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Incredible book of the year alert This read was absolutely stunning from each and every angle you look at it It had action drama passion romance emotional heartache new found respect self discovery and so much The read is about Reiko to the outside world she seems to have it all power knowledge and wealth But what lies beneath her silk owns is a woman in torment and sorrow over a life changing decision she can never undoHer as perfect as can be life Introducing Archaeology, Second Edition goes from my way to the highway in less than 60 seconds when her old lover tie me up with ancient torture devices and do with me as you please Damion offers her a proposition I should rather say a command to help him trace a lost painting as a last honour to hisrandfather And right here ladies is where this author shows how incredibly The Best Man (Alpha Men, good she is at what she does and this is only her second book so that believe me says a lot as some authorset it right the first time and then only again around book four or sixThe author takes the lives of two people bound to each other through love and exposes each one s vulnerability by pealing back layer by layer of insecurities threats of possession fears and happiness with such exuisite detail it brought me to tears and left me hanging onto the edge of my seat in anticipation of what will happen next The main characters were both simply Poetry Man gorgeous and so exceptionally well written I loved that Reiko was strong in fighting back against her inner demons through her the author showed that it takes so much than saying move on to overcome a inner darkness that can overwhelm your soulDamion was totally delicious and oh so very ruthless inetting his way but I loved that the author showed he was truly connected and in tune to Reiko in knowing what she needs and not taking no for an answer to achieve his oalThe backdrop settings were marvellous as France come face to face with Japan I loved the absolute precision that author used to describe the characters surroundings I truly felt as if I could touch the art being described I could see the colour and feel the texture and smell the paint Brilliant work Maya The dialogue was laced with passion and emotion so strongly written by the author if was if I wanted to climb inside this read and help Damion and Reiko find their happiness and fight off anything and anyone even daring to tear them apartI highly recommend this read if you love a truly ood romance intertwined with emotional understanding as to what someone else is facing action packed chases to the search for happiness mind blowing passion and exuisite attention to detail this is the read for you trust me you will not be disappointed 55 star reviewFacing your fears whilst staring into the eyes of love I really enjoyed this NA debut by Maya Blake She has a beautiful voice and a ripping style that draws me right into the story If you like sexy alpha s then Damion Fortier is your man And if you like your heroines with steely determination as well as hidden vulnerability Reiko Kagawa definitely fits the billI can t wait to read Maya s next release Maya Blake has officially become a favorite author with this book This is an emotional reunion romance Five years ago Damion had romanced Reiko right before he revealed that he was there to bankrupt her randfather Five years after Damion needed Reiko s help and found that he was still obsessed with her But Reiko is damaged both physically and emotionally from an accident that caused her father s life And it would reuire patience and a lot of love on Damion s side to woo her I loved both characters Reiko was a really unusual heroine being half Japanese as well as having a cool job procuring expensive art Damion is the perfect Dead Taboo guy rich and very much in love with Reiko I hope Ms Blake writes novels because I really enjoyed the first two she wrote I have run out of fingers and toes to count the ways how perfect The Sinful Art of Revenge is I m literally afraid that my humble words will notive this story the justice it deserves to describe how it s perfect than perfect to meI Mischief 24/7 (Sunshine Girls, gave Maya Blakes s debut novel The Price of Succes Five years ago Reiko and Damion were together for six weeks Damion had deceived Reiko about so many things before walking away from her Now he needs her to recover some art that she brokered for hisrandfather and the sparks are still flying between these twoStarted out reat but then things bothered me about Damion He seems to be of the mindset that just because he walked away from her she should have been so broken up and waiting for him instead of attempting to move on two weeks later Did I say he walked away Damion takes up w OW and this is all messy and convoluted perhaps just to add drama later This OW didn t make a lot of sense either Damion didn t seem very forgiving of his own female relatives and yet he forgives this OW and is even friends w her That doesn t make a lot of sense considering what this woman had done either Damion wants her blind trust him but he doesn t reciprocate he has investigators discover things first and then uestions her Reiko made it out to be horrible what Damion had done to her and yet it seems less so later Couldn t understand. Taking what is rightfully hisEndless tabloid coverage has left Reiko Kagawa with way too much information about art dealer Damion Fortier's legendary playboy exploits everyone knows he's renowned for leaving

