Juliet Hastings: The Hand of Amun Black Lace Series

Caution Extremely raphic This is the first book in what I will call my extreme erotica experience I just want to check it out because I have found many r. An erotic historical set in ancient EgyptMarked from birth with the symbol of Amun the young Naunkhte must enter a life of dark eroticism as a servant at his temple She be.

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Story and I think it s nicely done in its own class But this is just too much erotic for me ood Chaud bouillant mais moins prenant ue Sex and the Bureau. Gyptian underworld whose prowess as a lover is legendary But fate draws her back to the temple and she is forced to choose between two lovers one mortal and the other a o.

Eat erotic books lately The background of this story is in old Egyptian era which is always fascinating for me Hastings has used a lot of imagination in this. Comes the favourite of the high priestess but when she's accused of an act of sacrilege she is forced to flee to the city of Waset There she meets Khonsu a prince of the

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