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T too but it s just full of adventure and alchemy and monsters and it all leads up to frankenstein eventually i guess not so much in this bookthis book is about victor frankenstein aged 15 and his twin brother konrad and their cousin elizabeth when konrad becomes deathly ill victor and elizabeth secretly become involved with a creepy doctor and the uest to mix up the elixir of life to save himthere aredifficultieshis writing is great it takes the suspenseful bits and drags them out enough to be gripping but not so much that it frustrates one of those reluctant boy readers it s good stuff truly there are some great action scenes and some tender moments and all the characters come alive in their own way the beginning part reminded me of the peggy parish books i used to love in which liza bill and jed had their adventures and followed the clues to wonderful conclusions that is high praise those books saw me through many ears of my outhmy only grump with this is the discomfort i feel when dealing with the fictitious childhood of a fictitious character where there are streets named wollstonekraft alley and doctors named polidori it s cute to have these references but it complicates things a little no but then i remember that this book is intended for ages twelve and up and i should stop thinking too hard and just enjoy this as a well written adventure story with some great takes on loyalty and love and the complications thereinthis book of his looks very good i am definitely going to check it out as well Half Brother but ou read this one Pisco significa pajaro. yeahcome to my blog I don t often reuest an advance reading copy of a book In fact I m usually declining ARCs because I m offered than I could possibly read However when I heard about Oppel s latest project a preuel to Mary Shelley s Frankenstein I immediately asked if I could read an advance copy and I was lucky enough to get itI m a big fan of Oppel s previous series that began with Airborn I m also a fan of the Romantics like the Shelleys It s no coincidence that Percy Jackson is named Percy Short for Perseuses but Percy Shelley who was enad with Greek myths and wrote extensively about them also liked to fancy that his name was derived from the old Greek hero In one letter his wife calls him my own Perseus But I digress For many Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften years I ve thought the Frankenstein story was ripe for retelling as a YA novel It s one of those ideas that I toyed with but never had time to pursue I m very glad Oppel beat me to it because he does it beautifullyThis Dark Endeavour introduces 15ear old Victor Frankenstein Oppel has taken the liberty of giving Victor a twin brother Konrad and while The Defense (Eddie Flynn you may be thinking oh lord not the old twin brother plot device it works well in this book and comes across as fresh and perfectly plausible In fact it s vital to the story When Konrad falls ill Victor is driven to find a cure even if that means turning to the forbidden secrets of alchemy And so from the best of motives a dark obsession is born to unlock the secrets of life and deathThere is much to the story though Victor s search for ingredients sends him and his friends on many harrowing adventures I won t give any spoilers especially since the book isn t outet but I can tell Hai nhà you this is a true page turnerMost importantly there is Elizabeth the distant cousin of the Frankenstein family a spirited fiercely independentoung woman devoutly Catholic beautiful headstrong and drawn to both Konrad and Victor for very different reasons It s the love triangle between these three multidimensional characters that really drives the narrative There are no easy answers no true villains and heroes I found myself cheering for Victor and Harry Potter a Me Ka Pōhaku Akeakamai: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Hawaiian yet hating him at times Konrad comes across as noble andet insufferably perfect Elizabeth is mercurial et perfectly true to her convictions Oppel really brings them to life which in a Frankenstein novel has many levels of meaning I supposeThe book explores faith and science loyalty and hypocrisy love and jealousy all the things that oung readers and even older readers struggle with In his earlier work Airborn Oppel updated the classic Jules VerneRobert Louis Stevenson adventures and pioneered what would later be called steampunk In This Dark Endeavor Oppel has reinvented the gothic thriller for modern readers The narrative crackles with tension emotions run high and the atmosphere is perfectly dark and brooding The Shelleys would be proud I definitely recommend The Art of Acquiring you check out the book when it s published August 23 I anticipate This Dark Endeavor will get a lot of attention and rightly so Light fluffy and completely forgettable Don t miscomprestand me there s some diversionary entertainment value here and the pace is pretty perky but I still reached the end with what s the point swirling in my head causing a nagging itch that the book never scratched It left me with a mild case of the Mehs Granted not a full dose of Meh but Meh nonetheless Call it Meh lite Now I shan t go a bashing as the book committed no major literary felonies It s just all the pre release hyping had teased my expectations with its seductive Ida la convicción de ue siente una profunda e irrevocablemente atracción por Elizabeth a pesar de saber ue la joven Konrad están enamorados Una oscura obsesión invade su mente ¿será capaz de traspasar las fronteras de la vida la ciencia el amor Y más aún ¿cuánto está dispuesto a sacrificar por salvar la vida de su herma.

