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Ds in tow Oh and at some point they maybe had to crawl through a giant hedge Super vagueFinally after entering search term after search term with no luck I remembered that the main character might have red hair I added that to my search terms scrolled some forums and VOILA Favorite childhood series rediscoveredReading this as an adult the story and pacing aren tgreat But the nostalgia factor is sky high so I couldn t possibly give this a low rating I loved it as a kid when I was the target audience and that counts for something oh my god I found it I read this book 6 7 ears ago in Greek Back then I didn t know anything about goodreads and the greek publishing company never continued on with the series I talked my dad s ear off telling him that I was SURE it was a series but with no means of finding if I was right or wrong and having no knowledge of english I gave up and soon forgot So as I was going through my old shelves today I found this book and I was like Hey My middle grade obsession I wonder if it really is a series after all and then a lightbulb went on in my head and the angel choir sang goooodreaaaads And here we areDefinitely re reading this and reading ALL THE OTHER BOOKS BECAUSE I WAS SO RIGT IT IS A SERIES ten International Organizations year old me pops up and says I toldou so to anyone with ears. Agon to undo the spell that has cast the land in snow and ice Author Sandra Forrester promises further bewitching adventures in books to come In each adventure Beatrice makes new friends who help her when she goes on to face dangerous new encounters Here's a combination of fantasy whimsy and high adventure guaranteed to keep oung readers turning the pages Ages 10

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Pell in front of the imprisoned Balwick family member and they are free I loved this book and would think ou would enjoy it Throwback to a childhood favorite This book is good but I do not like how it ends with a cliffhanger They don t exactly finish the book If anyone would like to buy a fantasy than this one would be good but not my go to one Nice to get back to something that I read when I was Silk and Steel younger I really want to read the whole series A charming uick read I read this because it s one of my sister s favorite books We usually have the same taste in books but I wasn t into this one as much as I hoped to be I think if I d read it as a kid as my sister did I would ve enjoyed it than I did reading it as an adult The pacing felt off and it took me over half the book to really get immersed in the world and care about the characters That said I enjoyed it overall The last 13 of kept me hooked It is a fun imaginative adventure story even if it is a bit predictable I loved some of the world building details especially during the Skull House scenes And it s always good to read about cool witches I ve been racking my brain for AGES trying to remember the name of this series I knew it was a middle grade book about aoung witch on some kind of magical uest to prove her powers with frien. Be tested and to pass the test she must break a spell that has been cast by the evil sorcerer Dally Rumpe Thus begins Beatrice's series of adventures Breaking the spell takes Beatrice and her three best friends to several dangerous realms within the witches' sphere In this tale their main challenge is to get past an enchanted hedge of thorns and a fire breathing dr.

Genre YA some what urban fantasyThis borders on being children s rather then YA as the writing is fairly surface level But it s got a cute concept of what what witches and magic are and the 4 main characters are pretty modern kids Hmmmm It s like someone said You know what is really hot right now in Kid Lit Pre teen to teenage witches who have to solve an impossible task and who have a few uirky friends Oh and make the all powerful sorcerer villain first appear as benign and slightly ridiculousIt s not as if I didn t like this book I just feel lik A girl named Beatrice turns 12 and is going to be classifed as either a classical or everyday witch Beatrice want to be a classical type and the Witch Commity can t decide So they decide to give her a test Dally Rumpe a evil witch casted a spell over five reigons If Beatrice can undo the spell all of her ansestors failed she will be classical And Dally Rumpe imprisoned Balwick family members in each placeher real last name is BalwickPlus if she undos the spell Dally Rumpe can never step foot in the land again Each reigon has dangers like in one region there are werewolesWhich is the Werewole Closebut in this adventure she goes to a different reigon With her friends coming along they are determined to undo the spell Also she has to recite a Beatrice Bailey is tall skinny and about to turn twelve ears old On that birthday she will get her official classification as a witch But will she be named an ordinary Everyday Witch or a specially empowered Classical Witch When the big day arrives the Witches' Executive Committee can't decide how to classify her At last they agree that her Maximum Magic Level must.

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Sandra Forrester is the author of Sound the Jubilee Dutton and My Home Is Over Jordan both National Council for the Social StudiesChildren's Book Council Notable Trade Books in the Field of Social StudiesShe has a master's degree in library and information studies and lives in Alabama