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Ecially if you ever get a chance to see the film Chris and Don A Love Story I highly recommend it In this memoir of 1930s Berlin Isherwood reflects on the writing of The Berlin Stories shifting back and forth between his real life friends and events and the fictional characters and events they inspired It sounds tiresome but it really works and is even comprehensible to someone who hasn t read The Berlin Stories Because Nabokov lived worked and set almost all of his Russian novels in 1920 30s Berlin I m accustomed to thinking of the city as his ground but Isherwood made his own world of it tooThe cover of this edition is rather lame a Herbert List photograph of a scrawny teen in tighty whities standing contrappasto in knee deep water Now I realize that publishers cannot issue a book by a gay writer without a homoerotic cover image but come on Herbert Li he must never again give way to embarrassment never deny the rights of his tribe never apologize for its existence christopher and his R with which he describes his life in gay Berlin of the 1930s and his struggles to save his companion a German man named Heinz from the Nazis An engrossing and dramatic story and a fascinating glimpse into a little known world Christopher and His Kind remains one of Isherwood's greatest achievements.

35 5A fascinating view of Hitler s rise to power through the eyes of a group of friends but Isherwood s style of narrating in both first and third person tends to distance you from it emotionally Sometimes this is effective but there are also times when it is to its detriment Allow me to bitch my way towards praising Isherwood s memoir it grated that he told it in the third person with a few retrospective first person observations too much of it was an undisciplined diary dump too much again a dull expos of who and tediously to what degree his characters were based on real people That said there are too many wonderful stories here of 1930s gay and l So many things I loved about this book 1 Clever switching between first and third person throughout He ll say I think that Christopher should have realized bla bla bla when speaking about his current opinions and thoughts on himself in the past2 I had previously read The Berlin Stories and loved the way in which he described the fictional ch. Originally published in 1976 Christopher and His Kind covers the most memorable ten years in the writer's life from 1929 when Isherwood left England to spend a week in Berlin and decided to stay there indefinitely to 1939 when he arrived in America His friends and colleagues during this time include.

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Aracters In this work he introduces them again but as actual people It was funny to hear him admit that the girl upon whom Sally Bowles is based is somewhat warped in his memory because of the version of her in the book the version of her in the play the version of her in the movies and all of the actresses who have played her No one is any less interesting and it was good to meet the narrator of the stories Isherwood was always very careful to leave himself and mainly his homosexuality out of the stories in order for the reader to better relate to him and the action3 There is very little plot which some might have a problem with The main action of the book is Isherwood traveling with his lover all over the world for several years avoiding the oncoming war with Germany The characters all react to this imminent danger in different ways catastrophizing or genuine bravery or ignoring it entirely4 If you know anything of Isherwood s biography the last passage of the book will ust kill you Esp. D W H Auden Stephen Spender and E M Forster as well as colorful figures he met in Germany and later fictionalized in his two Berlin novels who appeared again fictionalized to an even greater degree in I Am a Camera and CabaretWhat most impressed the first readers of this memoir however was the cando.

Christopher Isherwood was a novelist playwright screen writer autobiographer and diarist He was also homosexual and made this a theme of some of his writing He was born near Manchester in the north of England in 1904 became a US citizen in 1946 and died at home in Santa Monica California in January 1986Isherwood was the grandson and heir of a country suire and his boyhood was privile