dated 8 months later while the second was what I really wanted 8 years down the road and things are still great with Dylan and Myra Great series really sweet Review to come soonWANT NEED THIS BOOK NOWWWW He picks up her hand and brings it up to his chest over his heart She looks up at him as he looks down at her hisyes shiny I need to tell you sumpin This he whispers as he presses her hand against his chest is yours My heart It s all yours My heart well it loves you but it hurts I don t know how to make it stop It just hurts all the time ya know Myra nods tears filling her Gods and Heroes eyes I know she whispers back I wish it didn t hurt She rubs the spot over his heart wishing she could take his pain away Me too he whispers as a tear spills down his cheek I m scared I don t know if I canven Science, Technology and Culture explain my love for this bookThe begining picks up right at thend of Color of Loneliness The author No Beast So Fierce eve 45 Fantastic healing starsThere s so much to love about this book it s impossible to list Especially most of the things are spoilers What needs to be said first and foremost is that I didn t likeither Dylan or Myra in the first book Color of Lonelinessbut that changed immensely in this book Myra went from a shy kind of mousey character in CoL to a strong supportive rock star in this book Her support for Dylan during the revelation of his secret his coldness to her when he finds out her secret was never nding She understood him and never fled Dylanwow what a transformation in my mind In CoL he was cold hearted rough around the dges and had no redeeming ualities with me The nd of CoL has part of his past as a cliffy but his real secrets come out tenfold in this book My heart cracked open for this man His grief and pain he d held in for years denying himself happiness and the ability to move forward Although I was a bit irritated with his aloofness to Myra when her little secret comes out he stands by day and night to protect her from the threat lurking in the shadows Myra teaches him love and that allowing himself happiness is not taking away from his past grief he s ndured There s plenty of love in a person s heart His just needed to be tapped Once he learned that the man was my hero What a great guyMyra s BFF Susie is still a hoot in this book as is Dylan s brother Chad Those two were laugh out loud characters Dylan s family was so loving and supportive of Myra who has no family left The book was long but it went by rather uickly We got the answers to all the uestions from CoL and we got the closure we needed The two Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy epilogues gave us a greatnding to a story that needed the happiness and closure in the Lawman Lover (Outlaws, end If you haven t read the first book there may be spoilers for it hidden in this reviewWhen we last saw Dylan and Myra these two had finally acted on their growing feelings forach other Directly afterwards Dylan does a mysterious disappearing act leaving Myra to wonder whether what just happened was an unplanned booty call Especially when she hunts. Myra Sommers is just starting to get her life back on track when verything falls apart Having had her heart shattered in the past she hesitates to take a chance on her cranky handsome contractor but finds herself falling for him nevertheless Though she knows the rough yet tender man is keeping his painful past hidden from her she is stunned when the trust she was beginning to put in him is broken Myra seeks solace in her one and only friend Susie O’Connor a boisterous larger than life personality who fiercely an.

But some situations warrant it In this seuel Color of Forgiveness picks up where the previous book Color of Loneliness leaves off Myra and Dylan s relationship has become much than friends The chemistry is off the charts and the intimacy they share is tender and special Unfortunately Myra stumbles across facts about Dylan s past that he d failed to mention Heartbroken she rushes off to her best friend in Philly to lick her wounds and put some much needed distance between them Dylan has suffered unimagina Now that s a seuel that gets r doneI loved this beautifully thorough follow up 45 Stars Myra Dylan pickup right where they left off in book one But be prepared You will be taken on a bumpy ride Grief lost love laughter hope are all here and you feel very one of them My heart well it loves you but it hurts I don t know how to make it stop Dylan is a deeply scarred man I have to say Dylan really showed such a deeptender side as he struggled with his inner turmoil heartache and had some standout moments that truly touched me Trust me on thisimage rror 45 Colorful and Healing StarsThe second book in Madeleine Beckett s Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files emotional Color series is a beautiful story about surviving letting go of the past second chances andarning forgiveness Accept the blame no matter how innocent you are that s the man s job And then beg for forgiveness on your hands and knees if you have to Myra Dylan our amazing and damaged heroes learn to live again together and stronger They redeem themselves in the The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, eyes of the most brutally honest and unforgiving judge their own selves They deal with grief and family daring to dream and love again I want all of you I ll takeverything you can give me ven the broken pieces His yes are soft as he stares deep into hers You have me all of me he whispers swallowing hard You re putting all my broken shit back together again Picking up immediately where the first book left us hanging this book answers all our uestions and as secrets and heartbreak are revealed and our heroes despair and love you can t stop readingDylan is a frustrating hardheaded perfect wounded man He is infuriating but you can t stay mad at him You want to throttle him but you can t help love him His pain is palpable and you hurt alongside himMyra is a woman transformed Long gone is the whimpering afraid of her own shadow girl She is determined and in love Patient and caring A balm to Dylan s abused and scared soul The voice of reason a woman you can admire Always by their side their wild bunch of friends and family Chad and Susie with their ridiculous jokes inappropriate sense of humour and steadfast dedication to what they consider theirs Dylan s parents and Porter and Jackie hey Jackie sorry for thinking the worst of you Crying and sobbing ripping your heart out and laughing out loud moments this book is fiercely realistic and honest No too perfect to be true characters you get angry with them but at the same time you understand their reactions and you hurt along with them And finally An Italian Education everything you were hopping forSunshine and laughter joy family and happiness A must read highly recommended series Abso freaking lutely loved these books Keep your heart open love will find a way in and life will finally reward you I liked this one The first is slightly better but it s a nicending to the series This will be a bit spoilerish to those who haven t read the first bookThe storyIt picks up right where it left off Myra is standing in front of Dylan s house talking to Sabrina She is hurt and thinks Dylan got back together with his wifeDylan comes out and asks her to wait until morning he ll Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code explainverything when Sabrina isn t listening but no Myra wants an Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, explanation RIGHT THEN AND THERE and when he doesn t give any she goes home packs her bags and leaves townDylan follows her and tries toxplain Daddy Wanted eventually they both get back to Nyssa and are forced to deal with a stalker that has set sights on both Myra and DylanIn this book we finally get anxplanation about Dylan and it s very motionalThe rest of the book is pretty much drama and dramaThey fought and it took them forever to get back together and when they did there was drama and drama that separated them for a whole bunch of pagesI m not very fond of separations in my books so this didn t work well with me at allThe suspense part It was pretty good until it was discovered who the stalker is The choice for the bad guy is just terrible I guess I got spoiled by all the great mysteries from Poirot and Marple I xpected the stalker would be someone from the main characters as was hinted but that as it usually goes it turns out to be a shock when we find out who it is You know someone who is always there but you d never think of as the culpritview spoilerYeah Not hereAnd just that fact that I couldn t Snowy River Man even remember the character until is wasxplained is Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze enough for me to totally dislike the suspense part hide spoile. Ce and forgiveness in Myra or will he forever be trapped in his past Unusual happenings start going on in the small town andven in Myra’s own home And soon a devastating secret is about to be revealed that could Les brumes d'avalon : roman eithernd or strengthen their relationship Myra could be the key to Dylan’s own healing and forgiveness but can his heart take another chance With so many obstacles in their way can they forgive themselves and ach other and build a future together Find out in this final installment of the Color seri.

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