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N The Unseen Wonder each section a number of projects are presented That way the novice gardener can learn some new skills then immediately put them to use The whole book contains 22 projects to complete and feature a variety of vegetables and fruits for the new gardener to try The projects themselves are well presented with clear logical steps with lots of photographs and informativexplanations I love that a time frame is provided so you ll know how long before your crop is ready to harvest I loved that the first section starts the novice off with the The Management Bible easiest and most reliable crops to grow There s nothing frustrating than planting something waiting for it to grow and then have nothing to harvest or show for your hard work I also loved that not all of the new skills are presented at the beginning of the book Some of them are presented later on as the reader needs them This prevents the dreaded information overload that novices canxperience when learning a new skill or starting a new project I was surprised by the number of projects that include containers In a way it s good for those that don t have a large Zu schnell expanse of land to dedicate to growing vegetables These projects would be ideal for those with small yards or those in apartments with balconies However I m wondering if the processes and tips will translate to planting the crop directly in the ground as I plan to do I guess I ll find out this summer Unfortunately this book is written in the UK and doesn t coverxtremely cold Swers fundamental uestions identifies the subject's basics Sleepless (Bird of Stone, explains how to tailor a course and provides step by stepxplanations graded projects and assessments so readers can fulfill their own uniue learning potentialMany

Eather temperatures like we xperience here on the Canadian Prairies I know right off the bat that a few of the suggestions just won t work for us Others I m not so sure about I think I ll ask around perhaps at my garden centre about these tips In addition I m guessing that the time frames for harvesting will be affected by the differences in weather That s another thing I won t know until I test it out The book also features a couple of kitchen garden plans which are terrific I m loving that they are laid out in suares rather than the old fashionedtraditional long rows I m looking forward to designing my own garden in this fashion The table of contents is xtensive yet compact It lists items in the introductions as well as the skills how to and projects The index is good and should aid the reader in finding specific items in the book Highly recommended If the other books in this Get Started series is half as good as this one those looking to learn a new skill this year are in for a real treat For information about this book or to browse inside please visit DK s websiteI d like to thank those nice people at DK Canada for this review copy Get Started Growing Vegetables by Simon Akeroyd Dorling Kindersley DK 2013 ISBN 9781465401960Hardcover 192pThis review is also available on my blog Daisy s Book Journal Excellent book I borrowed it from the library but now I want a copy for myself Lots of great information for beginner gardeners and covers a good variety of vegetables. Eople want to master new skills stimulate their creativity and xplore additional fields of interest With DK's Get Started series readers can create their own learning opportunities on a schedule and budget that works for the.

Get Started Growing Vegetables shows new gardeners how to grow and harvest vegetables successfully It s structured approach and step by step instructions start off with simple asy to grow crops then progresses to ones that need a little finesse allowing novices to build upon newly learned skills and develop This is such a good book for learning how to grow vegetables I m an Invisible (The Curse of Avalon experienced gardener and have grown a few herbs through the years with mixed results but I ve yet to tackle growing and harvesting vegetables This year we plan on putting in a vegetable garden so I this book couldn t have come at a better time The introduction features items on planninguipment I learned what a dibber is used for soil types soil preparation and garden sites before launching into science y stuff like the life cycle of plants the science of photosynthesis and the science of plant needs which Yummy Supper explains all about the nutrients the plants need I really liked this last part While that might not be something I ll thinking about when I harvest my carrots blueberries or zucchini it s good to know how those things work and what the plant needs to not only survive but thrive Besides I m a sucker for trivia you never know when the information will be useful In true DK fashion the whole book is nicely laid out with lots of pictures that are labelled andxplained It s organized into 3 sections Start Simple Build on it Take it Further Each builds on the previous one After outlining the basics More than any other series on the market DK's Get Started series simulates carefully structured classroom lessons an approach that allows readers to custom build courses with practical lessons and themed projects Each book an.

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