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Mise is uite intriguing MB s writing style is captivating building enough tension and sexual attraction to keep the reader hooked the characters are well rounded Damion and Reiko share a past affair that ended badly mostly because of Damion s deceit They both have a lot of emotional baggage to deal with on their own Damion has seen first hand the impact of messy emotions so he shuts himself down emotionally His relationship with the supposedly married OW didnt help him overcome his misgivings Reiko had a terrible accident that took her father s life and left her emotionally and physically scarred Reiko is a strong heroine she ives as much as she Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, gets Damion can be possessive obsessive even but he can also be tender and caringDamion is the last person Reiko wants to deal with But she is an excellent art broker and he ll stop at nothing to force her to look for some paintings for his dyingrandfather They When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, get their second chance but first they have toet past their misconceptions Paula Brandon writes such a fabulous review that anything I say would be redundant This was totally over the top melodramatic tosh I have liked many of Maya Blake s books but this one was so exaggerated and unbelievable I liked the hero I have run out of fingers and toes to count the ways how perfect The Sinful Art of Revenge is I m literally afraid that my humble words will not The Billionaires Runaway Bride give this story the justice it deserves to describe how it s perfect than perfect to meIave Maya Blakes s debut novel The Price of Success 6 stars I loved it that much It was original to me and also had me captivated and my heart racing till the end pun intended if you ve read it and if you haven t please please do and I couldn t wait until the second release I m so so SO pleased to Maya Blakes second story The Sinful Art of Revenge has indeed delivered to me everything I loved if not about the first Damion hauls Reiko back into his life after a five year absence because she is the only person who can help recover a highly prized family possession It s clear from the very start they have a history The first chapters are crafted in such a way that I was immediately captivated and completely consumed until the very last word I fell in love with Damion and Reiko I loved their story They are two completely different people but so perfect for each other that I m almost jealous I m not Reiko I felt that Reiko was written so well she could be a real person I liked that she wasn t perfect in terms of her physical appearance and in terms of her reactions I liked that she had to overcome than Damion because the romantic at heart in me loves the idea of that perfect someone making everything better and loving me for me The feelings The Sinful Art of Revenge evoked in me is almost uneualed to other books It was an intense emotional dramatic intriguing passionate breathtaking and uite perfect read To top all that off it was laced with delicious humor that made me Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover giggle out loudThereenie in me loved Reiko telling Damion Francois suggested foie Caught on Camera with the CEO gras but I ve convinced him to change his mind but the inner romantic still believes in happily ever me s favorite line in the entire book was when Damion looked at Reiko and mouthed You re mine Getting to this point in the story I think it was the first time reading a book in thisenre I have ever thought I wish that was me The Sinful Art of Revenge is a must read if you re a romantic at heart a fan of reunion stories or if you ve read the debut novel The Price of Success do not miss Just perfect Look if you re oing to have a Japanese protagonist wait I think she s half Japanese but I don t think her mom s ethnicity is revealed Maybe I missed it because I skimmed the crap out of this book maybe don t put her in a Chinese dress on the cover Harleuin At no point in the book does Reiko ever wear a cheongsamCome on this was published in 2013 Google image search for traditional Japanese dress definitely existed Or you could just put her in western clothes because that s what she wears for most of the book But that woudn t be exotic enough would itI contemplated iving this 2 stars instead of 1 because I liked that Presents appears to be trying to move toward stories of overcoming past trauma rather than assholes being assholes just for the sake of being assholes It Arabian Nights gives lot of drama which let s be honest is the point of Presents and rich people fantasy without making you ueasily wonder if people secretly lust after abusive assholesBut I can t overlook all the sexist bullshit in this book I mean at least the hero admits he s really possessive but will try to changeood luck but there s a lot of slut shaming because heroine hooked up with a new Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place guy three weeks after they broke up Um breaking up means you can hook up with new people dude For some reason she feels veryuilty about this why The author could have Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss gone for some realism by talking contemporary roles for women in Japan yes it s a somewhat old fashioned culture in some ways But that would be too complex apparentlyThere s less racist bullshit than you might fear but an awful lot of ninja references Pretty sure most Japanese people might not refer to themselves that way. Has no intention ofiving him access to eitherDamion isn't used to beautiful women scorning his advances so it's definitely time to turn his lethal charm up one last notch to ensure he ets exactly what he wan.

