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Ing ability So much of what we are about is stories Whether it is the latest reality show or literary classic we love to read and see the lives of others We display a complicated suite of signaling and motional responses as we try to navigate the world and model what goes on in other s heads This book is really a treat and focuses on a deep part of what makes us human and uniue Velmi zaj mav kniha o fenom nu kter spojuje v ce m di ne si nesp uv domujeme ten my lenek A te nemysl m pou ovou telepatii ale snaha o vy ten my lenek lov ka z Passage Through Crisis e i t laZunshine obratn vysv tluje na lehce srozumiteln ch p kladech pro je pro n s t la tak neodolaten z hada a sna me se ji interpretovat Nakolik jsme ale sp n i ne sp n je ale v c jin A koliv v realit jsme sp Science, Technology and Culture e ne sp n m dia n m zrpostdkov vaj vysokou m ru sp nosti a to je d l tak p ita liv miV rom nech jde o moment kdy postava na krati kou chvilku ztrat kontrolu nad sv mi The Road to Einsteins Relativity emocemi oblijem a my m Black Boy eme vy st co si mysl Nebo kdy pozorujeme mal d ti a jejich p irozenou nefal ovanou radost i zaujet A na l ska k nim do jist m ry plyne pr v z jejich nefal ovan ch Nighttime Sweethearts emoc Zunshine zformulovala t i pravidla pro nefal ovan z itek z ten i t la jej term n je Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire embodied transparency co se ani nebudu pokout p kl dat1 kontrast contrast jasn vhled do my len postavy kontrastov n ostatn mi postavami jejich my len z st v z hadou2 pom jivost transcience vhled je mo n jen po velmi kr tkou dobu3 sebeovl d n restraint postava se sna zam. Aptation that makes us attribute mental states to other people through observation of their body language; they call it theory of mind Getting Inside Your Head uses research in theory of mind to look at movies musicals novels classic Chinese opera stand up comedy mock documentaries photography and reality television It follows Pride and Prejudice’s Mr Darcy as

This is a fun book but the title is a little misleading when it says it talks about cognitive science and popular culture the book focuses on high culture just as often as pop culture Maybe it didn t want to scare readers away by seeming to focus on classical lit which is also featured The book focuses on our cognitive social abilities which are remarkable We are intensely social creatures which means we have to understand how other s minds operate to function socially Some biologists say human beings are a super organism like bees or ants Our route to super organism is very different It is through mammalian sociality We are not all sister drones descended from a ueen of the hive but pack hunting mammals like wolves who have xtended our social skills in the last 10000 years since the Neolithic revolution to get hive sized social units but with mammalian Presunta colpevole euipment our large brains One module of this social repertoire and focus of the book is our mind reading ability The uncanny ability to model what others are thinking and put ourselves in a fellow human s shoes One of the most debilitating brain dysfunctions is autism which is the inability to read the intentions of others It is a kind of mind blindness that can severely interfere with getting on in the world The authorxplores our mind reading abilities and our Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem eye for social signaling through literature and pop culture The very fact that wentertain ourselves with stories is integral to this mind read. We live in other people's heads avidly reluctantly consciously unaware mistakenly and inescapably Our social life is a constant negotiation among what we think we know about Safe Words each other's thoughts and feelings what we wantach other to think we know and what we would dearly love to know but don'tCognitive scientists have a special term for the volved cognitive ad.

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