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As been outlawed in Geneva a decree Victor s magistrate father had part in enforcing The novel had of an adventure style storyline than I was expecting as the teens Victor and Konrad their adopted sister Elizabeth Lavenza and close friend Henry Clerval endeavour to source each ingredient of the Elixir as Konrad s health wanes Victor leads much of the venture driven by both his need to see his brother return to health and his desire to step out of Konrad s shadow and be recognised for greatness on his own Elizabeth is possibly the biggest departure in characterisation from Shelley s work though this is no bad thing While not a complete reimagining Oppel gives Elizabeth a strong feminist sensibility in his novel and she plays an active role in the uest There is a love triangle of sorts in the novel a little literary cousin love doesn t bother me but rather than being a tacked on romantic subplot Oppel uses it effectively to drive certain aspects of the story and highlight elements of each character s personalities While Konrad apparently loves Elizabeth for her generous and warm nature Victor is drawn her spirited and animalistic side In a similar manner we see the conflict of Elizabeth s faith she is the only member of the family who believes in God and Victor s belief in science when Konrad s life hangs in the balance As such there is some interesting discussion in the novel about science spirituality medicine and magic and how the lines between them at least in context of this story are blurred The novel isn t without anachronisms particularly in its rendering of the characters and the way they act but I can readily forgive this is a novel with clearly fantastical elements as opposed to a work of strict historical fiction The teens escapades reuire significant suspension of belief but not in a way that detracts from enjoying the story It s such a fun story to get caught up in that I don t find the fluidity between the possible and impossible a negative aspect Though I did just call this a fun story it s also uite dark Not in a won t somebody think of the children way but in the sense that the story doesn t shy away from the darker side of human nature As I mentioned earlier I found Victor sympathetic but he is also somewhat morally ambiguous at times and his choices present an interesting and complicated conflict for the reader This Dark Endeavour is a fitting lead in to the nightmare of ethics to come in Frankenstein and a skilful foreshadowing of Victor s impending obsession Okay can someone please fix the synopsis for this edition because it s f g PIUE not peak I loved that this book was centered on twin brothers Being a Twin myself I enjoyed that immensely The closeness feeling each other s pain as if it were our own the lengths we would go for the other was all perfectly depicted in this book The Gothic feel of the book was wonderful and the eeriness that Victor starts to show was cleverly done I have never read the book Frankenstein before Being that this book is sort of like the preuel I think I might have to read it soon I highly recommend this book Most people know my obsession with Frankenstein so I wanted to give This Dark Endeavour a go since the author Kenneth Oppel calls this a preuel Victor s brother Konrad has fallen ill and no doctor has been able to cure him Victor s determination to save his brother has turned to alchemy to find the forbidden Elixir of Life and save his twin brother With the help of his beautiful cousin Elizabeth and best friend Henry Victor pushes the boundaries of nature and science in a treacherous search for the ingredients to help Konrad This is book one in The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein series which I believe is being made into a trilogy My first thoughts were a YA novel about Victor Frankenstein was that this is never going to work but then after a bit of a look at the book I decided to give it a go anyway I thought maybe if he s research of Frankenstein is in depth enough and he keeps to the dark and gothic elements of the original classic it might work I really should have stuck to my first thoughts because from the very start I hated this book First of all this book follows the same old paranormal oung adult formula which means not so much dark and gothic element huh i had never heard of this kenneth oppel fellow but i guess he s some big deal in YA publishing i have so much to learni liked this book very much but important than my enjoyment this is going to be a great book for reluctant boy readers that s a big problem in the world of educators and librarians why won t the boys reeeeead and from where i m standing i get it most of the YA stuff is all girls girls girls and although there are some fantastic books for boys i have read a bunch of them there need to be all the time to keep up with all the unicorn hunters and vampire love triangles that may as well be push up bras and powder puffs and make boys feel outnumbered when confronted with a YA fiction department in a bookstore or librarythis book is perfect for those poor overwhelmed boys don t get me wrong girls are going to love Nsables los pasadizos del castillo de los Frankenstein Pero cuando Konrad cae gravemente enfermo sus vidas darán un giro inesperado sus inocentes aventuras de juventud se volverán demasiado reales En la inuieta mente de Víctor aparecen dos certezas ue para curar a su hermano deberá encontrar la receta del legendario Elixir de la

