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This book was good but it didn t keep me uite as interested while reading as the others Some of the characters seemed kinda fake in the things they said which made the book not as good as it could have been Something about the book just wasn t uite as good as the others It was a fun read though because of the mystery and the humor This book was good but it didn t keep me uite as interested while reading as the others Some of the characters seemed kinda fake in the things they said which made the book not as good as it could have been Something about the book just wasn t uite as good as the others It was a fun read though because of the mystery and the humor I m so glad this trilogy is continuing In book four The Crystal Code there is a whole new adventure with new villains a new teen character as well as our old favourites including Gerald Sam and Ruby While the first trilogy was all action in this book we get to know the characters better albeit while they are in action at a cracking pace I ve oved reading this series out oud with my young daughter I d say it s a book for all ages Newsome Richard The Crystal Code Melbourne Australia Text 2012 PrintRecently I read the book The Crystal Code by Richard Newsome This is about a boy named Gerald who is the youngest billionaire ever on Christmas break in the snowy fields of California He runs into a dead man and his friends are kidnapped Sounds fun right The genre is Fantasy as it deals with immortality and a curse This book is a rollercoaster filled with turn twists and oop de Uncommon Wisdom loops as the story goes along almost coming off the rails with excitement He teams up with the friends not kidnapped and go on a uest to get their friends back from the dead man Gerald cannot wait to be back at his wonderful snowy holiday resort with his parents friends and yes even his butler This is book 4 in the Billionaire s Curse series Ioved the first 3 books was ecstatic that there was a book 4 and it did not disappoint me This series ranks right up there with my favorite young adult series The characters are so well drawn and even though the action is over the top it s exciting in an Indiana Jones kind of way Gerald Wilkins is the boy in his early teens who inherited a billion dollar empire from his great aunt in England The previous adventures have taken Gerald and his friends to various exotic and not so exotic Unseen City locations around the world This adventure starts with a Christmas ski vacation for aarge number of friends relatives and friends of relatives in a private ski resort in California and ends in Czechosl. What would you do if you were a billionaireIt’s nearly Christmas Gerald Ruby and Sam are meeting up with Alisha and Gerald’s Australian school friend Ox for two weeks of snowboarding in the mountains of California It’s a dream vacation for the world’s youngest billionaireBut soon after they arrive by helicopter with Gerald’s butler Mr Fry at

Ovakia in the dead of winter Throw into the mix a villain who supposedly died 400 years ago and a couple kidnappersPlease please Art let there be a book 5 We return to theife of Billionaire teen Gerald Wilkins This time it s Christmas and he is gathering his friends together to have a white Christmas in California at his private ski field Of course Ruby and Sam are there and Alisha has returned to join them on their holiday as well as Gerald s friend from Australia OxBut Why did I feel God Is in the Crowd like this one was anti climatic Maybe it was theack of a clear cut villain so many villains thrown out as red herrings Maybe it was the Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard lead up and rush in the beginning with the doofus villain who everyone was afraid of even though he was so very inept yes I know he did get the job doneMaybe it was the bumpy writing and plot If I rush my heroes all around the globe and rush my story maybe no one will notice that the storyline is rather bumpy and rushed itselfMaybe it was the idiotic nature of the boys Between Sam being an idiot par for the course as seen inast books but then coming up with idiot savant moments what wait Why does Sam have genius moments to save them And then Gerald giving up ALL the TIMEenough all ready Commit Stick to a course of action Yes it s been rough but by now you should be used to it after what has happened to you in the past three books Man up alreadyAnd then with Gerald and the girlsoy I am SO GLAD that they told him off So many books have triangles and suares even for pete s sake And people acting all stupid and my world is ending over a relationship deep sigh please don t spoil this series with all of that nonsense It is so rare to have girls written with sense and action and ability I don t want to see them go all romantic and The Matriarchs (The Family loony and weak because of Gerald Please Mr Newsomeet them continue to be wise And Notes for the Everlost let Gerald gain aittle sense before I totally want to throttle him or chuck your book against the wall SeriouslyAnyway will stick with the series for now Like the play on history Like that the actionviolence isn t too much Can recommend this to parentscaregivers Language isn t too intense Fun concept Middle school detective storyMoney may buy a When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) lot but it comes with its own set of problems A group of friends solve a mystery Ioved this book I really did Ever since I got the first book in this series I was on the No Biggy! lookout for The characters Gerald getting tangled up in relationships and the plots were just fantastic YAAR A reviews Corinna age 13 Canberra Australia Filled with secret passageways and deadly booby traps youl. He controls of course the private chalet is attacked Gerald and the gang escape through a secret passage only to be pursued on snowmobiles by men with guns across frozen akes and into the path of a cascading avalancheCould this be the work of Gerald’s nemesis Sir Mason Green recently escaped from prison Or is someone else behind the attack Does the

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Be on the edge of your seat K Zone Weird dreams kidnapping attacks by bandits hectic chases and eerie explorations in archaeological sitesslapstick humour verbal wit and a pervasive spirit of youthful exuberance Magpies A rollicking good yarn Weekend Herald An irresistibly fun tastic tale that s virtually guaranteed to keep youngsters reading chuckling and desperately waiting for the next book in the series Independent Weekly What do you get when you mix Tintin James Bond and The Famous Five together You get Richard Newsome s Billionaire seriesThe Crystal Code is Richard Newsome at his best Christchurch Kids Blog It has humour that is just off centre enough to appeal to children as well as a few pearls of wisdom thrown into the mix Fans of the series will ap it up and those who haven t read the earlier books will no doubt want to go back and read the rest Good fun that could eually be enjoyed by anyone young at heart OrangeDale blog Plenty of plot twists to keep readers guessing and eager for Gerald s next adventure Magpies Once the action begins the novel becomes addictive to read Read Plus Reviews What would you do for Christmas if you were a billionaireIn Richard Newsome s The Crystal Code Gerald Wilkins the world s youngest billionaire takes his friends Sam Ruby Alisha Ox and Felicity on a dream vacation to his own private ski field in CaliforniaAlmost before they can hit the powder balaclava wearing gunmen attack Gerald s chalet and kidnap Ox Alisha and the children s parents He immediately suspects the handy work of his nemesis the recently escaped from prison Sir Mason Green But there s going on than meets the eye and the gang will travel to the USA the Czech Republic and a tiny island off Sweden to find their friends family and the mysterious Voynich ManuscriptIn the fourth book of his outstanding Billionaire series Richard Newsome has again delivered a fun funny and action packed adventure for young readers and the young at heart Humour and description are features of Newsome s writing and The Crystal Code provides plenty of Attracting Birds to Your Backyard laughs and transports readers to all the amazingocations that Gerald and his friends travel to on their adventure The action is a Deep Listening little over the top at times but that s part of the charm of this series and I was than happy to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy the storyWith new friends new villains and the beginnings of a new mystery The Crystal Code will delight fans of the series and compel new readers to go and find out where Gerald s story beganGreat fortune is said to fall on those who buy multiple copies. Ld dry cleaning ticket Gerald found amongst Green’s belongings hold the key And how does an invitation to join the secretive Billionaire’s Cluband Gerald in so much troubleJoin Gerald and his friends in the USA the Czech Republic and a tiny island in Sweden for a new thrilling adventure After all with all that money there’s got to be to the stor.

Richard Newsome lives in Australia and has worked as a journalist for daily newspapers radio and TV; as a consultant with one of the world’s foremost strategy consultancies; and as communications director of a multinational media company Richard’s debut novel The Billionaire’s Curse won the inaugural Text Prize for Children’s and Young Adult writing as well as the Esther Glen medal New Zeala