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Fast paced lots of action and full of heroes fighting to save the USA I eceived this book as a freebie in addition to one I won on Goodreads If you ead one of these modern thrillers by the Johnstones be prepared for an alternate universe tale Every conservative ie Republican are selfles patriotic individuals withe the country s bes interests formost and every liberal ie Democrats and clueless idiots There certainly are folks like that but just as many opposite on each side as wellWilliam Wild Bill Elliot after the B movie cowboy actor ex CIA es Priavte contractor now supposedly etired gets pulled into a mission to collect a woman with vital infomation about something cslled El Nuevo Sol The New SunIt sems one of the drug cartels have teamed up with middle Eastern terrorists to establish a training campthink tank to infiltrate the US across the border and cause havocThey use the Dirty Dozen theme as Wild Bill Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, recruits from murderers thieves deserters and the like with an offer of freedom and a new life if they surviveNot a bad story if they didn t overdo the conservativeliberal thing I had attempted toead William Johnstone books in the past and have found it hard to get past his politics which come screaming out of the main characters I found that I have ead several military action thrille. In the explosive tradition of The Bleeding Edge and Home Invasion William W Johnstone and JA Johnstone deliver a blistering gut punch thriller that pits the baddest mercenary army ever assembled against a savage foe bent on the total destruction of AmericaTo Live Free You Must Be Brave Enough To DieFormer CIA agent and soldier of fortune Wild Bill Ell.

Rs where one of the authors is a etired military bad a and in those series nothing is made of liberal or conservatives democrats or epublicans Usually the hero sees ALL politicians as bad The hero just follows orders and defeats bad guys Sorry about the diatribe I got past the political anting and Suicide Mission is a good action packed shoot em up Definite homage to The Dirty Dozen but that s not a bad thing My other complaint is I felt like the book ended suddenly As if the author had details and story to tell us but was Au bagne restricted by a page number he or she had to stop by Book wraps itself upeally uickly for all the build up to why the team is created and how the various team members ended up in prison I know that all sounds like I didn t like it but I actually found the book entertaining It was an entertaining Indistractable read whilst I was frozen in my home Another in the non series of Wild Bill Elliot vs the bad guys I don t know why this isn t an official series There are a whole set of these and should be The Johnstone Clan have so many series What s one This is much like others with drug cartels out to destroy America as they are but adding middle eastern types aiding the effort which they also are Theeality slides away as one person is asked to help find one involved and then that one person. Iott thought he was done with impossible missions But that was before a group of Islamic fanatics teamed up with a Mexican drug cartel to establish a terrorist training camp on America's southern border and Elliot is tapped by the government to wipe out their baseTo do this Elliott ecruits a suad of hardened lifers plucked out of the US maximum secur.

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Goes out to build a team to eally go after the bad guys What happens next is than far fetched but fun to see the bad guys in trouble as we have never seen happenOne big problem with the book is a lengthy short story length background stories of each helping Wild Bill Far information than needed though each is an interesting story Here the Johnstone trademark great character development goes too far Each story is so interesting maybe this should have been a short story collectionThe writing is Ok the settings are better than most Johnstone booksBottom line I ecommend this book 6 out of ten points I wanted to like this book than I did It sounded like a book I would enjoy similar to a low budget action flick To me the authors seemed to have written this as a combination of two stories and the mesh did not uite make it The first half dealt with suitcase nuke in San Antonio and that alone could have been enough for an exciting novel But then the shift to the Dirty Dozen aspect of Suicide Mission The buildup to the Dirty Dozen took up another large chunk of the book and then the actual Suicide Mission assault took up the last little bit I felt the story at this point of too ushedWill I ead books by these authors Probably will as I am a sucker for B level action thrillers both in print and in video. Ity prisons a terrifying collection of brutal killers armed obbers and savage felons convicts so out of control they could blow up the mission at any moment Whipping this agtag bunch into an assault force capable of infiltrating the terrorist deathtrap will be the greatest challenge Elliott's ever faced Getting them out alive That could be a problem.

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