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Ions in these fields by understanding what epublishing involves using and experimenting with keywords hunting for review opportunities and adopting a marketing mentality This book gives you a good firm kick in the pants and inspires you as well as informs you It s an excellent resource A relatively short book and uick to read the major point is to run regular free downloads and to construct a marketing campaign around it Some of the material seems to come from other books of his There are a number of tactics such as in reviews that I have seen others disagree with so worth reading and taking elements of the strategy you feel comfortable with This book is an incredibly useful resource for anyone contemplating self publishing As someone with imited technological skills I was grateful for Black s step by step instructions and upbeat encouragement This book gave me the confidence to tackle self publishing and I m very glad I did Self publishing allowed me to generate public awareness of my work and ultimately ed to a traditional publishing contract Thanks Nicholas excellen. All of the wonderful benefits that it offers to publishers and authors In fact most people who don't own a Kindle don't understand what the Kindle and other ebook reading products really offer in terms of the opportunity to writers and publishers of ebooksThis book gives you all of the tools you'll need to find incredible success.

His various sales results warts and all and enthusiasm He admits at the outset that he didn t know jack about publishing when he embarked on writing and promoting his books but figured it out He has now self published than 20 books You can t help but be swept along by this author s enjoyment of the ebook revolution With Nick to guide you you can t help feeling that you too can get somewhere with your own books The most valuable advice he gives is to focus on downloads rather than sales Get the first one rolling and the sales will follow Nick describes this book as a course syllabus and he covers pretty much everything from the general basics such as why use and what KDP is all about to the importance of key words pricing strategy how to use Twitter to boost sales drawing up aunch strategy and creating a marketing timeline Throughout Nick Black supports his claims and offers explanations The major elements that readers are The Detour looking for in an ebook are uality author cover design and genre By following this author s advice you canearn how to meet if not exceed their expectat. Ace in the world This how to book describes the steps you need to take to maximize your visibility not just on but also on Google Let and Google work as a team to build velocity behind your books catapulting your ebook downloads into the best seller istsThe problem for most people is they don't fully understand the KDP program and.

This is one of the reasonable ebooks on teaching you how to make money on with your ebook The reason I iked this ebook so much was that the author was realistic you re probably not going to make it with one ebook but you can glean a consistent chunk with each one that you publish Some of his books make a The Adventures of Rusty little others make aot Combined he makes a nice ivingI enjoyed this model and definitely am already putting some of his advice into practice with The Dream Wizard Defining Rich and Achieving Your Goals By Working for YourselfHow to Publish a Bestseller on is definitely a Good book A great informative book this is a must read for anyone who is comtemplating self publishing It is clear to me that the author has had a ot of experience as he has published around twenty himself Overall I thought the book was well explained and was very inspiring to me This is a must read for anyone contemplating self publishing Nick has Mamá learnt the hard way ie by experience how to achieve respectable sales on He willingly shares his expertise The book is characterized by honesty he gives. This is the ultimate How to book for publishing andaunching a successful ebook on maximizing your downloads and generating a consistent income from your ebook You've put all the effort into writing it now it's time to see some of the rewards This book follows How to Write a Fiction Novel in 30 Days or Less is the biggest marketpl.

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Controversial novelist Nicholas Black is the author of several fiction and non fiction works including Soul's Harbor True Adventures of Medic 13 The Last American Mercenary See Jack DieSee Jack HuntWalking Ghost Welcome to Terrorist UniversitySodomy CatThree Wise MenPurgPurg II The 4th AngelChasing DarknessChasing DaylightBurning HeavenThe MessengerHow to Write a Fiction Novel in 30 Days or Le