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Was a really good read thoroughly enjoyed this new edition to the uniue universe created by Thomas Deprima Original and uniue with that style that provokes a shiver of excitement at key moments in the novel I like the plot twists and new direction the author is following in developing a new story arc for a new series character in their own story line A spin off series set in the Galaxy Unknown universe Set concurrent with the invasion of Region 2 being dealt with by Admiral Jen CarverSydnee Marcola graduates the Academy number 7 in her class but despite this she s assigned to the oldest and worst tub in the fleet doing border patrol at the arse end of Region 1 But of course the terminal boredom turns out to be any thing butStylistically this matches its parent series well written gripping interesting characters I shall definitely keep an eye out for book 2 Many people who don t read science fiction usually say it s either A Cheesy or B Too Involved Thomas DePrima balances those things very well to create a very entertaining space opera I would not suggest that hard core sci fi readers read Citizen X or the Galaxy Unknown series unless they are prepared to turn off their nerd set the idea of realism aside and just enjoy The lead characters almost can do no wrong and everything always seems to work out but that s kind of what makes the books fun There are some interesting tech ideas and some deep sci fi concepts that are introduced and thought about but they are This book seems to be the start of a new series Galaxy Unknown Border Patrol by Thomas DePrima The original series A Galaxy Unknown is one of my favorites and I m eagerly looking forward to the next installment in that series This one is a spin off that takes place in the same fictional universe as A Galaxy Unknown but in a different place and telling a different story I m not 100% sure when the events in this book are supposed to take place but since Admiral Hubera is still a member of the Admiralty Board it must be before Return to Dakistee in the original seriesThis first book in the series is very good It s definitely a promising start It s well written in the same way the original series is The characters are interesting and there s a decent balance between the time spent on the characters themselves and the actual actionI would say that the book is slightly inferior to the original series but then it s only the first book in a new series and there s lots of promise in it I have to say that I m really dying to get to know why Sydnee was sent to this backwater command in the first placeA good chunk of the book is down on a planet with marines slugging through the jungle This might be the one thing that made me feel this book was a little inferior to the original series since I m a space battle guy Having said that DePrima manages to pull this off in a way that really keeps my interestSo in short a very good start and I m looking forward to books in this series Yes Sydnee hate that spelling is turning into another Jenetta Carver but with of a sense of humor and not uite as amazing or lucky Still a fun space opera romp Bought by mistake Book was a typically bad DePrima so calledmilitary science fiction SciFi At Its BestI hurried to by this book as soon as soon as it was released The story was exactly what I was looking for high entertainment and pure unadulterated fun For those familiar with the Jenetta Carver series this new series also takes place in the Galaxy Unknown universeThe character development and creative world building were continually engrossing I just could not put th. Sydnee Marcola's greatest desire was to join the command of Admiral Jenetta Carver in Region Two and in pursuit of that goal she achieved top grades whil.

Is book I ve read several of the Galaxy Unknown books that focus on Jenetta Carver They ve been fun but so far she s been impossibly fortunate which I ve found a little annoying Please note that I haven t read them all so perhaps this will change in the subseuent books which I do plan to readThis book by the same author in the same universe seems to have a bit depth Let me be clear The universe created by Thomas DePrima is clever believable and interesting in my opinion But Sydnee Marcola the lead character in Citizen X interests me than Jenetta Carver and although the series is only one book in and there are obviously to follow I think that DePrima s ability to write characters has improved significantly since the release of A Galaxy UnknownI get this It s something that I ve begun to learn much about in my own writing with the assistance of an editor and that s the big reason that I ve given this book four stars I m also looking forward to the next book in a way that I didn t with the initial series I found the flipping backwards and forwards between worldscharacters a little confusing in the first chapter or two but it settled down uite uicklyIf ou re looking for a good fun space operamilitary sci fi read then I think this is a book worth considering There s action some mystery and a some rather fun alien beasties 2 stars because I finished it I m not sure it really deserves the second starI managed to keep my interest going partially because if I finished this one I d have to find something else to read I also kept thinking that things would get interesting and they never really did This managed to make space battle scenes boring Basically With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you start reading and ther This is the first book of a new Brian DePrima series Galaxy Unknown Border Patrol spin off from the Galaxy Unknown Janetta Carver franchise