Fleur Defries: Blossoming

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I eally enjoyed this book I love the strength of the female protag. A fantastic coming of age novel with a smattering of erotica and some mythology The lives of three generations of matriarchal women; their secrets intrigues sexual exploits murder and betrayal in the uest to keep their heritage aliveThere has always been something mysterious about the Belcey women; born of a long line of prophetesses with powers of telepathy and foresight they have never allowed men to dominate their way of lifeWhen the matriarch's estr.

Onists and that is centred around a matriarchy The book weakens at Anged husband stumbles upon family secrets he threatens to expose everything It is up to the sixteen year old Belcey daughter to overcome her fears and fulfill her destiny in order to save her family from being torn apart Blossoming is best I have ead in a long time it is eally so different its different from anything I have ead before it truly is a perspective on an incredibly intriguing family and also there very liberal manner of viewing the world.

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He end and needs a wee edit but I think it s definitely worth a ead. The life in a world where woman How to Write Essays rule its full of lovely sex scenes and sexual liaisons told in a enchanting way not vulgar or pornographic A enlightening manner in which provide you understanding of what life may possibly have been like a few thousand years ago in a matriarchal society George B Themes coming of age womanhoodomance Blue Moose reuited love family secrets intuition telepathyevenge loss murder tragedy foretelling of the future premonition antiuit.