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I love Mr Gualtieri s books and Bigfoot Hunters is no exception His characters are very natural and real His laid back writing style make his stories come to life He is an extremely talented writer Totally Awesome again While I was impressed with the premise f Rick Gualtieri s Bigfoot Hunters I wasn t as eually impressed with the characters The story The Paper Wife overall was good and I could visualize the scenes pretty well It certainly had it s good moments and I found the subject matter to be well thoughtut and researched however the character interactions were too spoofed and cliche for my tastes Given ther aspects f the novel I can nly expect bigger and better future work from Gualtieri who is I think n to something with the subject matter and premise I encourage you to read the book for yourself and to support this author in his writing career First book I ve read by Rick Gualtieri but it is a corker The story starts Black Marxism: The Making of the Black Radical Tradition out fairly tamely with some college friends deciding to go camping Mostf them know each مترو other but some are new to the group A few are experienced campers and are willing to set the pace They top up their supplies in the teeny tiny townf Bonanza Creek where we meet r just miss meeting some f the townies All The Windy Season of the townies are annoyed with the increasing amountf tourists who manage to go missing in the woods Not a Oldies but Goodies onef them puts any credence in the sasuatch A Month of Sundays or bigfoot stories Which is whywhen the group comes across downed trees and loud noises they are willing to put it down to marauding bears The tension builds and builds When all are put in danger some run and some fight but they all react in totally human aspposed to superhero ways My nly complaint is that I w Bigfoot is REAL Or at least in theory according to Rick Gualtieri s latest horror book Bigfoot Hunters is written in 3rd person POV and is very reminiscent f Mary Shelly s Frankenstein He get s you inside the mind Beneath the Jolly Roger of the Alpha Bigfoot via italicized excerpts It s truly fascinating Being a girl horror isn t generally something I read not that they re aren t girls who LOVE this stuff but I m sure the majorityf horror fans are male Anyhow this was actually my first go at it and I m so happy I took the chance Rick is an exceptional writer with a real knack for flow description and characterizationThe book focus Merzbook: The Pleasuredome of Noise on a groupf young adults who set ut n a campinghiking trip in the mountains Things go awry when they get attacked by an angry Sasuatch who has separated from his clan Just when you think he has nowhere to go with his story after unexpectedly ending the first climatic scene he unleashes a fury Pig of death and destruction I never thought possible And the rootf it all will make you laugh sigh and think WOW that is totally plausible if and this is a big IF Bigfoot were real When reviewing this book from my Scipio Rising (Scipio Africanus own personal eyes thenly thing that makes it fall short is its lack f a romance Was there some crazy lust scenes added in for dramatic affect Yes Did they make we want to turn the pages like a Nicholas Sparks novel No Is it stupid f me to want this from a horror novel I don t think so Why Well for starters if horror novelists want to tap into a new market and gain new readers then they better start including something for the ladies I would definitely be a repeat customer Rim of the Pit (Rogan Kincaid, of Rick s if he even just gave me the slightest romancen the side It doesn t have to be all Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams esue where he finds himself channeling his inner Notebook while massacring the townspeople but a little something would be nice and greatly appreciated So listen up Rick if you want me and my 300 book reading friends to start reading horror do us a favor and give us some hearts and sunshine I know you can do it Your stellar writing speaks for itself With that bei. Evolution is about to be kicked in the teeth by some very large feet An ancient terror has descended upon a remote Colorado town The legendary beasts known as Sasuatch have

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T was that horrible shrill call from the woods This is the first book in the Tales f the Crypto series It s about a group Conversations From The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: 8 Keys To Rediscovering Lost Dreams And Finding Your Life's Calling of college kids that go camping for the week and encounter a Bigfoot clan and a groupf government cryptid huntersThis is a fun fast paced story with tons No Time for Sergeants of action and a likeable castf characters If you can t stomach a lot f gore and violent deaths though you might want to pass I will be honest I did not read the description f this book before I dove in It was by Gualtieri who I had previously reviewed with Bill the Vampire which was hilarious I probably was expecting similar hilarity in this novel and while a few good parts did make me laugh anything involving Paula this book was not meant for hilarity It is first and foremost a horror I hate the horror genre Why am I reading this novel Besides the aforementioned it was by Rick Gualtieri Well thenPlot Six teenagers go camping in the woods Within the woods they encounter something that wants to destroy them apart Sound like a campy horror movie plot Sure it is but it s also done in a way that is not redundant Enter the actual Bigfoot Hunters a group f men that know the secret f these elusive creatures Saying too much gives away a few f the plot twists which we know I m not about doing I despise spoilers However about 30% through I was wondering where the novel could possibly go from there and found that the six teenagers camping in the woods was just the prelude to the true horrorCharacters There were uite a few characters in this novel from the six teenagers the four Hunters and the townspeople surrounding the forest Gualtieri surprised me with a few characters because they were not what I was expecting and the ending was not where I expected it to go Every character has a uniue uality which is amazing considering that this is not a long novelOnly complaints about this novel is what I normally would complain about in horror movies body count I have a bleeding heart at times during novels