How she could blame herself for so much and then not really blame Damion Damion came across as being very possessive later on I m uessing he wasn t that way five years ago Damion didn t want to be obsessive but seemed he toed that line He comes across as a fixer but it seems to be only if it is in his best interest Reiko does stand up to him sometimes but I still don t think Damion ever really made that Always You grand effort The therapist thing was like him saying I still need to fix you make you whole because you are broken and I can t handle it He pulls this same thing near the end as well It s like he can t completely accept her for the way she is even at the end He claims he Most romance heroines come with a bit of baggage which is what you would expect but the heroine in The Sinful Art Of Revenge Reiko Kagawa deserves an award of some kind Author Maya Blakeives her a painful history that would honestly take 10 books to explore not a 190 page category romance Five years ago she was fleeced by Damion Fortier who had Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, given her a false name engaged in a six week fling with him only to betray her because he was actually after a debt owed by herrandfather which killed him Or something The book is a bit fuzzy with the detailsIt s now five years later and Damion has tracked her down for reasons that I ve already forgotten because it took me four days to read this Anyway he wants to use her art acuisition skills to obtain three paintings for his dying Lucy Carmichael grandfather For reasons I ve already forgotten she must stay right by his side while she does all of this What I didn t forget was just how many dramas Reiko must overcome before she can reach her happy ending with Damion She constantly refers to physical scars she must hide along with shameful behaviour she undertook after Damion left herReiko was in a train wreck that caused her severe injuries as well as killing her father She feels responsible because she forced him to catch the train instead of driving wanting him toet back with her mother who he was about to divorce She thinks that everybody would be repulsed by her scars and hides them underneath her hair or clothes Of course she thinks Damion would also never want her if he saw the scarsBut wait there s She thinks Damion would never want her because of her scandalous behaviour and the other men she s been with since they ve been apart Damion bless his heart isn t a slut shamer However Reiko oes on to say that she only went on dates with the other men never actually slept with them So what the hell has she been beating herself up over Why is she turning it into this evil thing that she s done that she needs to be revealed as melodramatically as possible If she s been on dates with lots of men she hasn t actually been with them which she constantly refers toAnd this is what makes me so effing made about the Modern line I totally understand the fantasy of a rich arrogant millionaire moving heaven and earth to claim you as I indulge in that every now and then myself don t tell my partner But why is it only a virgin or Virtual Virgin who is entitled to this fairy tale As Samantha Fox sings naughty irls need love too This book shouldn t be building up to the possibility of breaking a trope and then backing away from it by saying Oh I only dated them It actually makes it offensive Yay Reiko isn t really a slut VomitAnyway there s I can never have sex again Cured by magic penisBut wait there s I can never have children I think we know how that turns outEventually the constant flow of trauma and melodramatic revelations from Reiko made me feel as if she enjoyed making her life as melodramatic for herself as possible choosing the most emotional time possible to hurl another drama One-Click Buy grenade Indeed she s always running away instead ofiving a calm rational explanation as to why she s doing what she s doing even while the black moment is heading to a resolution She really did my head inDamion for the most part wasn t too bad He s careful of his emotions as he saw what obsession with a loved one did to his father and Redeeming Claire grandfather He doesn t think he soing to turn out like them thank the skies but he does not want that for himself or his loved one That s all I ask from this trope for the hero he doesn t use the Bad Parent as an excuse to run away but merely works on being different to them That s what makes for a Return to Willow Lake (Lakeshore Chronicles good hero in my opinion But then he soing and asking his ex Fractured Memory girlfriend to a ball because they re still friends despite the fact that she had to be institutionalised because of her obsession with him and then proceeds to ignore her for most of the night Some friendLike I said it took me four days to read this category romance because Reiko was so exasperating Some uestionable behaviour aside what was with Reiko not being allowed to touch other people That s stalker stuff I liked Damion if not really the sort of alpha theenre expects But I couldn t help but feeling the relationship after the book ends would be a rollercoaster of Reiko dramatically running out on Damion over some insignificant thing and him constantly chasing her downAs for the revenge mentioned in the title Your Case for Seduction (The Hamiltons: Laws of Love guess is asood as mine The pre. Wake of broken hearts across Europe's most lamorous destinationsReiko knows she has two things Damion wants the first a priceless painting and Fortier heirloom The second her seriously off limits body And she.

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