John C. Bogle: Common Sense on Mutual Funds New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor

D the numbers to back it p Just don t expect much advise or hand holding on the how This may not need to be added as a reference book to have in your library as you navigate your own investments from time to time but can make a good and enlightening one time read if only to shore The Rancher and the City Girl up support for Bogle s investing philosphy borrowed from the libraryLast the 10th Ed adds hispdated reflections at the end of each section looking back 10 years from when the book first came in print Easy there John Bogle save a few pats on your back for meI really enjoyed this but its not for everyone It does have a lot of dense information proving its point The point Investing in low cost all market passively managed index funds for the long term is what you should doIf you need some one to prove it to you then read this book By about the 5th chapter Bogle will convince you of this then he ll continue to take this fact and beat you over the head with it for the remainder of the book with tons of percentages and math and charts It really is presented as common sense he just gives you ALL the information you need to come to the same conclusionsIt s hard not to think that this book is just an advertising scheme for Bogle. Ing helping you navigate through the staggering array of investment options found in today's evolving investment landscape Timely and timeless this important audiobook examines the fundamentals of mutual fund investing in turbulent market environments and offers valuable guidance for building an investment portfolio Along the way Bogle shows you that simplicity and common sense still trump costly complexity and that a low cost broadly diversified portfolio continues to be the best way to build wealth at the lowest cost and risk and will almost always outperform expensive actively managed mutual funds Throughout Bogle skillfully presents a platform.

S company Vanguard I have a hard time thinking anyone can finish this book and not decide to put all of their investment money in Vanguard The fact that the guy is in his 80 s retired already rich and really doesn t need a book to prove the fact that his fund is the best means it probably was sincerely written and the guy is just one top notch dude who really wants everyone else to get rich and as I mention at the beginning he spends three of the last four chapters talking about just how awesome selfless and brilliant he is Nothing wrong with that I suppose when its trueThey main take away If you don t actually want to read a long fact filled book on investing but still be a really smart investor just call Vanguard So really keep reading bodice rippers and graphic novels and just move all your investments over to Vanguard For Bogle converts you won t find much new in this book For everyone else and that s most of you you really ought to read this book An Ice Wolves (Elementals, unflinching attack on America s financial industry Bogle explains how the average investor is separated from their money But rather than doom and gloom the book offers a way out index funds that keep your costs reasonable and offer reasonable return. For intelligent investing as he analyzes costs exposes tax inefficiencies and warns of the mutual fund industry's conflicting interests Emphasizing long term investing and asset allocation Bogle offers sensible solutions to the fund selection process and reveals what it will take to make it in today's chaotic market Securing your financial future has never seemed difficult but after listening to this revised andpdated edition of COMMON SENSE ON MUTUAL FUNDS you will become a better investor From stock and bond funds to global investing and index funds this audiobook will help you regain your financial footing and make informed investment decision.

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Common Sense on Mutual Funds by John Bogle is a substantial book It is Some Like It Hotter uite long Reading the newest version the 10th anniversary edition adds plentiful commentary making this even longer Bogle likes to offer as complete an argument as he can f This lengthy book was simple tonderstand but also profound and complex in its message Each section focuses on a different but crucial financial obstacle in the current mutual fund industryIt is a little difficult to go through this book due to its length but its well worth it to read through the content The main message shines through costs matter buy for the long term This is not the book to read if you re looking for a primer on investing or retirement planning that includes Bogle s philosphy Instead this is the book to read once you re More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm underway and have some knowledge of what you re doing from his other entry level books or after you ve started with the Boglehead s seriesHe goes into depth in an easy to read style about the mutual fund industry and why his philosophy on investing hold index funds don t time the market passive investing etc is both sound and proven given these factsA excellent read probably none better should you want depth on the why an. John Bogle founder of the Vanguard Mutual Fund Group and creator of the first index mutual fund is an industry pioneer Over the years he has single handedly transformed the mutual fund business and today his vision continues to inspire investors It has been over a decade since the original edition of Common Sense on Mutual Funds was first published While much has changed during this time the importance of investing and the issues addressed in the original edition of this book have not Now in the Fully Updated 10th Anniversary Edition of COMMON SENSE ON MUTUAL FUNDS Bogle returns topdate his in depth look at mutual funds and the business of invest.

John Clifton Jack Bogle born May 8 1929 is the founder and retired CEO of The Vanguard Group He is known for his 1999 book Common Sense on Mutual Funds New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor which became a bestseller and is considered a classic More on