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University because she needs an excuse to get out of her safe house that her father has her holed up in at east once a week Al is an annoying manipulative and mostly awful character even Dana agrees but somehow that s eventually revealed in the course of the story manages to get Dana to use her Faeriewalker powers to take Al out of Avalon and into London where Al hopes to find the ex boyfriend she was seeing before her mother forced her to spend summer in Fae Al fears that her mother had her human ex boyfriend killed or paid him off to stop seeing her when she sees that he is mysteriously not enrolled as she had expected him to be for the fall semester at Avalon U Shenanigans arise when Dana gets dragged along with a naive but morally bankrupt faerie princess but the only reason we care is because of Dana and once she finds out why she s involved at all we don t care any or ess about this pithy story Faeriewalker 4 please. Uld hold her personally responsible if anything happened to herdaughter But Al is a Faerie princess and she’s not used to taking nofor an answerWill Dana ignore her common sense and risk the Unseelie ueen’s wrathto help her new BFF And if not just how far is Al willing to go toget her own way.

Series and this disappointed me a bit because Dana which is a bad ass in her own right since she trains with her self defense personal trainer a faerie non the ess and being that she herself is half fey she is stronger than a regular human and has resistance so it bugged me to no end that she was such a wuss on this book I wont say any spoilers but basically she is coerced by a faerie princess to bring her to the mortal world so she can see her missing boyfriend a human a thin scrawny built moron events turn for the bad real uick and Miss Dana is scared to beat the crap out of this dude Soldier O - Bosnian Inferno like she wasn t sure she could take himi was dumbfounded the story itself is good except the way Dana is portrayed as a damsel in distress and maybe I m not used to short stories but it ended abruptlyike what the hell A totally pointless story Dana meets Al the daughter of the Unseelie ueen in Avalon while she s auditing a class at the. He moment she sets eyes on the wannabe Goth chick that Alis trouble but she finds herself drawn to the wounded soul sheglimpses beneath the Faerie glamourWhen Al asks Dana to take her into the mortal world to visit the humanboyfriend her mother has driven away Dana refuses knowing that ueenMab wo.

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Dana finally talks her dad into etting her out of her underground protection for 1 class in that class walk in Al mabs daughteral of course befriends her to get dana to use her powers to chase after a boyfriend spinless enough to be chased off by mabi m alittle confusedwill there be books in this series Dana Hathaway thinks it might just be safe to emerge from her father s safehouse when ueen Mab s daughter Althea barges into her ife intent on taking advantage of Dana s Faeriewalker ability to visit her human boyfriend in London The results as expected disastrous reuiring all Dana s cunning and courage to get them out of danger without causing a Fae war The novel ends on the way back to Avalon and we never Keeping Secrets learn what the conseuences will be This 2012 novella is obviously a set up for a future Faeriewalker novelbut so far nothing That makes it feel a bitike an unfair tease on Black s part well i A Ranchers Dangerous Affair loved the faeriewalker. Dana is finally getting comfortable with herife as the onlyFaeriewalker in Avalon She’s formed an alliance with the Erlking atruce with the ueen of the Seelie Court and best of all no one’stried to kill her for weeksEnter Althea the teenage daughter of Mab the Unseelie ueen Danaknows from

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Jenna Black is your typical writer Which means she's an experience junkie She got her BA in physical anthropology and French from Duke UniversityOnce upon a time she dreamed she would be the next Jane Goodall camping in the bush making fabulous discoveries about primate behavior Then during her senior year at Duke she did some actual research in the field and made this shocking discovery