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D enough even thou he believed his wife killed herself He never ran and he never faltered in his affections He was ust happy to have somebody again Or in this case two somebodys That was what made it all special And very much worth readingOther then all this we have a fabulously developed heroine and second hero that almost ump off the page The action the dialogues and OMG the sex was all so well written I would give this book a 10 star rating if it was possibleThere is so much to tell but there is not one word I would wish to write that could spoil this book to anybody because it is a treasure and a pleasure to read So the only thing I can do is recommend it to anybody that likes fantasy erotica m nage romance steam punk because this book exceed all expectations in all of the categories it occupies and is worth your time and money This is the follow up to Prince of Ice and Demon s Daughter and a fine offering it is This author is constantly pushing the envelope and blurring the boundaries between fantasy romance and erotica While gentler readers may be distressed by scenes of mild dominationsubmission and menage those who like the spicier side of romance will cheerThis demon world is a rich one and we finally get the story of Prince Pahndir who was held in a pleasure house in Prince of Ice He lost his mate when she committed suicide and his unseemly display of grief caused his family to abandon him and fake his deathBeth and Charles have been friends since Charles was saved from the streets as a teenager Beth s adventurous nature and unreuited love for Charles make her a truly engaging heroine All three of these protagonists have issues to work through before they can face their futures I love Emma Holly She rocks In Demon s Fire she takes us back to the world of the Yama Those exotic aliens with the interesting appetites Prince Pahndir is free from the pillow house but is he free from his desires Hmmm When I purchased The Demon s Daughter I thought it was one book in a trilogy so I purchased Demon World and The Prince of Ice Although this book reveals the lives of the few of the lesser characters from The Demon s Daughter Once again Emma Holly weaves an interesting tale I realized that I am somewhat of a prude because I found the homosexuality of two of the characters bothersome I do not care one way or another about someone s homosexuality I ust don t feel comfortable reading about the details With that being said the book was good and again Ms Holly s over verbose writing style was my biggest complaint Read this ages ago and remember really enjoying it It s an mmf paranormalfantasy about two friends cousins with the hots for each other that it takes them ages to act on and their mutual attraction to an elegant Prince who has demonsorcerer skills and needs It s pretty kinky and hot I m thinking a re read is in order I loved loved loved Prince Pahndir s story This is the 3rd and final book in Emma Holly s Demon World Series We first meet Prince Pahndir in the previous book Prince of Ice which is Prince Cor s story Background about Prince Pahndir from Prince of Icespoilers if you haven t read Prince of Ice you learn Prince Pahndir is a yama aka demon He s extremely beautiful long et black hair and silver eyes which is typical of yama Outward expression of emotions is looked down upon among the yama race who consider themselves to be superior to humans Since Pahndir had a bit of a melt down after his wife s suicide his family faked his death and sold him to a madam who ran the Purple Crane a training school for beautiful young men and women to become pi Wow Laura wasnt kidding when she said this book deserves than 5 stars It deserves 10 Whew HOT HOT HOT Here goesThis is the 3rd book in a series by Emma Holly They are1Demons Daughter2 Prince of Ice3 Demons FireI really loved Prince of Ice but I am IN LOVE with this book This is the story of an exiled Royal yama named Prince Pahndir We met him in Prince of Ice and this is the continuation of his story Prince Pahndir meets a woman named Beth who is working on an archeological dig in Bahmraihn with her best friend and secret desire Charles who we met in Demons Daughter Pahndir is instantly attracted to them both and they are only humans so he s not sure why that is Beth and Charles also have a strong attraction separately I might add to the Prince and they both start secretly meeting with him The Prince would like nothing for the 3 of them to be able to be together but he s worried they may not agree to it Needless to say there is a lot of action in this book both sexual and otherwise But Oh my god the sex is HOT This book has mm sex fmm and regular old vanilla mf sex D Wow Please read this book I could read it again and again. T comes to forbidden appetites Like his own unnatural desire for a Yama demon And as he and Beth are about to learn some Yama find humans eually irresistib.