I ve read all eight of the initial series still waiting for the 9th book and ifou re a fan of Indie pubs then this is better than most I give it a 3 35 star rating and recommend it for anyone who liked the Galaxy Unknown Janetta Carver series anyone who likes military themed sci fi or stories where the book gives a strategic book The problem is that most indie pubs lack the polish and perfection of those that have been through the press at a major publishing firm My star rating reflects two things my personal take on assigning star ratings and where I feel this book places among all books indie pubs or those that came through an established publishing firm I give this three stars maybe three and a half which in keeping with my rating scale assignments that means that this meets the standard of entertainment and enjoyment It s a good rating when given by me and is a recommendable book to anyone who appreciates the genre Why talk about the rating I mean Who cares why just stick a star and tell us about it and move on Leave the solilouy to Hamlet and that Shake a pointy stick dude okay This is why I think it s important 1 E books are the future of the printed word I don t think that they will replace the printed page but the E book has already passed up paperbacks for sales I also think it s far easier and forgiving than the heavy handed publishing industry on authors 2 There are a lot of Indie pub e books and as Steven James is on record as saying most of them suck So when there is a good one it s important to point it out That way everybody can see that there is hope for e books and indie author publishers3 Indie authors do not get the benefit of a polishing and editing like those authors who have their books go through the commercial publ. E at the Academy and then again in advanced studies at the Warship Command Institute So why have the powers that be chosen to 'waste' a valuable asset by.

Ishing mill So fair ratings and good discussion about what works and what doesn t may be helpful to some authors not that Brian DePrima is going to read my reviews not that anyone actually reads my reviews for that matterso this may be self indulgent too So back to the rating and the review If I were using the normal rating system not my system I d give this 35 to a 4 star rating But I m not so it s still 3 35 What I likedI liked Sydnee She s a strong heroine with a bit of a sense of humor than Janetta Carver and a bit fallible on that later Like the Carver ladies she thinks her way through problems but she s got a bit of a go down there and shoot it out mentality She thinks out of the box takes chances and she s 5 foot 11 inches tall looks good in spandex and shape fitted armor She s a bit of a Super Sue or a Xena Warrior Princess type that doesn t know defeat because nothing beats her Still she was fallible than Janetta Carver ever was I also think I like the hints at romance in Sydnee s future without jumping in with both feet I also like the world building Galactic Alliance Space is far far future There are multiple sentient races pirates battles wars rebels monsters in the swamp space marines starships fighters and some really cool tech The story bogged in some of the details but those details helped some of the plot devices used later in the story Space Command is intricate complex and far reaching with the same colourful Admiralty full of grumpy old men and women lead by Admiral Moore The warships are pretty cool too even the old Destroyer Perry loved the shooting range they built in the lower holds of the ship I liked the world that most of the story is set in with the swamps and stuff and that fact that the battles and fights seem to be realistic from a broad view strategic standpoint and the creatures on the swamp world were fun Things that need some work Where DePrima did a better job of making his heroine emotionally vulnerable and upset often her performance did not rate the doubts she had Like Janetta Sydnee beats all comers without breaking a sweat Very much in the Xena Warrior Princess mode or maybe Wonder Woman this has been a problem for DePrima since the second Galaxy Unknown book I don t know how it would look to have a capable space warrior like Sydnee face real diversity and danger but it would look like Janetta and the first run in with the Pirates That got a little racy but nothing to worry about So far I think Janetta s only been nicked by a lattice gun once since the first book and other than that everyone s come out of things without even breaking a sexy nail I love the creativity in how Sydnee out things everthing and everybody I just think it s a forgone conclusion that she s going to win DePrima needs to work on bringing in a believable element of vulnerability to his characters and real danger for them Real danger is often realized by something actually getting to them Oh eah and what s with this Larboard crap it s Port as in The Captians Port wine is red That s how ou remember the port running light is red it has the same number of letters as Left that s how The Alcohol Experiment you know port is left side Larboardstarboard what is this steampunkSummaryThis book is fine for YA and up Nothing here to worry about You might want to read the Galaxy Unknown series beforeou read this but it s not necessary Overall the positives outway the negatives the story is enjoyable and Deprima needs to work on building tension and doubt with suspense and putting his heroines and heroes in vulnerable and risky situations let them be hurt now and then. Sending her to a 'backwater' command where terminal boredom would appear to be the greatest enemy Perhaps things aren't destined to remain uiet for long.