William S. Burroughs: The Wild Boys

The thought of William S Burroughs is sometimes better than his actual fiction picture if you will a man who combines brilliant science fiction with National Geographic pictorials of tribes no women no men just crazy insane boys who love to kill and jerk off combined with creaky old 1940 s boyish Fu Manchu pulp adventure crap The concept is pretty nuts but the execution is well almost as creaky and tiresome as Fu Manchu himself It is difficult to gauge this novel the most confounding thing I have read in recent memory So I want to reread this and read about it to better nderstand my own feelings But I think I love The Wild BoysThe book is a set of thinly connected vignettes going as far back as the 1890s and as far forward as 1988 twenty years after the book was written It focuses mainly on the global rise of fascism in the West and of anarchy outside it after the world hits peak oil A good number of the vignettes are dedicated to boys who for whatever reason have decided to leave conve. The Wild Boys is a futuristic tale of global warfare in which a guerrilla gang of boys dedicated to.

Ntional lives to dive into a world of freedom and sex with other boys The last The Drifter uarter of the book is about a global phenomenon of wild boy gangs who plague dictatorships in their homelands killing cops and soldiers with brutal efficiency by day and having ritual death resurrection orgies by night It is framed in a postmodern way almost to a fault with drone cameras fictionalization and peep shows of the incomprehensible serving as recurring motifs In science fiction observant writers are too often gets mistaken for being prescient But the themes of surveillance collapse and freedom in the chaos of a dying civilization of never escaping the dynamic of watching and being watched couldn t be relevant today Things were going to hell when this was written and they have not stoppedIt is also aniue and highly liberatory contribution to gay aesthetics it touched my spirit the desire to be wild to live in touch with your desires outside of straight categorization to live outside the anxieties of. Freedom battles the organized armies of repressive police states Making full se of his inimitable


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The straight world freedom from the emasculation and the evil of Western civilization It is a dream a nightmare a treasure I sed to think of this as the last of Burroughs 5 cut p novels It s probably appropriate to think of it as the 1st of the homoerotic adventure novels Or something Anyway it s great I read it when I was a research volunteer for a NASA study re space stn living No shit This was at the Phipps Clinic of Johns Hopkins UniversityHospital in Balti I was living in a simulated space stn environment for 15 days w 2 other guys It was mainly an experiment in behavior modification d Sir we ve been overrun by clawed pubescent rchins reuesting backup Choppy anarchic gleefully pornographic confrontationally off putting Yet satirical clever kinetically experimental serially engaging in spite of i I learned that reading Burroughs on the bus makes me feel incredibly filthy and awkward from this book It could be all the allusions to the smell of rectal mucus or maybe I m just weird. Umor wild imagination and style Burroughs creates a world that is as terrifying as it is fascinating.

William Seward Burroughs II also known by his pen name William Lee; February 5 1914 – August 2 1997 was an American novelist short story writer essayist painter and spoken word performer A primary figure of the Beat Generation and a major postmodernist author he is considered to be one of the most politically trenchant culturally influential and innovative artists of the 20th century