Indrek Hargla: Apteeker Melchior ja Oleviste mõistatus

Er read the translation is good although maybe too literal in a couple of places I ave only a passing knowledge of the Teutonic knights Hanseatic law and know nothing of Tallin so the descriptions of setting which were new and interesting to meThe story itself is a Medieval whodunnit in the brother Cadfael vein about a spate of murders taking place in the town and castle in the early part of the 15th Century It is a little pat in places with significant events My Amazing Dinosaur (Tib Tumtum, happening to the second to make the plot work That said iteld my attention to the end and while I was suspicious but not sure of whom was responsible and The Nazi Revolution had no idea of motive A well put together story in an unfamiliar setting Well worth considering if you are a fan ofistorical fiction and mysteries This English translation actually pissed me off so that is the reason for the 3 out of 5 rating although I gave the Estonian original Apteeker Melchior ja Oleviste m istatus a 5 out of 5 as i very much enjoyed the characters and the plotMysteries in general mediaeval settings Estonian authors and translations from Estonian are some of my favourites So it was especially disheartening to see this 1st English language translation of the Apothecary Melchior series of mediaeval mystery novels undermined by faulty copy editing I started marking the typos and mistranslations about Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy halfway through after theyad started to bug me So the list below is likely not complete as I only uickly rescanned the first alfProbably a glossary would ave Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, helped as well especially in the case of untranslated words such as the obscure volume measurement of a t nder 133 litres on pages 212 222 and obscure coins such as the Gotland rtug the Tall Indrek Hargla is one of those Estonian authors almost every Estonian seems toave read and loved Or if they Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet haven t read anything byim then at the very least the name is familiar as Arise he is one of the top selling Estonian authors in recent years This one is my first e I really enjoyed this book and now I want to go to Estonia This was recommended to me because it s set in Tallinn which is where I went this summer to research Latvia for a book I m working on It s twoundred years before my time period but It s great for atmosphere and background The pace is a little slow or should I say measured but the mystery is solved in the end The person who recommended it did warn me that it wasn t the best translation but I could forgive the slightly pedestrian prose because of the background with the merchants the Hanseatic League and Lubeck Law One thing that This was nice old school mystery located in Estonia It was nice to learn about medieval Estonia and Tallinna especially. Oveljien vierasmaalasiten kirkonrakentajien ja maankiertäjien joukossa tuntuu monella olevan motiivi raakaan surmatyöhön Mutta ennen kuin syyllinen on löydetty ehtii vielä yksi jos toinenkin menettää enkens.

Summary Apteeker Melchior ja Oleviste mõistatus

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This wasn t a perfect book but it does get full 5 stars because it took me by surprise and proved me wrong Here s the thing I don t care for Medieval stuff Like at all It s always too many swords orses and mud and not enough women doing meaningful things for my liking And really this book The Book Thief has all those things but despite that I found myself liking it immensely once I got into the story It doeselp that it s set in Tallinn one of my favourite cities and plenty of those places mentioned in the story still stand in the city So yes a sword is used to kill someone and that sets off a Talk to Me hunt for the killer Melchior the apothecary of the town getsimself involved and in the end figures out the killer That all Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, happens after a few bodies some riddles old traditions and plenty of beer And that s what makes this so good Clues for figuring out the killer are cleverly dropped along the way and if you re a detective as well as a reader I m not you might be able to figure out the killer with Melchior Melchior is an interesting main character and while the women in this book don t do meaningful thingsis wife Keterlyn at least Educating for the New World Order had some role The other characters seemed interesting enough and I doope some of them pop up in the following stories because I see potential for development After reading uite a bit of mediocre stuff picking up something that really captivated me and made me want to read one chapter way past my bedtime it deserves five stars I m definitely going to pick up the next book as well Yes despite not liking Medieval stuff at all Look Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock how a good book can make you interested in something you thought youate I so wanted to give this one Apothecary Melchior and the mystery of St Olaf s Church four stars maybe I will change it some day Historical mysteries are my favourite genre when it comes to lighter reading and I felt this The Character Of An Upright Man had the right amount ofistory in it and in addition it was probably the first book I Mr. Malcolms List had ever read thatad been written in Estonian We the speakers of small andor Finno Ugric languages should stick together propos does anyone know any good maybe contemporary fiction written in HungarianI thought the mystery and the plot was uite good it was even based on some real events I suppose I GURPS Conspiracy X have to rely on the author toave written accurately about the life in Tallinn at the time I don t know too much about it and the Finnish Just One Golden Kiss history is different during that time It was interesting nevertheless and I learned something new about the Victual Brothers And I found a new book to read about the piracy in that eraThe one thing I didn t care too much was the characters They weren t very interesting and I felt that especially the wife. Tallinna vuonna 1409 Korkea arvoinen saksalaisritari saa surmansa Toompeallaämärissä olosuhteissa Murhaaja näyttää paenneen kaupunkiin joten Toompeaa allitseva ritarikunta vaatii Tallinnan kaupunginraatia.

Of Melchior only existed so that the author could explain things to the reader The fact that she view spoilerhadn t even noticed anything between Killian and Gerdrud ide spoiler This was a treat from start to finish It s a Phantom Encounters historical novel set in Tallinn Estonia specifically Toompea theilly part of the city in the fifteenth century Amongst the town of foreign merchants and engineers designing the wonderful new St Olav s Church the Apothecary is a respected figure Melchior administers the various medicines and dispenses advice ignoring superstition and ignorance in favour of new science When there is a mysterious murder Eat Your Way Through the USA he is called in toelp investigate But the murder mystery plays second fiddle to the backdrop of the town and its characters Hargla writes with considerable dry My Dirty Janitor Book 4 humour and an extensive knowledge of the day It sard not to make some comparisons with Black Adder but this is much drier and the wonderful cast of characters are great entertainment Two of the most important sections of the mystery take place at the beer tasting or Smeckeldach He Stories from Spain / Historias de España had to praise them truthfully and with enthusiasm the Great Guild s mark beer the Hamburg style brew Tallinn beer and the six veering beer Nevertheless Melchior shouted with even greater resonance when Wunbaldus began to tap the Dominican s spring brews including a laurel beer andis bock which now stood triumphantly like a flag bearing knight atop Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos his enemy s towerThe brutality of life in the 1400 s is evident alsoThe fee was once four silver coins and a cask of beer for aangingIt was a sorrowful tale indeed and meant that Toompea did not Broken Bear have its own executioner at presentuartering costs For a uartering the executioner must be paid six silver coins and two casks of beer on the spotI was needing something special in the murder mystery genre and this is certainly that I notice there is a second translation in the series which I look forward to Large thanks for my Estonian friend for this book as a gift and a steer in its direction It certainly works as an advertisement for a visit to Tallinn also A likeable main character and some interesting supporting ones A bit of a gruesome start but a solid plot Interesting that many chapters are only a few pages I really enjoyed this story and will be searching out English translations of the other books in the series I will start by saying I was lucky enough to receive a free copy from GoodReads giveaways for this book Which sat for far too long in my TBR pile for which I apologise too many books too little timeThe thoughts are of course my own and not influenced by the fact it was a freebieThis is uite possibly the first Estonian book Iave ev. Ottamaan murhaajan kiinni Oikeusvouti saa avukseen nokkelan apteekkari Melchiorin joka ammattinsa ansiosta on Enna Burning hyvin perillä kaupungilla liikkuvistauhuista Raatimiesten ja ritarien dominikaanimunkkien ja maallikk.