Be super hot but it wasn t to me The ueen has a harem of men slaves sent in as tributes by all the many tribes she s conuered and she chooses 5 each night They re all desperate to serve her in that way I was icked out by this I know it s meant to be complete fantasy and I m being humourless and earnest here but the concept of having sex with slaves and this being portrayed as erotic is hugely problematic to me I didn t really find that scene erotic in the least Actually I probably wouldn t have even if the men involved had not been slaves this scene involved the ueen being fucked by dozens of her slaves in one night all I could think was gross and ouch But since I could kind of ignore this and it didn t really affect the real protagonists relationship I kept going and mostly enjoying the book What made me delete this angrily from my kindle was what happened when the suspense subplot got going Basically his family have found out that Pahndir has escaped the brothel and fear he might try to come back They have him kidnapped by a desert tribe of female assassins And this casually leads to horrific sexual assault that is portrayed in a way that I thought was exploitative and titillating There s loads of this and even the rescue scene by Beth and Charles is horrendous they decide that since they are outnumbered they need to pretend to be people sent by the villain to properly break their captive I ust could not stomach this crap so gave up No Just noMY GRADE A DNF I am a HUGE Emma Holly fan and was excited to read this book when I discovered that this was a seuel to her book The Prince of Ice and a few others which I loved This is not a bad book but it s not one of Holly s best either Most of the characters are from previous books and I was expecting to enjoy reading about their adventures instead I was bored I say read this if you are a true Holly fan if not don t waste your time SIGH This is why Emma Holly is my fave erotica author She has no limits and walks the fine line between mainstream and damn bold and hot I love the male male elements she writes in her stories because they are so emotional Strange Attractions is great for that too This is a story with a premise that I wasn t really into archaeology digs hierarchy society etc and I had forgotten it was part of a series But as soon as she introduced the characters and had them interacting and sexing I was hooked I read it in a day and got all hot and bothered So if you pick it up and the first 25 pages aren t hooking you with the storybackground see it through Trust me You ll get to her sex scenes which are worth twice the cost of the book I first encountered the hero of this book in book three of the series when he was in captivity I fell in love on the spot and for the first time in my life skipped all the books in in between to get to his happy ever afterThis said I was already inclined to love this book because the final chapter of book 3 which is also the prologue of this one was a fantastic reading material It was so full of possibilities that I could not phantom what would happened next But I wanted to know with a passion Why Because that ending beginning was as poignant as it could be and it made me put the author on my fav listSome times while reading book three I thought that the author would let the prince be a third wheel to Cor and Butercup It mad me a trifle sad but I could have handled it It would have made a good book less good and still the beacon of similar books out there Lets face the truth I wanted a better future for the second prince and my oh my did I get it Thank you dear author for that My already formed love for the hero aside here is one thing that made this book exceptional it was the first and my be the last the ury is still out on that count book I read in which the hero has a perfect past love that is handled correctlyThere is no sappy feeling about the previous relationship It is all still written so you could feel his pain sure but the hero wants to live on Yes I know A novel experience In book 3 we saw how his kind and family left him to his grief because he was a solitary A yama that could have only that one love mate And his inconveniently died He loved her and there was no denying that He was broken down in book three and was always uestioning his will to go on but he always hoped He was always looking for a future This is lets face it a novel thing in this kind of romance background and it was written perfectlyAlso a special thing and a treat was the fact that the hero never not for a second went in to the denial phase all heroes with an ex love seem to have He never stopped his actions so he could think about how he was betraying his former princess He never wallowed how he was not goo. Ogical dig spearheaded by her cousin Charles For such an adventurer the desert city of Bhamjran is perfect for making unusual discoveries especially when

This was this month s random pick from my TBR and it was a random pick that made me happy when I saw what book it was I like Emma Holly and most of her books have really worked for me so I m not too sure why it s been almost 10 years since I ve read oneThis is part of Holly s series about the Yama The earlier books were set in Ohram which is basically an alternate version of Victorian England where a race of very advanced beings who live underground have been discovered a few decades previously The Yama called demons by humans due to markings on their tongues that make them look like they re forked have all sorts of technology which gives this world a uite steampunk feel ueen Victoria uickly realised the potential benefits of access to their tech and allowed them to settle in her empire but people are still really wary of them Part of this is because of their physical appearance but part of it is because of their penchant for feeding off humans energy an act that although harmful to the human if uncontrolled can be extremely pleasurable and sensual for both sidesThis particular book is set in what seems to be an alternate version of India a country recently conuered by the Ohramese This alternate India is matriarchal and people particularly women are a lot freer about their sexuality than in OhramAnd in keeping with that attitude what we have here is a m nage book On one angle of the triangle we ve got Prince Pahndir who was a character in the previous book in the series Prince of Ice which I must confess I barely remember Pahndir is a prince of the Yama who lost his beloved soulmate when she killed himself Since Yama get only one chance at a soulmate and for royalty it s even worse since they can t really have proper orgasms without this person Pahndir fell to pieces at her death which felt to him as a huge betrayal His family horrified at his lack of control faked his death and sent him away selling him to a brothel He lived there for years being used to train the prostitutes this was where we met him in the previous book where he was the heroine s friend At the start of this book we see his rescue and we see him again when he s running his own brothel where everyone is wonderfully treated of courseThen we ve got Charles a young Ohramese working for an expedition that s excavating an ancient tomb close to the city Charles s background has some things in common with Pahndir He s not royal in fact he s far from it his mother was a street prostitute When she died he ended up in a brothel himself but he carried with him her fear of the Yama who had ust started to get settled in Ohram and although he was terribly intrigued and tempted by the concept of their feeding off his energy he never allowed that particular act He is still obsessed with this by the start of this book and when he comes in contact with Pahndir who makes it clear his kink can be easily accomodated the temptation becomes too strong for himAnd then there s Beth Beth is a sheltered young Ohramese woman working in the same expedition as Charles She s the sister of the heroine of the first book in this series and she doesn t have any horrible things in her past She s A Ranchers Vow (Sons of Silver Springs) (Sons of Silver Springs) (Harlequin Intrigue just adventurous and fancies Charles madly Turns out she also becomes fascinated by PahndirFor the first two thirds of the book I mostly really liked this I loved the main relationship Pahndir is a vulnerable lonely character having almost accepted that there s no one out there for him Charles is tortured by what he sees as his kinks and has to be dragged almost kicking and screaming into his relationship with both Pahndir and Beth Beth well Beth isust horny She might be a virgin but she has absolutely no problem accepting her somewhat unorthodox desires and Jazz Funeral just going for it with Charles with Pahndir with both at the same time She s up for pretty much anything and I thought that was greatBut there was so much here that was problematic There were some things in the first two thirds but then things started getting really gross and horrible and I ended up giving up about 75% in At the start of the book we ve got a scene where Charles goes into Beth s room while she s sleeping and they do all sorts of sexual things while she sleeps Definitely non consensual but fine I was ok to go with this in this fantastical setting There s also a subplot about the ancient ueen whose tomb Beth and Charles expedition is excavating The idea is that this ueen who was extremely powerful was highly sexed and by being in the tomb Beth has somehow been influenced by her and sort of absorbed her insatiable appetites and her powers She has vivid dreams about the ueen s life and we get treated to the detail of one of them in a long dream seuence That dreams was clearly intended to. The thrilling new erotic paranormal romance from the USA Today bestselling author Fleeing the routine life her family wanted for her Bethoins an archaeol.

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