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Ht I really like that the characters were people you could relate to and you really wanted them to get back togetheras they are perfect or each other I will continue to read books by this author as I really think she writes a great supenseful romance book I am also going to expand my reading horizons and try some of this type of book Miniseries The DetectivesCategory Suspense. Between them burn even hotter Then Meg raises the stakes when she reveals the real reason she walked away Cruz wants answers and to sort out their uture But irst he has to outsmart an obsessed killer who can't wait to ensure they don't have one.

Er Fear the Darkness (Brigid Quinn, future they may have butirst he must outwit a killer obsessed with revengeFast paced thrill packed addition to The Detectives series I received this book through Tarot Says Beware (Herculeah Jones Mysteries, first reads Thanks so much This was a great book I am a reader of romance but normally historical so this was a changeor me The story was very good and the book really kept me reading as I inished it in one nig. At means turning Meg's new life inside out and challenging her attempts to keep his investigation and his body at arm's length Cruz never dreamed Meg's anguished bravery would bring their unresolved past back with a vengeance And make the desire.

In Long s romantic suspense novel Detective Cruz Montoya was still in love with his ex wife Meg and still clueless as to why she had left him But now Meg has picked up a stalker and Cruz is willing to cast aside his uncertainty to ensure her safety To protect her he must sift through her life and risk the secrets she has buried there He wants answers so they can sort out whatev. One secret wouldn't change their past but it could shatter their utureDetective Cruz Montoya never knew why his wife Meg suddenly ended their happy marriage But now he's not leaving her side until he catches the person ruthlessly stalking her Th.

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