so it is rough for me to see a character I was rooting for die Horribly But Gualtieri does what needs to be done while covering the destruction it all leaves in the wake Excellent writing style that has improved since the last novel I ve read by him and great for any fans f horror Large Catechism of Martin Luther or people who want to read horror that has actual character developmentReasons to read4 Beautifully written for such horrible destruction3 Bigfoot2 Compelling story while following horror clich 1 Paula is just ridiculous enough to at least lighten the moodReasons not to read3 You absolutely hate the horror genre2 You think Bigfoot should act like Harry1 You don t like descriptionsf blood and gore This book is a grabber as it is fast paced from the first chapter and keeps a grip hold all the way to the end Junior Jolt of the book Myth and legend comes alive in this book Bigfoot Hunters as some friends decide to go campingut in the woods in Colorado and end up getting the surprise Ceux de la posie vcue of their life for what they encounterNotnly are the campers endangered by Bigfoot monsters but a small town in Colorado is also n the list f the rampage by the beasts In steps a crew f crypto hunters from a cable tv show that bring along some fire power to take care f the problem The crypto hunters meet up with the campers and everyone tries to stay alive throughout the book I really liked all the main characters in the book and throughout the book the story is also told from the point Troublemaker:: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty of viewf the Bigfoot beasts which gives the book a little perspective as it gives the beasts an intelligence as they go tireless: on their rampage through the woods and the town There is blood gore action and mean furry beasts that take the readern a thill ride into the unknown woods Teach Them Spanish!, Grade 1 of ColoradoFour starsn this book and a new horror author to add to my lis. A cable TV showbut it might just be enoughIt's muscle and fury versus a whole lot Toque de Veludo of bullets in a battle to determinence and for all; Who is the hunter and who is the hunte.

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Ng said I just have to clarify that the ending f Bigfoot Hunters was profoundly superb He did things with the characters I wasn t expecting and took the disaster Kaleidoscope of the situation to new levels Nevernce did I doubt the situations he placed his characters in The Four Racketeers or their responses to the world they had been unwillingly placed in Bravo Rick Bravo I raise my glass to you and salute your talent I hope your writing takes youn an impossible journey albeit ne with less blood and viscera splattered about And lastly to end this poignant look into a book where almost everyone dies lives makes love goes insane kills someone gets decapitated uh never mind I m not telling you how it ends But if your interested in learning then check ut my behind the scenes look into the mind f ur loveable psycho killer Rick Gualtieri Smithereens on wwwtheindiebookshelfblogspotcom The reviewinterview goes live 71512 2pm EST 10%mfg dialogue execution narration it s all bad While some think werewolves The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness or mummies may be the next it monster in horror fiction there seems to be a steady flowf Bigfoot novelsshort stories being released lately and while BIGFOOT HUNTERS may not be as memorable as Eric S Brown s BIGFOOT WAR series there s lots Dark Diversions of fun to be had with this allut monster rompGualtieri s story is simple a group Lili a un chagrin d'amour of teenagers go camping in the Colorado woods and discover a bigfoot who is much violent than thosef legend Before long they re involved in a masive battle against the beast and a horde f thers and are eventually aided by men known as Bigfoot Hunters who seem to have a deep knowledge f what makes these creatures tickWhile the set up here is not unlike your standard b monster movie Gualtieri adds a couple f surprises and keeps the reader interested due to the nearly non stop action and carnage in fact some f the killings here are beyond brutal so fans f the extreme stuff might want to take a look While some may find the gore and destruction repetitive at times the huge cast f characters which I understand may distract some keeps things interesting and the author kills some people you d never think he would We also get to read the thoughts f the lead bigfoot here something that at first I found silly but ended up enjoying Gualtieri also manages to sueeze some genuine surprises in between all the carnageDespite some formatting problems BIGFOOT HUNTERS is a fine self published novel Sasuatch fans will have a real blast with Don t take this book Lord of The Heart: Regency Romance on a camping trip Take it to the beach You ll thank me later In the beginningf Bigfoot Hunters by Rick Gualtieri I was thinking another typical Tuesday night made for TV movie book Which kids get whacked by doing something stupid But the action and stakes kept rising until it is utright carnage and full scale war between Bigfoot and man I was in it for the full ride Though I think Rick gave away too much with continual what hesheit didn t know lines it was done well Hopefully for his next book he ll let the action rip and scare us even further with turn f events that haven t had their horror broadcasted moments earlierStill he stayed away from clich situations and cardboard characters for the most part giving the main characters balance then typical horror fare And there were a lot Love! Valour! Compassion! of characters and a boatloadf POVs Point Scream of Views Though not a fanf stories with a cast Kumiko and the Dragon of hundreds I never felt lost flopping fromne situation to the Probabilities on the Heisenberg Group: Limit Theorems and Brownian Motion other when the action heated up and you needed to catch up with the latest victim andccasional survivor Some The Purpose of Creation of his twists caught me and the angry Bigfoots by surprise And there sne girl I want n my side in any situation I ve camped in the Wolf Creek Pass area years ago and if Bigfoot is around this is certainly territory worthy f their homestead Bigfoot Hunters is a solid 4 Wait wha. Merged from the woods hell bent n killing everything in their pathThe nly thing standing in their way are a group f wayward campers a few scared survivors and the crew f.