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Author kept the reader guessing right up until the endand then the spy wasn t who I thought it was at all The story took many twists turns But here s the most important part for me the character s just didn t appeal to me I liked the heroine well enough even though she was sort f a doormat I do like a bit f heartbreak with my romanmce It was the hero that I hated He was not hero material He didn t just seduce the heroine he used her Even knowing she was innocent a virgin he nly wanted to make her his mistress In ther words good enough to bed but not to marry What the hell happened to being a gentleman So that kinda ruined the story for me I finished it because I liked the heroine Oh and I wanted to see who the spy really wasSo I guess the author really did hook me if I finished it despite not liking the hero It s hard for me to make it to the end when I don t like the characters Next time the author might wanna ease up n the arrogant hero angle Would I recommend this story You betcha I do love my regency romance And I love my Alpha hero s I just didn t like this Porter Rockwell: A Biography one so much Thanks to the publisher for allowing me to review this book ARC downloaded via Netgalley The title is correct and the H acts dishonourably The h is an innocent lives and cares for the servants who care for her as she managers her father s estate She has never left it no season her father treated her as a servant Her father gambled the estate nowwned by the H He takes possession Satire of everything revolting in his avarice seduces her and she poor innocent believes they are to marry He has no intention and leaves her pregnant I didn t believe he loved her she was too naive to know anythingf love The servants cared for her until he turns up unexpectedly No romance he was not a good man uite riveting in parts with the side story line about the spytraitor taking up a chunk Deflower the Boss of the novel I loved the heroine but took a longer while getting to like the hero There were some very interesting minor characters as well The heroine s sister in law was a bit annoying in a bimbo dumbass typef way even if she wasn t a mean character I disliked her resentful attitude towards the heroine s pregnancy because she had so set her Hebrew magic amulets own greedy little heartn having her husband the H s younger brother be the heir to the duke hero What was sickening was her happiness that the H and h s baby was female That bitch was such a retard did she really think that a young fertile couple like the H and h would not eventually have a male child I m sorry but that acuisitive bitch annoyed me and I would have much rather that she had been the villain and not her widowed sister Priscilla The H and h managed to vercome their personal conflict at a fairly good point in the story It made it possible to see them spend a lot f happy times together The remaining uarter Being There of the novel was taken up with the solvingf the spytraitor story line mystery I can easily admit that I did not suspect that Priscilla was the infamous traitorspysmuggler called the Falcon This is a reissue هذه بلادنا: الجواء of a bookriginally published in 1995 now in e book form It s a fairly run Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom of the mill and rather clich d historical romance which I didn t find particularly engaging There wasne part f the story I liked f that later but n the whole it was flat and ne dimensional as sadly were the charactersThe heroine Alyssa Carrington has managed her wastrel father s estate for years She s 24 and fully expects to remain a spinster having set aside a small sum Witness to the Martyrdom: John Taylor's Personal Account of the Last Days of the Prophet Joseph Smith of money for herself and bought a small property in expectationf such time as there is no money left to pay his debts and she will have to. At the mercy f the new lord f the manor the dashing Duke f GillinghamNow the ladies' man welcomed Alyssa into rooms that were nce her wn especially the master's bedroom Captured in his haunting gaze the copper ha.

What an adventureWell written story f love and intrigue Characters are written to engage the reader in their lives You are drawn into their lives like they are relatives and you are anxious for the The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD outcomef the story The plot although it has been done many times is so well written that you are holding your breath for the end f the story Truly enjoyed this book A romance reader s joy Entertaining romance but full f cliches The male hero is a duke young 35 beautiful not merely handsome rich and a widower He vowed never to remarry because his late wife hated the physical aspect f their marriage despite it being a love match The female heroine grew up alone and neglected at her father s country estate her mother died when she was a child her father a spendthrift preferred to live in London where he gambled away the family fortune She is a well bred Lady with composed and dignified in all situations f life whereas he is arrogant and hot tempered ill behaved as befits a duke I did not like his character because f these cliches But I liked the heroine Although she loved him she could still look him in the eye tell him that she loved him AND send him away because he was not willing to marry her She showed her strength f character throughout the whole story I also liked that this story did not end with their wedding but continued with the second sub plot Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse of the book espionage and gave a glimpse at how their marriage and relationship progressed Well paced and steamy too A duke named Morgan buys a property at an improvised auction fromnly to find Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations out when he arrives to inspect the place that notnly has the previous author not i I don t know why I finished reading this book The writing was awful Too much detail into every movement f the characters not enough character development and too much telling not showing 35 Stars Predictable versexed and melodramatic but still a decent way to pass the time I enjoyed this heartbreakingly emotional regency romance The characters will captivate the readers The storyline is intense ripe with intrigue that will keep you n the edge f your seat An arrogant Duke meets a woman who will challenge him in every way First he wanted her for his mistress Then he wanted her for his bride And now she doesn t want him at all What to do Sometimes a Duke must take matters into his The Stringbean Murders own hands Whether it s for the romancer the suspence either way you re gonna love this story Morgan Ashton Sixth Duke أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع of Gillingham has come to the English countryside to claim the estate he just purchased And to investigate rumors that a notorious French spy isperating nearby He becomes fascinated with independent Alyssa Carrington the previous Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, owners daughter Alyssa s father carelessly sold thenly home she s ever known She should be The Sporty Game outraged Instead she finds herself intrigued by the beautiful stranger who nowwns her home More tragedy befalls Alyssa when her father committs suicide leaving his daughter destitute alone In the aftermath American Yakuza II of her fathers death Morgan s need to comfort the beautiful Alyssa turns to passion In her innocence Alyssa mistakes anffer Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders of carte blanche for anffer Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise of marriage She sn cloud nine for a little while But the blazing affair soon turns to ash when the her lover reveals her mistake Alyssa is heartbroken But she refuses to force her lover into a marriage he doesn t want Even after she finds Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing out she s carrying his child Misunderstandings abound in this story The Dukes got his work cutut for him when he decides that he really does want to marry Alyssa And those French spies are closer than he thought This story is not without intrigue The. TO THE MANOR BORNIndependent Alyssa Carrington had run her father's estate for years But before his death he auctioned Westgate Manor to the highest bidder leaving her penniless With no means to support herself she was.

