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Ren who are ither just starting school or are starting a new school It shows the children that sometimes you are just going to have a bad day but that if you try hard Georgia and the Tycoon enough you can make the best of any situation This helps toncourage kids Churchills Trial especially if they are nervous about trying out a new schoolThis book also shows that there are rules that students are going to have to follow at school It reminds them that they need to listen and do what is right Following the rules is important and this shows thatveryone needs to follow them ven adults Every Cowgirl Goes to School is a cute back to school book to read to students It s about a cowgirl named Nellie Sue Nellie Sue wants this day to go her way but things keep happening at school that are making her think this day is NOT going her way Nellie Sue gets stuck in the front seat on the bus then she finds her seat in class to be between two rowdy twins After lunch Nellie Sue finds a picture of herself drawn like a cow on her desk and veryone makes fun of her Nellie Sue finds out that she misunderstood the picture and now she thinks this day is going her way I like this book because it shows that Lakeside Redemption everybody has bad days but sometimes you have to try to see the good in the bad things that are happening to you I also like this book because Nellie Sue didn t let the bad things ruin her day and I think that could be an important lesson to teach children My daughter and I just absolutely love the Nellie Sue books I use my best cowgirl accent and my daughter just giggles the whole way through The storyline has great jokes and phrases that actually get me chuckling as well The story in itself is relatable andngaging with or without the accent i think it was great that the main character was able to turn her bad day into a good one and made a new friend in the process School theme solid. St herself off and use her high flying spirit to turn the day around and make a brand new friend Readers of Fancy Nancy will love the laugh out loud classroom antics and story of friendship.

Nellie Sue is off to school Dressed in her cowgirl outfit she takes the school bus but her friend Anna is already sitting by someone Nellie Sue doesn t get to sit by Anna in class ither Instead she has to sit by the J Twins who cause a lot of trouble Anna gets to sit by the new student Maya Nellie Sue thinks Maya doesn t like her and she is afraid that Anna won t want to be her friend any The whole day just doesn t seem to go Nellie Sue s way When Anna and Nellie Sue return to class after lunch there is a picture on the desk Maya drew a picture of Nellie Sue as a cow Totally mbarrassed Nellie Sue runs out of the school Maya came outside and apologized she didn t intend for the picture to hurt her feelings she was told Nellie Sue was a cowgirl and that cowgirls love cows The girls return to class and Nellie Sue presents the picture for her All About Me bag I gave this book 4 stars It has many common themes that children can relate to One theme in this story is not to judge people just as Nellie Sue thought Maya was judging her she was also judging Maya It s also a fun book to read Second Time Loving especially because the J Twins make it very silly The illustrations are bright and add to the story Another great book in the Every Cowgirl series I like this series because Nellie Sue is such a relatable character and has a big imagination Becky Janni s words with Lynne Avril s illustrations always make me happy and the books are veryntertaining ven for adults This time Nellie wrangles a problem many kids have at school friends Her friend Anna is meeting new people and Nellie is at first jealous of Anna s new friend Maya She tries to be nice but things aren t really going her way How will Nellie Sue figure out how to be a friend to Anna and maybe accept Maya too Find out ReviewGood I liked how it reflected on a real first day of school At first I tho. Nellie Sue is a true cowgirl with an imagination the size of Texas and she is looking forward to a great school year But when new girl Maya sits next to her best friend Anna and she finds he.

Ught some of the characters were mean but they were trying to be nice I recommend this book to ages two and up great messageladies who d ask I read this loved it great story Nellie Sue is xcited about the first day of school She s Dark Awakening excited to see her friends again and superxcited to share the things in the bag her new teacher sent home for show and tell But the day does not begin well when she finds that she can t wear her cowgirl hat to school Then when she tries to find her friend Anna she sees her sitting with another girl Then she finds that her desk is not with her friends but at the very back of the room between the J Twin trouble makers She can t wear her cowgirl boots to PE she trips and gets a mouthful of sand that makes her milk taste gritty and then a new girl draws a picture of her as a cow How humiliatingAfter running outside with mbarrassment the new girl Maya comes and finds her and lets her know that she didn t mean to say that she was a cow She just thought that since Nellie Sue was a cowgirl she must love cows Nellie Sue immediately feels better and returns to her classroom where it s time to share their show and tell bags Nellie Sue makes Maya s picture of her as a cow part of her show and tell to show that she is proud of itA good first day of school story Kinda simple and overdone but cute I had a slight issue with Nellie Sue s dialogue It seemed at times as if the author was trying to make it rhyme But it lacked consistency and pattern Every Cowgirl Goes to School follows Nellie Sue s first day back at school Nothing seams to be going her way and she starts to think that the new girl Maya is against her In reality she was just having a bad day but at the nd of it she decides that she is going to try and make the best of her day and her and Maya Family Men evennd up being friendsThis is a great book to read to child. R new desk is sandwiched between the rough and wild J Twins and a mysterious cow picture lands on her desk Nellie Sue realizes that this day is NOT going her way  Can this trusty cowgirl du.

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