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Heart Studies and you ll find the opposite Lyon heart was the Mediterranean diet it actually promotes ating of grains which Christine objected to replacement of butter with Olive oil she actually advocating the reverse butter is GOOD and reducing red meat with fish she lovers her red meat And it DOES lower your cholesterol I m not sure where she got her summary from3 There is another study that she said reducing saturated fat does not reduce the cholesterol I research the study it s a meta analysis of patients that are reducing the sat fat and risk of heart disease the min is 6 months to 2 years The research did say that reducing the sat fat does not seem to reduce the heart disease risk HOWEVER on patients that have been doing it for 2 years or it DOES shows improvement And on the conclusion of the study they actually RECOMMEND patients to keep reducing sat fat consumption and continue long term So I suppose she just stops reading halfwayOn and on it goes I must ve research 4 5 studies mentioned on that first table alone and NONE of them corresponds to her summaryThe rest of the stuff is the same plenty of sensational claims with no real source and Contested Reproduction evidenceThere are some new things I learn like there s two type of LDL never heard that before but then again I hardly goes to the doctorOnxercise studies shown that the you. D diet This book is an invaluable look into what makes us fat and the real cause of heart diseaseLearn why fat can’t make you fat xercise is unnecessary for weight loss saturated fat is NOT the demon it has been portrayed to be and why in fact low fat diets are fattening“The Fat Revolution is an important book that will change the way you think about food fat and health” Clint Robinson five time Olymp.

Gift from Gemma It s good to read a book that is well researched not scared to rattle the cage reveal many myths and keep things uite plain and simple re ating one of our functional tasks in life I have begun my fat journey and am gradually losing weight Creating Country Music enjoyingating well and feeling much much better Very informative I read the whole book over the weekend and learned a lot This book contains lots of sensational claim with very little Blacklands evidence to back it up and plenty of half truth There are no citations provided there are noxplanations of where she got her results from other than from xperts there are references at the back but these are all in alphabetical order and no one can really tell which one refers to which claims on which pages or chaptersOn the first few page Christine said something along the line these are all studies that have debunked the fat myth you re welcome to check them out but I ve summarised them here for you A few problems1 She only mentioned the year simplification of the researchstudy title and supposedly the summary of the studies There are no authors attributed to the studies so I have to dig the net finding the right one2 I decided to check one of them the Lyon Heart studies According to Christine the summary was Fat does not lower heart disease or something similar Now search the Lyon. A mind altering myth shattering xposé about diet and Evolution As Entropy exercise mythsNutritionxpert and health activist Christine Cronau tells us why reducing dietary fat actually makes us fat sick and ven depressedDiscover the story behind the biggest scam of the 21st century The Fat Revolution is a fascinating and controversial disclosure debunking ‘conventional wisdom’ about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle an.

Exercise the you gain weight how funny I too research that studies and it s about how much xercise you need to do as you grow old to prevent old age related weight gain In other words as you get old you gain weight so to keep your weight the same how much Forbidden History extraxercise you need to do Nothing at all what she saidOverall few good informations but these are far and few in between and you ll never know whether she made it up or from a proper researchA much better reading is from Harvard and its free Great book for the dietary information not too keen on the recipes though Decided to give Keto a go and wanted to read up some I liked that Christine was talking about good fats before keto become a bit mainstream and trendy and also that she s local She doesn t advocate a strict recipe regime and counting of caloriescarbs Fiche Blian ag Fás etc which also sits well with me if you reating right according to her your body find it s groove and you ll achieve a healthy weight I ve always been a believer in real fats like butter but probably also njoy baked goods and breads and pasta too much It s got a lot of thorough content a lot of which I just skimmed over because it seems sensible to me and I didn t need convincing Some of the little myths she addressed at the back were useful too 8 glasses of water meat and dairy as acid forming salt and so. Ic champion“This well researched book will revolutionise the way we look at food and health Thanks Christine for bringing some common sense to the table” Bill Statham Best selling Author The Chemical Maze“Christine has done her research well and presents undeniable vidence that debunks the fat myth and provides a pathway to robust health and wellbeing” Dr Karen Coates MD and Best selling Author See.

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