You see when medicine works it is blessed science and when it fails it is witchcraft Polidori Kenneth Oppel This Dark EndeavorThis book I s a v o r e d Kenneth Oppel has such a way with words that I was drawn in right from the beginning This is a fictional preuel to Mary Shelley s gothic classic Frankenstein And because this book was published a few Mr. Fix-It years ago and reviewed many times I won t go into too many details But here is the description of the book from just as a refresherVictor and Konrad are the twin brothers Frankenstein They are nearly inseparable Growing up their lives are filled with imaginary adventuresuntil the day their adventures turn all too real They stumble upon the Dark Library and discover secret books of alchemy and ancient remedies Father forbids them from ever entering the room again but when Konrad falls gravely ill Victor is drawn back to the Dark Library where he uncovers an ancient formula for the Elixir of Life Victor along with his beautiful cousin Elizabeth and friend Henry immediately set out to find a man who was once known for his alchemical works to help them create the formula Determined to save Konrad the three friends scale the highest trees in Strumwald dive into the deepest lakes and even make an unthinkable sacrifice in their uest for the elixir s ingredients And as if their task was not complicated enough a new realm of danger that of illicit love threatens to end the ordeal in tragedySo the story begins just so very innocently and just so proper It has this gothic charm and flair to it while the characters are introduced and established That was just fine for me because all I expected was a little alchemy and mischief Surprisingly the story turned into this adventure filled uest with charlatan doctors dark cellars potions fantastical creatures danger love betrayal and I cannot give away And I just ate it up There was this surgery part that made me cringe to the depths of my tummy and I was not sure if I could read through it Admittedly I am not one who enjoys horror I came across this book by accident and did not think I would enjoy it this much This YA novel is a page turner and I would hope that it would piue the interest ofoung readers to try the actual Frankenstein novel For that I loved it If it doesn t then I don t know what can Looking forward to reading book II Wicket Intent This YA book starts off slow but picks up a little before the middle This story is about the Frankenstein s during Victor s teenage ears when he first learns of alchemy It was ok This Dark Endeavor The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein 1 by Kenneth Oppel is definitely an underrated preuel to Mary Shelley s classic Frankenstein Personally I think it was a great decision to begin reading this novel after watching The Ghost of Frankenstein on Svengoolie If ou re a fan of retellings and preue This was recommended to me because I love Uncle Rick s The Monstrumologist series 35 starsI read Scarlett as a teen and I decided it had put me off this preuelseuel written by someone else business for life Really can Nazo no Kanojo X, Vol. 1 you blame me That book is the worst Then they went and made Anne of Green Gables The Continuing Story and I could have rage cried from the whole have we learned nothing of it Andet here I am reviewing a preuel to Frankenstein and as far as I m concerned Kenneth Oppel can have at it because this was good and it really works as a YA complement to Shelley s gothic classic I say this because while reading Frankenstein is not strictly a pre reuisite for enjoying This Dark Endeavour it does heighten appreciation for how skilfully Oppel has entwined his novel with the original work He doesn t simply borrow from the source material but creates a story that both stands solidly on its own merits and also weaves the characterisation and thematic elements of the original with his own Despite my initial misgivings at the idea of inventing an identical twin Konrad that didn t exist in Shelley s work Oppel won me over with his dedication to writing a Victor that could plausibly evolve into the man Shelley had envisioned Teenage Victor is not an archetypal YA hero He is sympathetic but he is coloured with the shades of ambition drive and selfishness that define him as an adult Teenage Victor is not above manipulation and experiences complicated feelings of jealously and covetousness towards his twin There s clear internal conflict between Victor s desire for recognition and glory and his deep fraternal bond with Konrad It s the collision of these feelings that direct much of the plot of This Dark EndeavourThe Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein is Oppel s take on Victor s introduction to the dark sciences and his thirst for knowledge that won t be satiated Stumbling upon a concealed library of forbidden texts on alchemy initially a source of amusement takes on serious significance when Konrad falls ill Fearing for Konrad s life Victor and his companions embark on a uest to create the Elixir of Life aided by shunned former alchemist Julius Polidori Complicating an already tense situation is the fact that the practice of alchemy Las intenciones más puras pueden traer a la vida las más oscuras obsesionesLos jóvenes hermanos Víctor Tarikh Se Kuch Nahin Sikha y Konrad llevan una apacible vida en el castillo familiar Junto con su prima Elizabeth se han convertido en inseparables en cómplices de juegos aventuras Reciben clases privadas practican esgrima montan a caballo recorren inca.

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I was born in 1967 in Port Alberni a mill town on Vancouver Island British Columbia but spent the bulk of my childhood in Victoria BC and on the opposite coast in Halifax Nova ScotiaAt around twelve I decided I wanted to be a writer this came after deciding I wanted to be a scientist and then an architect I started out writing sci fi epics my Star Wars phase then went on to swords