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T he liked so he made one himself Punk is Zen Zen is punk His advice The Soul Of A Thief for writers is also very good and insightful Not an essential read butans of Hardcore Zen will enjoy it as will those who obsessively collect the re issued albums I enjoyed this Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights far than I expected An interesting journal into evolving writing style of Brad Warner I appreciate that the person he is today is willing to acknowledge and honor the person he was when he wrote the original posts Not bad but there is a lot of repeat materialrom hardcore zen As usualEverything that Warner does catches my eye He wrote a book about why he writes and our was entertaining I will always read his stuff Read the Secret Baby, Surprise Parents full review includes a lot Zen ranting at The Books in My LifeHardcore Zen Strikes Again 2012 is a grab bag of a book Published initially as an ebook via independent publisher Cooperative Press its target audience isans of the Mystify (Mystyx, first book That seems too obvious to state but I mention it because you don t need to read thatirst book to understand or enjoy this one I wouldn t recommend that order though Thrown in as a bonus is an essay written The New Baby for a monster movie zine about Brad s time as American liaison at Tsuburaya Productions Interesting sure. Chapter writtenor Hardcore Zen that did not make the Wild Streak final cut plus an article about his experiences at the company he was workingor when the book was written Together they make an invaluable collection or anyone interested in Brad’s writing as well as those interested in his uniue way of presenting the timeless truths of Zen in a contemporary idio.

D Warner his essays were originally his way of reminding himself that he needs to practice zazen that he can only ever change himself etc The tone can seem arrogant until you realize that this dude is harder on himself than he is on anyone else One of the articles directly addressed the issue of arrogance and why its not always a bad thing One of the point touched upon in this book that he didn t discuss in Hardcore Zen is the criticism he received rom the Buddhist community and I Say Youll Stay And Marry Me find that prettyascinating he calls out the inconsistencies in other schools of thought sure but he s also the Rafaellos Mistress first one to say go seeor yourself maybe that works better The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, for you A thing I have noticed when studying and practicing Zen it s that you eventually can t help but notice how some systems are uselessly complicated which accomplishes nothing except distracting the practitioner It can be hard to refrainrom annoyingly asking people why they are wasting their time with window dressing which does nothing but irritate everyone involved in the conversation Maybe that s why people reacted strongly to his rants Who knows I also have to say that I m very happy with his super DIY approach he couldn t Rascal find a website about Buddhism tha. E Zen Strikes Again Brad returns to his roots and provides a glimpse into some of his early writings thatormed the basis Another Day of Life for that book These essays mostlyrom a long defunct website Brad produced in the early 2000s What Would You Like? form a snapshot of the genesis of Brad’sirst book Brad has provided new introductions and afterwords to each essay as well as a complete.

3 and a half stars rounded up because I ll definitely Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, flip through this one again eventually Hardcore Zen Strikes Again is a sort ofollow upcompanion to Warner s Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, first book Hardcore Zen it is a collection of essays and articles that were written before his book was published when he was simply blogging about his Zen practice Most of these were recycled or paraphrased in his book so very little of it will be new to his readers but as he says himself some people are the type who buy a re issue of a record they already have justor the bonus demo tracks Well I ve done that a million times and since this is the book euivalent of the bonus demo track of one of my Friend Foe favorite books I wasn t going to skip it I read it hot on the heels of a re read of Hardcore Zen and it s interesting to see the rawness of Warner s writing and how it evolved in later publications It s also interesting to read these essays and see what didn t make it in theinal book and why each essay is The Longevity Diet framed by an intro and conclusion to contextualize it It s really an insight into his writing process and into theact that he was originally writing Grassroots Innovation for himself thanor any kind of audience Brad Warner s criticisms are aimed irst and oremost at Bra. In 2003 Brad Warner published his Architecture and Utopia first book Hardcore Zen Punk Rock Monster Movies and the Truth About Reality This is not that book Hardcore Zen was a groundbreaking look at Zen Buddhism through the eyes of a Western punk rocker living in Japan who became an ordained monk while workingor a company that made cheap monster movies In this new seuel Hardcor.

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Brad Warner is an ordained Zen Master though he hates that term in the Soto lineage founded in Japan by Master Dogen Zenji in the 13th century He's the bass player for the hardcore punk rock group 0DFx aka Zero Defex and the ex vice president of the Los Angeles office of the company founded by the man who created GodzillaBrad was born in Hamilton Ohio in 1964 In 1972 his family relocated