Sell the house She is freuently described as independent and stubborn but there s little evidence Blood Love of it for the most part as she uickly succumbs to the supposed charmf the hero and shows every sign f becoming rather a doormatOur hero Morgan Ashton Duke f Gillingham is f course handsome and rich He s 35 and a widower and while being a commanding presence displays an unattractive tendency to be uick to anger and ften loses his temper ver nothing bviously in an attempt to create some sort f conflict where therwise there would be none When he first meets Alyssa and she has no idea who he is he s yelling at her in about two sentences having incorrectly assumed she d know who he was and why he was there That s not the nly time something like that happens and it makes no senseBut despite this it s not long before Alyssa is uivering at his touch r marvelling at how closely their bodies fit together and not long after that when in the manner DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting of twenty four yearld spinsters who may never therwise know a man s touch she sleeps with himPerhaps this is a mark f the time at which the book was written but in most f the historical romances I ve read that have been written in the last few years there s almost always some discussion r mention Civil rights, tool of communist deception of contraceptionr the possibility f pregnancy if the hero and heroine are not married Given the stigma and scandal that would have surrounded a well bred young woman becoming pregnant ut Cutthroat of wedlock at that period I personally find it realistic when the subject is at least touched upon before the characters embarkn a sexual relationship But here it s not mentioned at all He s 35 has been married and has had mistresses so it s pretty An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims obvious he d know where babies come from even if Alyssa is dangerously ignorant as I suppose many young ladies at that time would have beenIn fact thenly time the possibility The Claiming of the Shrew of pregnancy is mentioned is after they ve had sex several times and Alyssa is sending Morgan packing because while she believed she d agreed to marry him he thought she d accepted hisffer Summoned of carte blancheAnd then guess what Yep not long after he takes himselfff she discovers she is indeed up the duffNot nly that but there is nastiness n his side when he finds ut he s a real shoot first ask uestions afterward kinda guyThat s enough for now about what I didn t like What I did like was the section where after they ve married Alyssa and Morgan settle to married life and then after that the section following the birth f their daughter They re relaxed around each Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return other have begun to understand eachther and at last seem like they actually have a chance together There is another element to the book in addition to the relationship between Alyssa and Morgan which is the fact that he has been asked to track down a French spy who is passing Dead Inside on valuable information to Napoleon This strand was so slight that felt like a late addition to the plot and there were vast swathesf the story where it wasn t mentioned at all I don t generally mind having an element f adventure r intrigue in a romance novel but if it s there it needs to be integral to the story and well thought The Taste of Spruce Gum out and executed I didn t feel as though that was the case here there was no real tension as to the identityf the spy and although I guessed who it was early n there were no clues to speak f She Stoops to Conquer other than the fact that it wasbvious who it wasn t and the d nouement and reveal fell sadly flatI really hate having to write reviews Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile of this nature and sadly seem to have written uite a few in this veinf late But this is poor Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the review copy. Ired beauty felt her strong will weaken as she was torn between the allure Orb of illicit passion and her dreamsf wedded bliss She would need to risk both to capture the reckless peer and become the mistress f his heart.

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Between stints as a corporate financial analyst marketing consultant and public librarian Adrienne Basso has parlayed her vivid imagination and desire to tell romantic stories into a twenty four year writing career She has published contemporary Regency Victorian vampire and Scottish medieval romance novels She enjoys the challenge of creating stories that emphasize the everlasting power o