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That reuire a heavy up front entrance fee naturally prone to shady dealings especially of the financial type All well and good so far for a series mysery She even turns up the former fiancee only to be caught in a shootout between her boyfriend a cop and the eaders of the Project who are bent on escaping prosecution And that s where the reader realizes that if this book is skipped the next book is going to be confusing and depressing Yes depressing just Landscapes of Communism like the end of this oneUgh So good writing kept my interest I didn t really expect the ending to be the way it was and I guess that s a tribute to the author But I still feelike I got slugged And when you re reading about a psychic you sort of feel New Years Rockin Evil (Futurama Comics like you ought to have some sense of foreboding A great mystery series with psychic PI Elizabeth Chase This time she s going undercover into the Bliss Project a group of individuals part cult part scam and all danger She might come out withittle eft of her own mind if she comes out at allThrilling and with one major plot change in the form of a major character this book made me cringe cry and furious all at the same time as I was enjoying it to the fullest Nab it But start with the series beginning Murder in Scorpio there are some very interesting aspects to this series Story made me uncomfortable The third in the Elizabeth Chase Investigations series following Murder in Scorpio and the Cold Heart of CapricornElizabeth Chase is a psychic investigator and is called on a case to investigate the whereabouts of her over s x girlfrield Jen Schaffer who has been part of the cult The Bliss Project and has been missing for 2 yearsAlthough she gets bad vibes about the project Elizabeth must join the Bliss Project in order to find Jen yet will she survive their brainwashing and will her Tough Girl life be at stake if they find out who she is I reallyove this series The main character is great the book is fast paced and easy to read And the plot twist in this one was amazing I never saw it coming. T be dead or in terrible trouble Although Elizabeth is not too keen on the idea of accepting a case so close to home she didn't even know Tom had an ex finacee and The Bliss Project's efforts at mind control threaten to wreak havoc on her finely attuned senses she agrees to investigate But infiltrating a cult is no easy matter especially one that seems to have as many secrets as this one and soon Elizabeth finds herself in a ife and death battle that will ead to a shocking conclusio.

The Bliss Project a group with cult Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation like characteristic Faced wtih dead ends Elizabeth is forced to infiltrate the group As Elizabeth is drawn further into the group her psychic abilities may not be the only thing she s in danger ofosingI wish I had started this series with the first novel Murder in Scorpio I m okay with the psychic aspects of the novel but the new age cult aspects put me off a bit which made it difficult to really get into the book Elizabeth is an engaging character and had I started at the beginning with traditional cases I might have felt attachment to the character Overall the book was well done and an interesting change of pace Number three and my favorite in the mystery series of PI and parapsychologist Elizabeth Chase Elizabeth investigates the abduction of a young woman into a cult and meets indivi Elizabeth Chase is hired by the father of her boyfriend s ex girlfriend Jen has not been heard from in years she joined The Bliss Project and disappeared Elizabeth goes undercover and joins the cult hoping to find Jen or what happened to her I really Conversationally Speaking like Elizabeth Chase and the world sheives in aside from the bad guys she brings down I will definitely read the next in the series Hooo kay This is not the book to skip in the series Having said that there is really not a way to discuss this without issuing spoilers I Hoot ll do my best howeverElizabeth s fiance comes to her in desperation asking her to search for his former fiancee Yeah just what every girl wants to do right The background is that the woman in uestion joined a cultish self examination group called The Bliss Project years ago while engaged to Tom before breaking their engagement Suddenly several packages that could only come from her or from someone with her belongings and knowledge have begun arriving at her father s door He s afraid she s dead or something worseDespite some huge misgivings Elizabeth goes undercover to scope out this group What she finds is terrifying and creepy andike all groups. Denver Post New Elizabeth Chase is back in an explosive new novel packed with danger and suspense that sends her deep within the ranks of a cultlike community that calls itself The Bliss Project Tom McGowan Elizabeth's cop boyfriend asks her to take on a case that seems to be in her ine of work than in his The father of Tom's ex fiancee has come to him in desperation He fears a mysterious package he's just received means that his daughter who has disappeared in The Bliss Project mus.

Elizabeth Chase psychic investigator is hired to find a woman who disappeared into a cult Elizabeth is reluctant because the missing person is her boyfriend s ex girlfriend Eventually she is convinced to take the case and from then on we re dealing with a scary organization as witnessed through her eyesI have three nits to pick Elizabeth s boyfriend is introduced by his ast name then referred to Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) later by his first It took me awhile to realize who she was mentioning Sometimes we are planted in a scene and don tearn until a few paragraphs ater where we are And when Elizabeth hears a nightingale singing I must remind myself she is in America in Los Angeles and not England Other than those three nits I m impressed with the clarity of the author s writing and the atmosphere The cult woos its victims with friendliness and nice amenities as well as ovely A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, lies Meanwhile its tentacles reach into the victim s mind and strangles independent thought Elizabeth goes undercover in the organization and struggles against its attempts to capture her mind By simply showing us what is happening the author conveys a convincing scary mood And it s particularly frightening when one considers that some culteaders become dictators or even presidents Because the author is a psychic I value her explanation of how it is to be clairvoyant It is nothing one can conjure It comes on its own and often reuires interpretation It reminds me of spiritual guidance and makes me wonder if there is a relationship Here is a fast moving mystery a uick and thoughtful read The ending has mixed results some good and somewellsuitable material for the next story about Elizabeth Chase psychic investigator Elizabeth Chase is not your normal California PI she s got an extra edge and a psychic one at that When the main man in her Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit life Tom an FBI agent is asked by his former fiancee s father for helpocating the missing women Tom turns to Elizabeth for her insightElizabeth relucantly takes the case to ocate Jen who has joined. Martha C Lawrence's remarkable first novel Library Journal Murder in Scorpio introducing psychic detective Elizabeth Chase won her nominations for all three of America's most prestigious mystery awards while the refreshingly down to earth Elizabeth was recognized as a uniue and wonderful new heroine The acclaim continued with her second mystery The Cold Heart of Capricorn with raves about this superior shocker San Diego Union Tribune that offers a truly intelligent heroine to solve it.

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Martha C Lawrence has worked as a book editor a professional astrologer and a business writer She is the creator of 'Dr Elizabeth Chase' PI and parapsychologist in San Diego California