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Eus s life The prose is dense but it is worth the effort to uncover the rhythms and images that her scholarship has uncoveredReading this book made me want to write books of my own such was the trance I was under I have long thought that Orpheus and Eurydice s story was the greatest of stories a battle with death the fullest expression of beauty and music a love that was true It was the high point of Edith Hamilton s Mythology for m An in depth exploration of the origins of the myth of Orpheus told in lucid prose Ann Wroe captures the elusiveness of her subject throughout history A wonderful syn. And the mountains where he worshipped to the artefacts texts and philosophies built up round him She traces the man and the power he represents through the myriad versions of a fantastical life his birth in Thrace his studies in Egypt his voyage with the Argonauts to fetch the Golden Fleece his love for Eurydice and ourney to Hades and his terrible death We see him tant.

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Thesis of myth travel art and music ust like Orpheus himself It s interesting how Orpheus isn t mentioned in either of the Homeric poems and yet the Romans were all about him as he appears in both Ovid s Metamorphoses and Virgil s The Aeneid I ve always loved the story of Orpheus and Eurydice I think it might have been the first Greek myth I read But if not the first it s definitely the one I borrowed the most from the library as a kid Anywho I read this book about Orpheus and while it was incredibly interesting I found it was also a little dry in style Not the most fun reading experience sadly. Alising Cicero and Plato and breathing new music into Gluck and Monteverdi; occupying the mind of Jung and the surreal dreams of Cocteau; scandalising the Fathers of the early Church and filling Rilke with poems like a whirlwind He emerges as not simply another mythical figure but the force of creation itself singing the song of light out of darkness and life out of death.

High brow meditation on all things Orpheus Very short book talks about the story of Orpheus in mythology a lot could be done with this topic than done in this book Reading this book made me understand what the rocks and trees must have felt when Orpheus walked by Wroe is a model of erudition a writer worth reading again and again I fell under her spell in my reading of this book amazed by her ability to synthesize two millenia of both myth and scholarship while also mixing in her own observations from a trip to BulgariaThraceWroe organizes the book by the strings of the lyre the stages of Orph. For at least two and a half millennia the figure of Orpheus has haunted humanity Half man half god musician magician theologian poet and lover his story never leaves us He may be myth but his lyre still sounds entrancing everything that hears it animals trees water stones and menIn this extraordinary work Ann Wroe goes in search of Orpheus from the forests where he walked.

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Ann Wroe is a journalist and author working as Briefings and Obituaries editor of The Economist She is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society the Royal Society of Literature and the English Association