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Were you a hone The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate phreak The statutes of limitations long have expired but the whistlesackaged free in boxes of Captain Crunch cereal erfectly matched the Bell long distance signaling codes in the re SS 7 signaling system 7 days meaning up through the early eighties There also were blue boxes and black boxes with the same effect albeit neither free nor easy to make All of these fooled the Bell system into allowing free long distance chargesFor some reason I was delighted with the callback numbers in each serving wire center you called hung up and an electronic system would call you back within 15 seconds Designed as a line check we turned it into a arty trickThis book tells the 30 year cat and mouse story of the folks about a half generation older than me who ioneered these efforts and those at ATT some of whom I later was to meet and the FBI to stamp out this theft of services cause Mama Ds pasta pizza power to theeople long hair and free love that s what it was The major hone hreaks either were caught turned on each other or went straight Ironically long distance in the US has become Betty Fedora Issue One postalized no oneays extra it s bundled into the rate Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work plan An unexpected victory forhone Jazz Ukulele phr If you like to learn about and understand how technology works you ll love this book It is long and sometimes difficult to read but it is well worth it I really enjoyed this book Having just started a new job in Kendall Suare it was really fun to be reading a book about innovation and in many ways that is what this book was aboutThe title and subtitle of the book made it seem like it would be a hacker like story kind of like The Cuckoo s Egg Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage And there definitely werearts that were exciting and had the characteristics of a thriller like that But the book was really two stories one was about the Off 13 people who figured out loopholes in thehone system to make free calls the other was about the Amata Means Beloved phone compan. Before smartphones back even before the Internet andersonal computer a misfit group of technophiles blind teenagers hippies and outlaws figured out how to hack the world's largest machine the telephone system Starting with Alexander Graham Bell's revolutionary harmonic telegraph by the middle of the twentieth century the hone system had grown into something extraordinary a web of cutting edge switching machines and human.

Y itself and how it developed See to understand the hacking you really have to understand the entire system and Lapsley did a great job interweaving the story from Alexander Graham Bell to the breakup of the local hone companies decades later with that of the hackers Each time the Juice phone company changed their technology to expand or offer new services the hackers found new loopholes some by technology and some by social engineeringThis book is definitely one of my recent favorites but really only suitable if you are a geek You ll appreciate Lapsley s writing style which is somewhat informal and irreverent as well as the early hackerioneers who he rofiles very closely This is a book about eople hacking into the Gudrun phone system from the mid 1950s until the 1980s largely before hacking was even a word to freely explore the telephone network Many of them were simply telephone network enthusiasts hence the termhone Mob Mistress phreaks I found the story compelling inart because it is fun to read about smart Stud in the Stacks people outwitting the government and the mostowerful corporation in the world and in Choosing to Survive part because it gave me some newerspective on recent events NSA data mining and Ruport Murdoch s own Robin Hood phone hackingThe goodLapsley masterfully builds up the reader s technical knowledge to theoint where not halfway through the book he can get away with relying on jargon to tell the storyIf you call 555 1212 in a distant area code and then whistle it off and use your blue box or tape recordings to reroute the call to a normal telephone number you ve just given the Felipa phone company a clue that you re up to no good Why Well remember a call to 555 1212 never supes Except that when you reroute the call to a normal telephone number and your friend answers thehone the call does supeWhen I read this The Vavasour Macbeth paragraph I followed iterfectly and then was struck at how unintelligible it should have been Lapsley had coaxed me along with the hone hreaks explorati. Operators that linked together millions of Crisis of the Strauss Divided people like never before But the network had a billion dollar flaw and onceeople discovered it things would never be the same Exploding the Phone tells this story in full for the first time It traces the birth of long distance communication and the telephone the rise of ATT's monopoly the creation of the sophisticated machines that made it all work and the discovery of Ma Bell's.

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On of the network and I credit him with telling the technical story very well The badFor a subculture The Master Masons of Chartres piece Exploding thehone is weak on characters Each VARSITY ABDL (Age Play, Forced Regression, Enema, Domestic Discipline, Spanking Romance) person s story tells how theyersonally and independently discovered a way to manipulate the Road House - The Novel phone system and eacherson s story is only a slight variation on anyone else s There is the one who went to jail the one who was blind and the other one They are distinguished by their Gnosis physical locations but rarely by their character Only one of the central characters has a visible relationship with anyone who is not ahone Left to Die-a First Hand Account of Life in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina phreak One dimensional characters do not make for good reading Journalistically Lapsley does the good work of making over 400 Freedom of Information Act reuests to the FBI and other agencies but fails to reveal the names of informers whose actions led to the arrest of one of the characters Lapsley says in the foreword that some interviews were given on the condition of anonymity so I think the responsible thing would have been to rely on the documents alone Finally exploding thehone is some of the worst writing artistically that I have ever read Besides the innumerable cliches and conversational filler extended expository metaphors nearly had me Dolphin Diaries Bind-Up putting the book down for goodIf such fates exist John Draper believes they have not been kind to him Actually that s an understatement It s that he believes they are out to screw him over repeatedly and without lubeI thinkeople who like computers would like this book I am one of them I wish a better book had been written Alongside the age of space exploration in the 60s 70s and 80s exploration of another type of space was underway The The Wingman Chronicles place of exploration was not ahysical space but a communication network Flood Legends possibly the largest communication network at that time These adventurers were random geeks way before being a geek was considered cool who had discoveredroperties of the The Best Of Saint Louis phones around them androceeded. Achilles' heel Phil Lapsley expertly weaves together the clandestine underground of hone hreaks who turned the network into their electronic layground the mobsters who exploited its flaws to avoid the feds the explosion of telephone hacking in the counterculture and the war between the hreaks the Detour (Something in Common, phone company and the FBITheroduct of extensive original research Exploding the Phone is a ground breaking captivating boo.