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He really worries what sort of man he s become And now he becomes the confessor as he tells Jane about his rape as a teen I was really rooting for these two troubled souls While I had trouble connecting with Jane Ms Jacks had me invested in Mathew s journey from the first pages Very ood book different Somewhat similar to Willing Victim but without the dirty talk I love the cover as it shows a real woman not a twig and matches my expectation of Jane in the story I also liked that this was set in DC I thought it particularly appropriate that Matthew lived in NoMa Those of you who are active in BDSM and live in the DC area will understand why that might have been appropriate I love local settings near me as I When Digital Becomes Human get a thrill everytime an area is mentioned I know and so on It connects me to the story in a farreater way than if I ve never been I Intermix Nation guess itives me anchors and makes it real This is role play non con rape fantasy but without hard edges Smooth writing well edited I enjoyed both characters though I liked Matthew far as he really is Nfides in him introducing him to the world of non con role play Matthew has always believed no means no but in ravishment fantasy no means yes yes yes He's reticent to open the door to the darker side of his sexuality but with Jane's pati.

Ravish me is a definite must read for those that enjoy fantasy ravishmentrape play in their stories But the story De-cluttering Your Closet goes even deeper then just the need to be forced sexuallyVery well done author Cindy Jacks Worth buying directly from ellora because didn t have it listed yet 3 12 Stars Noncon or ravishment role play is not my usual reading fare however the book blurb spurred my interests Jane and Mathew are interesting and dynamic characters Jane with her restrictive religious upbringing can t find sexual release unless it s forced on her Mathew having been sexually assaulted as a teen intentionally hides his aggressive self for fear of losing control When Jane confessed that hisentle lovemaking did not fulfill her sexually he couldn t help his feelings of inadeuacy Her desire for ravishment role play shocks him he can t fathom anyone wanting to be forced But when he agrees to try it he s fascinated by how turned on Jane becomes and how much he loves the adrenaline rush When his new needs lead to a bondage scene that puts Jane into a panic. Jane's boyfriend Matthew is perfect in all ways but one in the bedroom Sure their sex life is sweet and romantic but therein lies the problem Jane harbors secret desires that she's afraid will turn off her vanilla lover But finally she co.

He one who evolves and changes Jane is pretty static and one dimensional in most places Both have background issues that play into what they are doing but it is Matthew that makes an emotional connection with the reader even though his background is not deeply discussed I had a hard time believing that Jane would have to forever have non con role play sex to De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, get off Girl needs some therapy and to try things like bondage and auy with Humanizing Big Data great words limiting her choices The sex scenes are hot particularly if you like role play It is consensual and those of you who don t like dirty convo will appreciate that Jane doesn t want to be called slut whore etc I found that incredibly refreshing since that is how I feel about it I was like Right on Not everyone who enjoys BDSM or take me fantasies or whatever needs to be called names toet off Ravish me is a Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, great novel for those who have rape fantasies but who don t want to read true non con where there isn t a choice It is like the 2012 educated and cultured version of the Bodice Rippers of the past. Entuidance he finds he enjoys the role of aggressor Perhaps than he's comfortable with The role play stirs up a host of memories he'd rather forget leaving Matthew to wonder which is his true self the sweet romantic loveror the ravisher.

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Prior to becoming a writer of romantic and erotic fiction Cindy went to college at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and graduated with a BFA in Art After a brief attempt at an art career she decided the 'starving artist' life wasn't for her She worked for ten years in the corporate arena but now spends her days as a full time authorHer first published work was inspired by a collection of sh